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Previous News Articles of Interest

Ex-Chairman Healy running away from accountability in the Lisa Wilson-Foley-Healy-Rowland scandal (CTPost)

FLASHBACK: Following her [Lisa Wilson-Foley] statement, someone in the audience yelled "Indictment". (Hartford Courant) Wonder who yelled that?

Court papers from the Lisa-Wilson-Foley-Healy scandal (New Haven Register) Disappointed to see such a promising political future come to an abrupt end.

Back in the day, you ate what was provided or you brought your own lunch. How long will it be before Connecticut School Officials cater to Muslim Extremists' demands like they will in NYC. (Pamela Geller)

The White House's continued disregard for the 10th Amendment is a disgrace. Eric Holder is abusing his office to overturn the will of the people regarding Sodomite Marriagesin Michigan (RWN)

Video: Martha Dean is too extreme for Republicans too(Campaign 2010) In her own words - hard to deny the madness.

Martha Dean tells Dennis House that she ran a positive campaign in 2010, but forgets she called Democrats and Republican Mark Lauretti a Mobster (Rennie)

Supreme Court Faces Wave of Freedom of Speech Cases (LA Times)

Martha Dean call herself a blessing on Connecticut. Holy F-king Cow! (CTMirror)

Joe Visconti: The Real 2A Candidate in the CTGOV Race(Freedom Outpost)

Blast from the Past: Hartford Courant article on Martha Dean's psychological profile. Fair game for would be Gov. Not very family friendly. (Hartford Courant)

Overzealous Branford Cop put on leave for "Can't wait to kick down your door" comments (Right Wing News)

Powell: Gov. Jindall proved right (JI)

Ted Cruz: "'06, '08, '12 Republicans stood for nothing and the results showed it." (CPAC)

Boston Herald nails President Obama's faulty minimum wage scheme (Boston Herald)

Social Media outrage over Erin Stewart's enthrallment with the President hits the The Hartford Courant (Capitol Watch)

The Kid doesn't get it. New Britain "Republican" Mayor Erin Stewart seeks "selfie" with the President. (Giggle, Giggle) - and you wonder why we lose? Nothing like our own propping up the President's favorability rating after the day he bombs in the polls! Simply Amazing! (Dennis House's Blog)

Why we lose - New Britain Mayor Erin Steward says she might be 'Starstruck' if she meets Obama (good grief!) (New Britain Herald)

CT Legislator Stephen Dargan demands Gun Owners address be made public; in response to this gun activists make up their own List of all CT Legislators who hate the Second Amendment (SipseyStreetIrregulars)

Usually calm and collected Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance tells caller she's "un-American" and that state police are the masters. (Before It's News - thanks for forwarding! Very disappointed to hear this)

Sikorsky ends 600 jobs due to reduced Blackhawk Helicopter Sales from the DoD (And Tom Foley tries to blame Malloy... Foot in Mouth Syndrome strikes Foley again!) (Hartford Courant)

Common Core Video Seminar held on Feb 22, 2014 (YouTube)

GOP chief of staff resigns amid federal probe (CT Post)

Culture: Skeletons in the Closet or If Walls Could Talk(Haunted Ohio Books)

Culture: Something to look forward to on Saturday: End of the World (UK Daily Mail)

CT Politics: Malloy Holds Connecticut in Suspense (New Haven Register)

Politics: Automotive Workers tell UAW to Get Bent
 (National Review)

CT Politics: Hartford Courant Declares War on Gun Owners(
Hartford Courant

CT Politics: GOP Candidates United in Debate (
Greenwich Time)

Politics: United States of Decline (National Review)

Activism: FIC takes a bite out of Loony DeLauro (FIC Website)

CT Politics: Lauretti and Foley bail on debate (Connecticut Magazine)

Activism: Democrat HateFest for Shirley Temple Black(Independent Journal Review)

CT Politics: Upstart Realtor Chic targets CT-02 seat (Norwich Bulletin)

McMahon's weakness with woman could tip Senate Race (WSJ)

Chairman Labriola caught in a pickle tells CTNewsJunkie: "“I’m working as hard as I can for our Republican ticket ... I believe Gov. Romney’s pro-economic growth message is resonating and he can still win Connecticut. Other than that, I have no comment.” No comment? Your silly US Senate Candidate is undermining our Presidential Candidate and you have "No comment"? That's funny Jerry, she has a lot to say about you. Please lead from the front!

McMahon throwing Romney under the Bus? (WTNH) Hey, where did I see that line before?

McMahon welcomes Christie/Ducks Romney (CT Mirror) - Note: She'll be ducking the next two weeks, as outrage continues to grow.

