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With cries of "Olly olly oxen free!" Chairman Jerry Labriola won't come out of hiding to schedule a State Central Meeting to discuss Tuesday night's disaster!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

CT Democrats Trounce in a Sea of National Republican Victory

If you're like me - you're probably sipping your coffee and shaking your head this morning over Tuesday night's massive victory for Connecticut Democrats. The whole thing is hard to fathom given how Connecticut's economy has under-performed over the last four years under Governor Dan Malloy. Strangely, being ranked 46 out of 50 in job creation didn't resonate with taxpayers who clearly provided Connecticut Democrats with a mandate for more of the same - endless stagnation and economic paralysis. Much like the 2012 presidential election, the majority of voters considered neither merit nor facts when casting their ballots in any of Connecticut's key races. Somehow, one of America’s most disliked Governors was re-elected to the throne in Hartford. For Tom Foley to be considered less likable than Angry Dan is a feat unto itself. It was ironic for me to hear the OMC song "How bizarreblare through my car speakers when driving home late from Campaign HQ on Tuesday night.

The silver lining you'll hear muttered by Jerry Labriola, Jr. and others is that Connecticut Republicans picked up roughly ten seats in the State Legislature.  Of course, that's good and all, but at the end of the day, it’s a far cry from holding a majority in either Chamber. God Bless those elected Republicans who'll be forced to spend many a day listening to progressive dribble and watching unproductive bills pass by wide margins that'll probably do more harm than good. Imagine the torture of sitting through hours of legislative hearings devoted to throwing even more money at self-inflicted problems in order to keep the patronage-go-round spinning at full tilt.

"What do ya' think, Tom? Dumpster
Diving for lost ballots or a Beer and
a Shot?"
"How about 10 beers and 20 shots. Labs?"
What hurt most on Election Night was flipping through the network news channels and watching dozens of live clips broadcast from all over creation covering cheering Republicans "taking their country back" from Socialist Democrats and their Marxist leaders, while here in Connecticut, we had a deflated-looking David Cappiello trying to explain it all away as typical Connecticut. A tough watch for any Connecticut Republican on prescribed depression medication. We all knew what the results were going to be - it was like watching the movie A Perfect Storm and praying for a different ending and deep down inside knowing that it wouldn't happen.

During the deconstruction of one of the CTGOPs worst elections, you can expect those who hold CTGOP power will devote hours and hours trying to rationalize the results of this election in order to hold onto power …  and the purse-strings. The truth of the matter is that you can't really point to any one thing or any one person that led to such unfortunate results which solidified Connecticut’s reputation as a true Blue State.  It’s hard to poke fun at states like Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island where Yankee Republicans can still win. 

As far as the election is concerned… let's impart a few observations...

No doubt, Tom Foley would have been
a great Governor.  But he seemed to
self-sabotage from the start
Honest people will agree that Tom Foley is a good man and a great business leader, but he’s a lousy candidate. It's not that his heart wasn't in it, but his melancholy, no-nonsense business-like personality didn't win him votes in the places where enduring boring lectures about fiscal policy is secondary to likeability (hey, I don't make the rules or the logic). For starters, the CTGOP needs candidates who can open their mouths and annunciate our positions, clearly and coherently. It’s not like we need our candidate to be the life of the party either; s/he needs to just show some life. We need someone who can be in the moment and invigorate the public, someone who doesn’t leave the Party-faithful squinting when s/he talks. And if you haven't noticed - running candidates with a billion-zillion dollars to their name is the kiss of death in Connecticut. Especially, when a guy with less than ten cents in his pocket shows you up on the debate stage because he can make the crowd laugh. Just like Linda McMahon - two and out is a good rule, so let's keep that one. And that goes for unsuccessful West Hartford-based campaign managers who, cycle after cycle, continue to steer our candidates off a cliff.

In Connecticut Republican politics, long tenures of control by aging minds and wrinkled faces clearly lead to very bad results. If fact, maybe it’s time to put West Hartford on the shelf for a decade or two, and let their know-it-all leaders focus on winning back their own city council - a task far more complicated when the geniuses on the West Hartford Republican nominating committee keep finding candidates who eventually defect to the Democrat Party after only serving a few months.

