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Monday, November 5, 2012

Linda McMahon's Door Hangers Spark Anger

Most political junkies have already seen the door hanger (to the left) being distributed all over Connecticut by McMahon's  ground forces. As you can see Linda McMahon is continuing to push her selfish agenda to get herself and Barack Obama elected.  The Romney Camp can't be happy with this traitorous act - no matter how they try to package it.

See this article from the Hartford Courant for details.  

It's too bad our CTGOP Chairman Jerry Labriola has become an all-to-willing lap-dog for the McMahon Campaign.  Does Chairman Labriola actually think that Linda McMahon's support for Barack Obama will help the ground game for Republicans running in Congressional Races since she's promoting the Independent line?  I can't see how that will help candidates like John Decker in CT-01?  Maybe he aught to get out of the plastic bubble he's created for himself and take in some oxygen.  

Two weeks ago, when asked about the McMahon-Obama commercial Labriola told the Press, "no comment".  Yesterday he followed the carefully prepared script given to him by the McMahon Campaign, which will allow him to get back in Linda's good graces (for the next 24 hours) and drink warm beer at her pity party on Tuesday night. 

Poor Labriola - he's really lost the plot - which of course is supposed to be getting ALL REPUBLICANS elected regardless of positioning on the ballot - not cutting everyone off at the knees for an unlikable Senate Candidate who's 9-points down, and killing the rest of the GOP field.  Labriola has become an utter disgrace!  Hey Jerry - Linda McMahon left the Party long ago, the band can stop playing now.

As a friend of mine who's a prominent national Republican pollster told me yesterday over the phone, "You people really have your problems in Connecticut.  Your Chairman and your Candidate are both a joke."

He has no idea.



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Anonymous said...

As a strong supporter of CT GOP on a Presidential, State, and Local level for decades, I am appalled at Linda McMahon's arrogance along with the gullible folks within party ranks who were paid handsomely to work for McMahon. They will walk away with fat pockets and no victory. The national consultants were paid big money also miscalculated Murphy. The selling out of Mitt Romney to some how benefit marginally in the inner city on the independent line is moronic. Linda's army of incompetence is digging CT GOP's mass grave with a giant pay loader. There's no point in picking up a shovel to attempt to fill the hole because it's too late.

Elliott said...

On this , the eve of the election....I would like to congratulate those of you in the GOP ranks who sold your souls to the the guise of Ms. Linda McMahon. I hope you are proud of your decision,as you see the senate seat ,once very attainable , slip through your fingers. More's the pity, for we had a choice......we could have had an intelligent debate of issues and ideas....we could have had a candidate we could look to with pride...sadly, the party as of late ,seems to be mainly comprised of lazy, greedy, narrow minded people ....who can't see their nose in front of their faces. The only glimmer of hope I can glean out of this travesty is a new beginning for the party...a return to our " Yankee Roots" but that may be wishful thinking.