Paul Formica's bland and boring TV ad (YouTube) (Note: He's seen talking with upstart CT Sen Candidate Art Linares in a frame) Candidates Argue over Independence (Danbury Newstimes)

Roraback/Esty Square Off in Debate (Register Citizen)

Obsitnik says district needs an "Independent Minded" Leader (Wilton Bulletin)

DeLauro & Winsley Face of on Face the State (WFSB) - nothing for Larson v Decker?)

Against Obsitnik, Himes is lost in the fog of war (The Greenwich Post)

FIC's Wolfgang withdraws Endorsement as Linda bails on DOMA position (New Haven Register) Does this spell doom for McMahon?

Wall Street Journal calls CTSEN Race - a dead heat (WSJ)

Wayne Winsley can't track down DeLauro; she won't respond to the Courant (Hartford Courant)

Himes, Obsitnik spar over jobs (The Hour)

Dan Malloy, witches, and proclamations (Stamford Advocate)

Murphy targets Latino vote (

Courtney v Formica Debates set: Oct 22, Oct 29, and Nov 1 (Lyme Patch)

Jim Himes - Democrat on a tightrope (CT Mirror) Is Rosa DeLauro afraid to debate Wayne Winsley? Or is she simply too arrogant? (New Haven Register)

Chairman Labriola calls situation "a travesty of Democracy". (New Haven Independent)

Shays (apparently) not buying the into the CTGOP unity gig (National Journal)

Former WWE Employee slams McMahon (TWNP News)

Murphy late on Property Taxes (New Haven Register). Claims he "forgot to Pay" (Wall Street Journal)

Linda McMahon off script again (Ray Hackett/Norwich Bulletin)

Linda McMahon: No Editorial Board Meeting before U.S. Senate Primary (Mary O'Leary/New Haven Register)

... And McMahon Hides Out (Chris Powell/Journal Inquirer)

Shays calls McMahon Clueless on how to safeguard defense industry (Keith Phaneuf/ The CT Miror)

Wilson-Foley calls Feds' probe of Rowland a "Distraction" (Altimari/Lender/ The Hartford Courant)

The Tea Party isn't going to support Linda McMahon. Her trampling on Freedom of Speech isn't resonating with Constitutionalists who are watching her battle with the Journal Inquirer and scratching their heads:

Shays turns to Rove (CTPost)
WWE Muscling out Criticism (Sort of what they did to anyone who threatened to leave their delegate fold at the State Convention)

CT-05: Lisa Wilson-Foley isn't the only corrupt character in the race; FBI comes a-knocking to the CT State Legislature

Deposing McMahon: If not Porn, what is it? (sort of what The King has been saying for months, and it's while we'll lose in November)

WWE illegally helped McMahon Campaign

Newington Democrat Town Attorney Peter Boorman is a pushy man, isn't he? Where'd they get this vile clown?

Chris Donovan: "I have done nothing wrong." (My dog ate my homework / The Devil made me do it / A green giant appeared and messed up my room, mom", etc)FBI Probe for Dumb Donovan

Shays looks forward to Primary

CT02: Formica wins Nomination; Novak promises to primary

CT05: Which Campaigns hate each other most Hackett takes a hatchet to Chris Coutu labeling him as a Political Opportunist

While not a winning issue for the GOP, this issue continues to make headlines; Obama born in Kenya? - Heck, I don't know. But it seems a little late in the game to make it a central issue.

Mike Clark takes the high road and suspends campaign; Endorses Andrew Roraback for Congress (more egocentric individuals would not have shown such class and dignity)

The problem with this article is that it doesn't mention how hard McMahon Campaign Manager Corry Bliss worked to eliminate Roll Call by Delegate name at the Convention. He then later bragged about halting transparency!

Mayor Boughton continues to sell-out; endorses corrupt Lisa Wilson-Rowland for 5th District Seat. Mayor Mark has a track record of making all the wrong decisions. Whoops! There goes his bid for Governor.

No winners in this article. Everyone looks stupid thanks to the new WWE CTGOP Brand being forced down people's throats: Bridgeport RTC Chairman John Slater trades Bridgeport Endorsement for Wrestlemania Tickets Michael Pavia bought and paid for by McMahon Camp according to this Wrestling Insider page (Linda's "real" constituency)

Lieberman neutral on endorsement option

East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica enters CT2 Congressional Race

Brian Foley nixing Insurance Agent to hire John Larson not a political decision (yeah, right!)

Althought legitimate .... FEC won't do anything with complaints against Lisa-Wilson Foley until after after the election Mike Clark to make a determination on his campaign after Convention

Convention Rules favor corrupt Linda McMahon

Hear the difference! Chris Shays on NPR talks issues in depth and his record - unscripted, unrehersed (image that!)

Another FEC Complaint against Lisa Wilson-Foley. Where does it end?