Second, I've written this before and I'll write it again - Jerry Labriola, Jr. has got to go!!!  Whoever thought promoting this amateur bean counter to the chairmanship of the Connecticut Republican Party aught to be s------.  Oh wait. That was me. Sorry!  Ok, he over-promised and under-delivered. Actually, to be fair - he never really wanted the job at first, but he did fight to retain it. Even if Jerry raised more money then his predecessor - it doesn't matter because the results are about the same.  Maybe he used the money to buy more pizza or some soccer balls or something because the alleged cash cow didn't show up in the win column.

I've always said a role like this requires one to lead from the front. Few registered Connecticut Republicans could point out Labriola if he was standing right in front of them. For several years, we’ve had no tangible communication plan (save for a handful of generic press releases after he’s been shamed into writing them), and some behind the scenes back room meetings, and a lack of overall statewide strategy which has plagued the Party from getting off the ground. And while we’re at it - throwing accolades and personal support behind convicted felons and unethical people probably isn’t the best CTGOP public relations strategy. Those are the moments when you should remain silent instead of telling the press how proud you are of your personal relationships with Republicans who should be put in jail for life!  Completely inappropriate!!!

Labriola's manner of dealing with Joe Visconti was disastrous. Joe and his dirty dozen went on a rampage machine-gunning Tom Foley online and on-air for two and a half months. Angry RTCs passed resolutions and demanded action from our Chairman and nothing happened. Finally, Jerry told a statewide Republican audience over a teleconference that he "had a plan for dealing with Visconti, and something was coming.” I guess chanting magic spells didn’t work. 

The last straw was watching Labriola cackle over Visconti’s one-liners during the televised Unification Press Conference last Sunday morning. "Invite my mom to the inauguration" - Hardy, Har, Har! Glad he's having such a back-slapping good time. The whole thing was one gigantic embarrassment for Tom Foley.  Everyone thought they were watching a B movie horror scene - Tom Foley standing there like a deer in headlights listening to Visconti spew phony platitudes and offer luke-warm support. I’m trying to imagine what it was like to rouse everyone up out of bed on a Sunday morning to make this big announcement. Surely, Foley’s time would have been better spent soliciting breakfast goers at a local diner, or attending a Church service and praying for divine intervention.  Instead, photo-ops of the three amigos - Foley, Visconti and Labriola hugging, smiling and appearing “unified”, what a load of malarky!  Three months ago that would have been great, and it would have been nice to have his support and campaigning for Foley. But two days before the election? It was a comical sideshow of little consequence. Heck, Visconti didn’t even officially withdraw by filling out paperwork with state officials which added insult to injury. Election analysis shows that Visconti would have been better off following through to the end - at least he wouldn’t have lost respect of his followers who have labeled him a quitter.

A last minute ditch effort to ... absolve Visconti from .... any wrong-doing?

Did Joe Visconti cost Republicans the election?  Privately, he’s telling his closest supporters that he’d like to think so while publicly his succubi are blaming Foley, but the real answer is No! Of course, no serious person could claim that on top of everything that went on - having a guy from your own Party challenge you, ridicule you, demean you, make fun of you, and discourage neutral voters from supporting you while uplifting the credibility of your chief opponent - certainly had to take its toll. The official numeric election results (if we ever see them) will only tell a partial tale of how Visconti damaged Foley on Election Night; however it won’t detail how Visconti eroded Foley’s support leading up to Election Day - limited data shows that Foley received approximately 100,000 votes less in this election than he did in 2010. Does Visconti share a portion of voter abandonment? Sure, but certainly not all of it. 

Visconti's 11th hour jump to support Tom Foley wasn't meant to help Tom Foley as much as it was a tactic by Visconti to avoid blame should Malloy have won. Trust me, Visconti would have run around, and posted his saviorship all over Facebook and taken full credit had Foley won by a slim margin.  Most people realize that self-preservation isn't a heroic trait. Neither is throwing oneself on one's sword for Political Martyrdom. What a bleeping joke!

God willing, we hope this will be Visconti's last battlefield. On a personal note, we all hope and pray that Joe Visconti returns to Earth, puts away his horse and tricorn hat, and seeks steady and regular employment, so he can right himself. He's long overdue for a Come to Jesus meeting with himself and get things back on track. The prognosis isn't good, but we can all hope. We won’t even object if Dan Malloy offers him a nice job sheet-rocking the entire Capitol. Heck the guy aught to be compensated for his treachery somehow.  Seriously, we hope the best for Joe - maybe he’ll win the lottery, or more likely - find a woman who wins the lottery and have his happily ever after. Ah, on second thought - he might use that money to run again. Let’s wish him limited success instead.

If Republicans want to rebuild their reputation, they need to keep the fringe element at bay. The amount of damage caused by wing nuts like Avon’s Martha "Washington" appearing on TV or at Republican rallies sponsored or under the banner of the CTGOP is astronomical. It's been estimated that every time Martha speaks publicly, Republicans lose about 150 permanent and/or potential votes.  There can't be any room in our Party for a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist, or people who can't keep themselves under control, or who float mind-boggling off-the-wall conspiracies about every little thing that happens.  I love people who defend freedom of speech and anonymity - when it benefits them and then quickly lose sight of constitutional principles when the tables are turned. Generally speaking (and not pointing at any one person) screeching, turning red, pounding fists on tables, playing the geocache game with ankle bracelets is product of a hateful and spiteful person. Instead of carrying the Holy Bible around, posting or quoting scripture or using it like a spray of bullets from a hollow point gun magazine - try reading it and adopting some of it’s principles instead. If you don’t like this blog - then don’t read it.  Sorry, we can’t be on the Martha "Washington" bandwagon; we have our credibility limits.

Lastly, a heartfelt thank you for all of those folks who volunteered their rears off to try and drive victories in the numerous districts and races all over Connecticut. After this disappointment, many of you are going to have to take a hard look at your personal long term plans and decide if its worth continuing the fight or residing in a place where you are Government-mandated to support people who've made a  career out of not pulling their weight and where a majority of business owners are deemed an enemy of the state. It's pretty clear to this writer that the State Motto Que Transtulit Sustinet, roughly translated: "he who is transplanted still sustains" no longer applies here. Some of you might want to follow Jeff Wright into the land of prosperity.



Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Election Day! Republicans: Get Out The Vote! Report the Fraud!

Time is of the essence, leave no
Republican left behind
With the latest Qunnipiac Poll showing that Connecticut's Gubernatorial race is within the margin of error, and news reports tell tales that the Democrat fraud machine in full swing, Republicans need to motivate their base to get to the polls.  But if you think that alone will bring the CTGOP victory tonight - you're dead wrong.

The key to a CTGOP victory lies with the often neglected independent voters in Connecticut.  I'm talking about Ma and Pa Kettle - those who straddle the purple line between right and left (or good and evil to us conservative activists). These are our unaffiliated neighbors who understand what it's like to see a friend lose a job, or watched a buddy's company pack up an leave the state, or saw their paycheck shrink while the size of Connecticut's Government expanded over the past four years under Dan Malloy.

Forcing the question made famous in 1992 by Democrat Strategist James Carville... "Are you better off then you were four years ago?" is still a valid measuring stick that any constituent should be asked.  Given Connecticut's poor ranking in job growth  -1% over four years, 46th rank as place to do business, record unemployment rate, and top ten ranking as highest taxed states in the land, it may be hard for anyone - except a fat and happy State Employee - to say "yes."

Just remember - every pro-Republican, pro-Tom Foley vote counts in this election.  Especially, in some districts where Democrat votes seem to count twice, or even three times - particularly in places like Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford.  Neither dumpster diving, or last minute legal motions will save this election for Republicans.  The former is mere comedy and the latter is in poor taste and neither ever results in an overturned election. So table the sour grapes strategy, and get the job done now.

Psssst! Don't waste a breath trying to convince the Libertarians, or the slash and burn lunatic fringe still half-baked over Visconti's withdrawal (or sort of withdrawal) to change their vote. Let the nut jobs like the Avon-based Sandy Hook conspirator drive themselves into a frenzy to the point of jumping off a bridge - because they weren't going to vote Republican anyway.  If it all goes wrong, they'll spend the night celebrating in their bomb shelters consuming canned beans, and spam sandwiches. Forget them. They are mad.

Get out the vote for Tom Foley, and return Connecticut to prosperity.  And if you see fraud - report it - on Twitter, to the media, and if need be - to Republican Headquarters (here's praying someone answers the phone for a change).

And special wishes to Mark Greenberg. if there's anyone in Connecticut politics who honestly deserves a victory - it's this man!



Saturday, November 1, 2014

Breaking Silence: The Visconti Deception

Coming soon to Netflix:
Jousting Windmills:
Joe Visconti's never-ending
war with the CTGOP
Over the last several months many people have contacted me by email, social media and over the phone expressing personal anger and disappointed in Joe Visconti.  I tell them all the same thing:  "The Joe Visconti you knew five years ago, or even five months ago has died. Move on, and forget about him."

It's sad, really! The selfless guy who once stood on principle and worked for conservative political causes has been transformed into a narcissistic, egotistical creature who's surrendered the moral high ground on key issues and who's sole purpose in life is to burn the CTGOP to the ground and ruin Tom Foley's chance at becoming our next Governor of Connecticut.

Make no mistake, friends - Joe Visconti's actions are those of a Traitor! 

Let's examine the facts. But first a word of caution - for those of you who came here looking for sordid details of Joe Visconti's personal life, you'll leave this page greatly disappointed.  Even if Joe Visconti doesn't value personal relationships and only cares about himself, or perhaps cares temporarily for those who can lend him financial and personal support in his precise moment of need, doesn't mean we won't accord him a level of decency out of respect for past friendship, or feel some sympathy for the remaining shadow of the person he once was.

It should be understood that before Joe Visconti began his campaign adventure, he promised all of us (friends, relatives, politicos, etc) that he had entered the race in order to bring certain hot-button issues to the table which he felt would not otherwise be discussed or brought forth in public forums by what he called "our tepid group of Republican candidates"; Many Republicans said issues such as gun control, or common core were too polarizing or too controversial for televised public debate. Fair Enough, we thought - Joe will shake things up a bit, and perhaps flush out where some candidates stood on key issues. So, as it turned out, Visconti traveled the debate circuit, and brought some badly needed energy, and some laughs to a few statewide primary debates. Of course, the laughs mostly came from the facial expressions of of few of his more moderate opponents who were forced to endure several hours of sharing a forum with a wide-eyed madman who tried to use them as campaign props on a theatric stage. A few of the very quiet ones like Mark Lauretti were easy prey. Mark Boughton just smiled at Visconti's quips.  Sadly, Visconti didn't make the debates more issue-oriented, as promised.  In fact, looking back at the debates, still available on youtube, you can see he appeared just as calculated and reserved in his responses as the other seven or so GOP hopefuls on major issues affecting Connecticut.

Visconti made a personal commitment to State Party leaders (and assurances to friends) that he would only go as far as the State Convention and promised that if he lost he would drop out of contention.  (Ironically at the same time, Martha Dean recognized the futility of continuing her run, and decided to drop out before the State Convention and pledged allegiance to the probable winner Tom Foley.)  Then something strange happened - out of nowhere - Visconti announced that he would collect signatures for a possible primary run if he didn't get enough votes.  When the Party rejected Visconti outright by delivering him 2% of the delegate vote, he became enraged, and took the defeat personally.

That was the day Visconti snapped...

In order to quell suspicions, Visconti then told Party Leaders the next big lie. He promised he would gather enough signatures, but only to make the Primary, and try to strike a deal to bring his alleged (and imagined) throngs of followers over to back one candidate over another.  Like a double-agent, Visconti tried to work both camps. But the two main candidates - Tom Foley and John McKinney were not interested in playing Visconti's little inside political game and instead focused on beating each other up until a winner was declared by registered Republicans.  Again, seeking to be relevant - Visconti failed.

After the Republican Primary concluded, and Visconti was left with a few pennies in the bank (on loan from others), he decided to run as an Independent Candidate.  His closest friends and allies cautioned him against this.  Everyone who is anyone in Republican politics asked Visconti to reconsider this hostile move, and questioned why would he destroy your reputation as an activist for a few minutes of camera time and media attention? To what end?  Anyone who can do the math recognizes that Joe Visconti takes votes away from Tom Foley.  Democrats were ecstatic! All this silliness about blue collar voters running to support him on Election Day is a cover-up story for Visconti's intent to destroy the Connecticut Republican Party.  Does Joe Visconti even belong to a Union? C'mon now!  Of course, you wouldn't need to belong to a union if you don't work, or don't plan on working.

In usual fashion and as they have all along - the Connecticut Republican Party didn't know how to handle Visconti.  Joe was right to determine early on that Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. and his clandestine gang would miscalculate his charm and determination. Visconti was also smart to recognize Labriola's resolve to maintain his permanent state off ineptness and aloofness. To the outrage of insiders, Labriola's strategy for dealing with the Lone Rebel seemed to consist of simply  pretending he's not there.  "If I close my eyes and I don't see him, then he's not really there," laughed Labriola. Well, that didn't work too well.  Typical of Labriola's leadership style - put the car in neutral on a hill, and watched with amazement as it rolled backwards into a busy intersection. Crash! A guy running on borrowed gas money had just edged up to near 10% in the face of Tom Foley's millions. Who's laughing now?

Then Joe Visconti took the stage.  His performance was hailed by friends and foes as fairly successful. This wasn't because he outlined some igneous plan for turning around Connecticut's measly 1% job growth over the past four years, but for his quiet composure while Dan Malloy and Tom Foley duked it out.  Visconti's most aggressive moment came when he played the class warfare card and attacked Tom Foley. It's always fun to watch an intentionally unemployed guy pick on a successful businessman, isn't it? For me, Visconti's most revealing moment was his suggestion that taxes will need to be raised to tackle the deficit. Very few Republicans I've ever known have suggested raising taxes on struggling families as a remedy for balancing an inflated budget. The audience clapped, Foley and Malloy said nothing and Republican viewers were left wondering what happened to the defense of Republican Party economic principles.

To everyone's surprise Visconti declared three times that the Connecticut's woes were not solely due to the fault of Governor Dan Malloy - a sort of odd thing to say about your political opponent's record if your true intention is to defeat him and his ideology at the polls (ironically, as I recall, the cock crowed three times when Peter denied Christ).  It's not surprise that Dan Malloy was gleeful about Visconti's participation - clearly,  happy to see him and all. I mean, why wouldn't you be thankful to see a guy who runs around the state kicking the CTGOP's nominee in the teeth every chance he gets?  At one point, Malloy said the difference between Visconti and Foley is that Visconti tells you what action he would take on a position.  Malloy - of course, and if you noticed - didn't criticize Joe's positions whatsoever.  Indeed, the only thing missing in this election cycle between Dan Malloy and Joe Visconti is a live on-the-air lip lock between the two.  The collaboration between both has been so apparent that no one would be surprised if Dan Malloy's actual name didn't appear on Joe Visconti's campaign donation report. Even if Visconti disenfranchises Republican voters - he'll still be doing a big service on behalf of Malloy.

Naturally, Foley's critics were upset with Foley's debate performance. The truth is that it was a no-win situation for Foley. What was he supposed to do? Start insulting Joe on stage and give him more morning press than he deserved? Even a month earlier, the CTGOP would have been smart to defend the Party against Visconti's selfish incursion.

What ever became of all Visconti's 'water jug' cash
donations collected since April?
Legitimate questions could have been asked such as:

  • Why hasn't Joe Visconti worked in a full time capacity for over 10 years?
  • What does a guy who hasn't worked in a decade know about job creation?
  • When will Joe release his tax returns?
  • Has Visconti paid his taxes to the Fed, State, or City of West Hartford?
  • How can someone who doesn't pay taxes have the qualification to adjust the tax structure?
  • How can Joe balance a state budget if he doesn't even own a checkbook?
  • Where is the detailed accounting of Visconti's campaign expenses?
  • How can Visconti run for Governor if he still has existing campaign debt from previous campaigns?
  • What's the truthful accounting of the Ferguson donation?
  • If Visconti was ever really a Republican, then why did he try to forge a Gubernatorial ticket with arch-liberal Jonathan Pelto?

The Ferguson Complaint is a major concern for Campaign Ethics.
Is Joe the kind of person who when he plays Monopoly, he somehow ends up 
merging his money with that of the bank's?

Nothing-doing. The CTGOP decided they will forge ahead and hope that it all just works out for the best. This is the same brilliance that led Republicans to abandon the major cities in the last Gubernatorial election cycle.

To his credit, only Peter Wolfgang of the Family Institute of Connecticut had the courage to challenge Joltin' Joe. After Visconti attacked Wolfgang over his endorsement of Tom Foley, Wolfgang asked Joe Visconti to reconcile his new found position on gay marriage, traditional family values, and abortion.  Remarkably, a year earlier, Visconti was seen down at the State Capitol flailing his Rosary Beads and lobbying on behalf of the FIC's conservative agenda.  And so much for his appearance on NPR a few years ago calling into question homosexuality and declaring it nurture and not nature.  Boy, have times changed for Joe.  So much for principle. Or did he never have principle to begin with?

Calls and emails flooded the in-boxes of Republican State Central and its members. What are you going to do about this clown? According to the most recent Quinnipiac Poll, the election split between Foley and Malloy is tied at 43%-43%, and Visconti has the rest.  Polls also show that the majority of votes that Visconti steals, comes from Republicans.  Whether Malloy wins by 5000 votes or 50 votes - it won't matter.  All evidence suggests that Visconti's revenge scheme could upset the balance enough to give Malloy a second term.  This is horrific news for Connecticut Republicans, Independents, and Connecticut Taxpayers who may have to endure another four years of vacating businesses, higher taxes, and increased spending.

Finally, it's well known that the Connecticut Republican Party sought a quiet, behind the scenes truce with Visconti.  They asked him to withdraw from the race for an undisclosed sum of money.  Whether the amount didn't meet Visconti's asking price, or Visconti was too far gone by the time they got around to ask - is not known.  Perhaps it is a little of both.  Or maybe Democrats pay better.  We don't  know! But here we sit, only hours from Election Day waiting to see if the CTGOPs gamble to not engage Visconti pays off.

Given Connecticut's pitiful economic growth, record job loses, record business closures and out of state departures, high taxes and the desire of 49% of its population to exit the state, it's time for a change.  Unions and State Workers will always vote for their bread and butter, but remember that not everyone is under Dan Malloy's employ.  Connecticut does need a new direction because four more years of 1% economic growth will have catastrophic results that will take over a decade to repair.  If you're inclined to support Malloy, then we suspect you have your bias, if you support Tom Foley - you have the courage to see Connecticut rebuild, and if you vote for Joe Visconti - you probably should be committed. PLEASE - don't allow Joe Visconti's personal vendetta to poison the election well.

Let's hope Connecticut makes the right decision on Election Day and elects Tom Foley as our next Governor in the Great State of Connecticut!



Thursday, June 5, 2014

GOPer Independent Run akin to Democrat Suicide Bomber

"Real Republicans don't run on Independent tickets just because they can't muster Party support."

GOP Political Suicide Candidate
put your gun down and go home
Political campaigns are not always fun.

Those brave enough... or perhaps foolish enough to put their reputation, privacy, personal wealth at risk to hold political office, do so - with far more to lose than to gain. First, there's the whole business of campaigning; driving all over creation to give your stunt speech to rooms full of grey-haired old men (and women) who look on you with a weary eye of distrust, and a certain level of contempt. You get asked you about things which people haven't talked about for decades, or about local controversial issues that no politician dare touch with a ten foot pole. So you smile, answer their questions, and play the game knowing all to well, that no matter how good your answers are that the RTCs appointed chief interrogator is already voting for the other guy. We understand the whole business of being corned by people who - if not for the campaign - you would otherwise would run 100 miles away from. And all candidates dread the act of begging for donations from a crowd that doesn't have a dime to spare. And at the end of the day, it's all or nothing. Months pass by, you give up your family, your job, and your entire existence, and finally when the numbers roll in and your piggy bank is depleted, and nearly all of your allies abandon you - that you realize after months and months of sleepless effort - it's game over and your day is done.

Reaching this decision to call the ball is hard for a lot of candidates. The smart ones (those who aren't pig-headed or just plain stupid) step back, analyze the field, weigh the expense of carrying on, and subjectively evaluate the likelihood of winning if they keep going on. Last week, you'll recall that Republican State Treasurer Candidate Bob Eick made the decision to call it quits. Eick may have left the battlefield a little bumped and bruised, but appreciated and respected by friends and foes alike for not dragging everyone through a pointless campaign that depletes everyone's limited funds and resources for no reason. It's a fact that people remember loyal party members who understand the value of exhibiting good judgement over showing false pride.

And there's something to be said for being a good loser. Republicans will recall how in just the past few election cycles both Republican U.S. Senate Candidates Rob Simmons, and Chris Shays did the right thing and drew a close to their respective campaigns; they didn't fight on, or bellyache, or undermine the Party, or run as Independents - they made the right decision, although reluctantly, for the good of the Party. And don't kid yourself, both of these men could have easily continued forward; they could have fought to the bloody end by gathering signatures, and calling in favors from Washington big dogs, but both of them understood that any move down such a path would have served to strengthen the Democrat position in the General Election - and killed their reputations as respected Republicans with strong service to their party, and country. See, part of this game is understanding that sometimes neither the most capable, or the most qualified person wins - and the other part is knowing when to quit, and find another way to participate in the process without coming off as a sore loser, or worse - a spoiler to satisfy your own inflated ego.

But you know what irks me in this election cycle?  It's that there are a few choice Republicans who don't know when enough is enough. The very idea that anyone would run as an Independent candidate with the goal of drawing a lot of attention to themselves by making a lot of noise in order to serve as a spoiler to help put Dan Malloy back in office is beyond shameful.  There is nothing in the background of Mark Boughton, John McKinney or Tom Foley which - to any sane person - should prevent them from being our Republican nominee. Yes, I disagree with them on a number of issues, but that's the way it is - you support the candidate who is closest to your ideology - and looking at these three - 80-90% is pretty damn good, the rest is conjecture, personality and character flaws. All which should be trumped working to undermine Republicans by indirectly supporting Dan Malloy's return to office.

So when you hear about any registered Connecticut Republicans planning to run as an Independent - ask them directly when they plan on formally switching to the Democrat Party. Trust me, they know that an Independent run hurts the Republican Party's chances of winning in November. They will lie to your face claiming they are running on principle or to use the excuse that they are championing a single issue or two, and they will spew all kinds of incoherent inter-party conspiracy nonsense which has not one iota of merit (particularly in this election cycle). It's impossible to have any credibility regarding principles when you know damn well that you can't win, and you'll only hurt the Republican candidate's chances of winning in November.  For all my criticism of Martha Dean, whom I have extreme disagreements with as a politician and as an individual, you have to give her credit - she absolutely did the right thing by dropping out of the race just prior to the Convention. At the end of the day, Dean put Party before ego and let the process unfold on its own. It's shocking to see some of Dean's loudest critics strategize a full blown slash and burn campaign just to bury Tom Foley, John McKinney, Mark Boughton and others - for seemingly petty and irrelevant reasons. Isn't it time to stop throwing rocks, grow up, and get on-board? Isn't it time to put pride aside and focus on building Connecticut's economy by electing a Republican to office?

The Connecticut Republican Party has it's problems. I've outlined them many times. But you cannot create change by giving up your seat at the discussion table. You cannot up and leave and think you will influence people from the outside because they will only hate you for your treachery; moreover, they will stop listening to your opinion - regardless of how correct you might be on one issue to another. In the current situation, some people really stand the chance of completely losing their self-respect and eliminating their voice in Connecticut politics once and for all. Moreover, a few are on the verge of losing many longtime friends and allies by forcing many friends and allies to disassociate themselves from their self-destructive behavior. Activism, dissent, humor, and challenging the status quo are all great attributes of a thoughtful advocacy for Conservatism - but leaving the Party and trying to destroy it through a third party run is unforgivable.

To whom this is intended, make the choice - if you must, and expect never to be welcome back in the fold again. Just ask Lowell Weicker.

Good luck. Hopefully, you'll come to your senses, and rejoin the fight.



This article may be later amended to address typographical or grammatical errors, and content. All entries are for the sole purpose of entertainment.  This article does not imply endorsement of any candidate, if mentioned above, nor has this article been solicited for publication by any political candidate, campaign, or PAC.