Linda's WWE $40 mil less profitable in 2011; will focus on expanding "the productions to PG-13 and R, as well as new genres of action, crime, horror, sci-fi and thriller. He said the goal is to reach non-WWE fans who are watching these types of content"

State Party rakes in thousands due to Prescott Bush Dinner

Lisa Wilson-Foley and her troubling relationship with former-Governor John Rowland

The Day's take on CTSEN Debate 1 Hey, Big Spender! $1,745,000 in loans (so far!)

No Respect for the Dead! Linda McMahon used dead employee's image in materials despite objections from his wife. First she kills him during a show, then she uses his image to seek election. Top that!

Shays, Murphy, Bysiewicz release tax returns

Death Penalty: List of those who voted for/against repeal

Norwich Bulletin to host first CT U.S. Senatorial Debate:

Shays talks Government Waste:

Two articles which mention CT05 Land Baron Mark Greenberg: and (I bet Mark kicks but at Monopoly too)

Linda McMahon invests in China not the United States: Ann

Romney to be the special guest speaker at the Prescott Bush Dinner on Monday, April 23rd:

Politico has placed Connecticut as one of its Top 10 Races to watch - because of Christopher Shays' poll finish (not Linda McMahon). Hello Delegates/RTCs - are you paying attention? Read more here:

"Going forward under my watch as state chairman, there will be no questions as to the integrity of our nominating process": Hear that, McHealy??

Concussion, Inc's Wrestlemania Special (questions for Linda McMahon):

Chris Powell makes a compelling case for why the #CTGOP needs Chris Shays:

Madison Patch article on Daria Novak blog entries were copied:
Daria Novak accused of copying Heritage Foundation information without properly sourcing it in CTMirror Blog: (see comment section)
Chris Shays comes out swinging against Linda McMahon's CTGOP Delegate purchases:
Rick Green's piece "The Elephant Republicans Can't Ignore":
Sam Caligiuri endorses Chris Shays: "Chris Shays is our Strongest Candidate" Absolutely!: Video:
Linda McMahon buys delegates -- and Universities: $5 million gets you a Student Commons in Linda's world of Monopoly
New Caanan RTC Chairman James O'Hora - corruption and campaign finance violations:
Shays looks for future in the Senate:
Why the CT Convention Process is so corrupt:!/notes/sean-political-page-murphy/why-the-ct-convention-system-is-so-corrupt/240383732723859
Former State Senator Lou Deluca again! Jesh!

John Decker to take on John Larson in CT01: Odd: Does Dennis House not know there is already a challenger in the district who publicly announced?

Dirty Politics! Sprague RTC endorses Daria Novak one day, and then reverses decision under pressure from State Central Member to give Coutu the Endorsement:

About half of Linda McMillions' donations come from Greenwich:

Chris Shays hits the the Campaign Trail:,0,7534269.story Must be nice to have a spouse who actually cares enough about you to help. Where's Vince? Probably staying far away at one of his homes in Florida or Manhattan

Shays Press Release: Balance the Budget:

El-Cheapos in Hartford won't fully fund Republican Primary (oh and they gave the Dems more):

'Maverick' Chris Shays armed with agenda for Washington:

Andrew Roraback: 18 years of Liberal Votes; hardly compelling:
Westby trumpets conservative credentials in Senate race:

Connecticut Republican Leadership Coalition to Testify against Same Day Voter Registration Bill:

Dick Morris endorses Chris Shays (impressive argument to say the least):

Tea Party Celebrates Anniversary - 185 strong!

VIDEO (WTNH) Tea Party not dead:

Brian K. Hill claims to have been a "life-long" Republican but voted for Obama in 2008. Obama's plans for hope and change always came at the expense of liberty. Hoodwinked? I don't think so:

Chris Shays rode his bicycle around Wilton as a kid (they had bicycles back then?) :

Lisa Wilson-Foley slaps Liberal Roraback over Death Penalty stance: Props to our favorite Cheerleader Chick for standing with the Petits on the DP Debate.

Finally, Kie Westby is a real candidate:

Darien RTC Chair and Linda McMahon endorser Bewkes in SEC Trouble (we are going to need a new blog just to keep up with all of the criminals associated with the McMahon campaign):

Shays/McMahon pay Campaign Managers $180K:

Chris Shays focuses on Economic Issues:

Linda McMahon's Inflamatory Campaign Manager: Corry Bliss:

Shays visits Ridgefield:

More on Linda McMahon buying delegates/Healy makes himself look pathetic fighting against common sense ethics:

The King's rides to RI Beaches are safe from Tolls (this year):

Listen to CT-3 Republican Congressional Candidate Wayne Winsley on the Exceptional Conservative Show: