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Monday, November 28, 2011

For Godsakes - just say Merry Christmas

ACLU Christmas
Alert System
For the last ten years, Conservatives have alleged a great conspiracy against Christmas by The Left.  When I first heard this claim, I mistook it for overzealous activism by my friends on the religious right - after all, who would really want to expunge Christmas from American Culture?  Well, who indeed.

Christmas has been celebrated in America since the 1700s. Pockets of Dutch, German and English immigrants brought with them the story of St. Nicholas, and gift-giving which was practiced along side the annual December 25th Christian reading of the Nativity Story and birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas was made a formal holiday in Southern states like Alabama in 1836, and Louisiana and Arkansas in 1838, Connecticut in 1845, and as its popularity finally took root in hold-out States - eventually it was made a formal federal holiday through an Act of Congress signed by President Ulysses S. Grant on June 26, 1870.

There is no set doctrine as to what it takes to convert a regional tradition into a widespread national holiday.  But notwithstanding, Christmas has been part of Americana for over 300 years.  The truth is that there are so few holidays on our calendar and the appetite for adding additional ones is so small that the likelihood of it happening again, at least in the near future -  is rather dim.   The latest attempt to manufacture a holiday can be found in the largely racist practice of Kwanzaa; some time ago I called this holiday what it truly is - a charade. That blog entry is here if you are inclined to learn about Kwanzaa's true origins.

There has been an intense effort by many to change our widely accepted practice of referring to the Christmas Season as the Holiday Season.  Christians who practice attending Church services, gift-giving, decorating trees, and so forth make up 85% of the American population (a Rasmussen's Poll claims its as high as 92%).  The other 15% include Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Pagans, Atheists and other groups - many of which don't care one way or another about Christmas.  Within this small minority viewpoint live those who wish to upset the normal balance of things and spread discontent - those few who go out of their way to intentionally run against the established tide of our traditional Christmas celebrations.  

Over the years several members of the aforementioned groups have formed alliances with left-leaning organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and have conspired with liberal judges to remove Nativity Scenes from public greens, and Christian religious symbols from public sight during Christmastime. These  horrific stories almost always make the news circuits each year, and are great examples of how a small minority of lunatics can make hell for the majority in some circumstances.

Many cities have been pressured to change their approach to Christmas simply out of fear of being sued by the ACLU and others.  This liberal groups know that few towns and cities can afford the costs associated with defending an alleged first amendment rights case, so they sometimes surrender before the first shot is fired.  Unfortunately, the spineless action of caving in to mere pressure and legal threats has led to towns responding in knee-jerk fashion to a tyrannical few who may or may not have had the financial where-with-all to even file a suit in the first place.  Whatever the reason, towns and cities surrendering Christmas prematurely have led to a backlash and outrage by citizens across the Country; most whom don't want to see their Christmas Holiday watered down to an all-inclusive, meaningless Happy Holidays (which if you think about it - is so generic a phraseology that could be used at any time for any holiday). 

There is hope that some Jurisdictions are taking a stand and fighting back against the ACLU and its villainy.  For example, earlier this year in neighboring Cranston, Rhode Island, the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that religious Christmas displays at Cranston City Hall did not violate the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.  This is great news for towns and cities looking to find a legal precedent that illustrates that its not a given that if the ACLU sues you, that you automatically lose. And more important - it sends a strong message that whether liberals like it or not - Christmas is here to stay, and WE THE PEOPLE are willing to fight for it!

What's also unfortunate is that in non-public situations - like office parties and luncheons, and such, corporations have also adopted the inclusive language such as "holiday" this and that.  Usually, the planning of these events are coordinated by the less productive members of the staff who are more interested in advancing their social justice agenda and changing our culture rather than actually working to impact the bottom line.  These people are the ones who buy wholesale into the whole politically correct theme of inclusion, and waste company time and money to make sure that no one is offended by anything.  My view is let them be offended!  Jesus is the reason for the season - whether they like it or not.  While no one is going to stand up at the Office Christmas Party and starting reading from The Holy Bible, I have to ask - what's wrong with giving Christ his due by calling the celebration what is really is, I mean - people already celebrate Christmas as Christmas at home, don't they?  Why put on a false face in the office when everyone complains about having to do so?

What's the point of putting a mask over Christmas just so that Abdul, or Jacob, or Rachel, or Kumar don't get their panties in a ruffle?  The King says - pay homage to the King of Kings - for if it weren't for Christ dying on the cross, or Santa coming down the Chimney - they wouldn't be looking at a free holiday off with pay. 

So the next time, someone greets you with a Happy Holidays, you tell them - Happy Holidays yourself -  I'm unafraid to say Merry Christmas.  And when it comes to the company party - bring in a batch of the best tasting Christmas Cookies - not forgetting to be sure that Christmas Lingo be frosted on.

And if someone pushes the point by telling you they don't believe - just look at them and say, "Well at least we know who'll be getting a lump of coal this year, don't we." And then just walk away.

Enjoy your Christmas Season, and stick up for Christ (and Santa), you know they'd do the same for you.



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Monday, November 21, 2011

Give Connecticut Legislators a Raise!

No. I haven't gone off the deep end.  Read on.

The current Republican class in
Connecticut's GA are Replicans one
and all. Where are our leaders?
As I travel around the Nutmeg State politicking, I sometimes run into a bright, passionate individual who strikes me as the perfect candidate for state-wide political office.  Perhaps its their depth of knowledge on a particular set of issues or their impressive communication style, or maybe its their background as an effective leader in a business setting, local government post, or even as a member of a non-partisan commission.  My belief is that Republicans should always be in recruitment mode - looking for talented people to run for office.  And given the capitulate pool of Replicans (not a spelling error) representing us in the General Assembly these days - you'd have to agree that we could really use some new blood.  Many of the career incumbents who skip off to Hartford have long-forgotten the noble reason why they got involved in politics in the first place.

Sometimes, I'm bold to make the suggestion to a potential recruit - and most people respond by looking at me as though I have six heads, or worse - as if I had just insulted them.  I recognize there is good reason for this - first, many politicians from both sides of the aisle have the reputation of being some of the most corrupt people in the world, and second - the usual profile of one holding elected office is usually a character not high up on the moral rung of the ladder. Although in fairness, there are exceptions to this well-accepted stereotype.

Occasionally, I'll encounter a person who'll absorb my suggestion - stop for a moment, raise their eye-brows, grin, and stare off into space pondering the notion.  I can see the wheels of their imagination turning - their mind's eye depicts them sitting upon Pharaoh's golden throne while servants fan them, and bring them an abundance of food and drink. That fantasy is only upstaged them envisioning Princes from foreign lands bowing before them while placing overflowing bags of cash at their feet.  Then suddenly - the illusion fades to handcuffs, a witness chair, and then darkness within a prison cell.  They awake from their daydream, and utter a "no thanks" and quickly head for the nearest exit.

People often voice frustration at the level of incompetence in the CT State Legislature. It's a place where very little actually gets done unless someone owes you a favor and you're being paid off for patronage. One of the main problems with attracting better-qualified talent to Connecticut's General Assembly lies in the poor compensation provided those who serve.  It's The King's view that most people worth their salt cannot afford to run for the General Assembly because it doesn't pay enough for them to make honest living, pay their bills, or raise a family.

For those of you who don't know, elected officials who serve in the Connecticut General Assembly earn a meager $28,000 per year as outlined in Section 2-8a of the Connecticut's Statutes (majority/minority leaders and other officers are paid slightly more) plus a stipend of roughly $5,000 for transportation reimbursement.  Even though the job is not full time, year round - perhaps it should be - you'd think that these people would make at least as much as educators do - enough to make the job appear to be a serious one.

When you compare Connecticut with some of our neighbors you see that New Jersey Legislators make $49,000 a year, New York Legislators make $79,500,  Massachusetts Legislators make $58,237, and Pennsylvania Legislators make $73,613 per year.  So even on it's own merit, my argument isn't too far fetched.  The idea that you get what you pay for certainly is a factor to consider.

It's probably not surprising to you that many of the people who sit in our General Assembly seem to be of a particular make-up:  1) Wealthy spouses of millionaires who see politics as mere hobby and a social outlet, or 2) Greedy trial attorneys who have the luxury of billing clients in hourly blocks day and night, and enjoy a little part time gig on the side to support their drinking habit, or 3) Twenty-somethings who are recent career college grads and ideologues - sort of like my old West Hartford friend - Jonathan Harris - who started his political career while living in his mother's basement, and who moved up the ladder of political opportunity as the circumstances allowed for it.  Which goes to show you that you don't need to be the sharpest tool in the box, only the craftiest.  And lastly, 4) Single drifters like Joe Markley, who's in and out of as many jobs as he is States - only happy to get the $28K, and anything else he can find with his Radio Shack Metal Detector.  Seems like he found a treasure trove with Linda McMillions.  What can I say - Busway Joe is on a roll.

Begin Segway: What irks me about Joe Markley  as a State Legislator is that he's a self-promoting opportunist.  When it comes to the real issues concerning Connecticut, Shoeless Joe has completely lost the plot. First he sues the Department of Public Utility Control over an alleged hidden tax issue - and loses, then he holds a big rally, and trains down to the House of Representatives to try and block the Busway - and Legislators wouldn't even see him, and he loses.  So what's next?  Well The King predicts that next he'll be scheming up a big plan to try and stop the Jackson Labs project.  I mean why not? - sure, he'll lose but he'll get his name in the paper, play the role of Public Savior - and all while taking credit for voting Yea on Malloy's Union Jobs Bill.  How much are all these side adventures costing taxpayers, anyway? Fact is - it's just more malarkey from Joe Markley.
End Segway... Grrr!

Back to the main point....

I guess if you live at home or in an apartment, and you don't have the same financial obligations as the rest of us regular working stiffs, you don't think twice about going on a spending spree with other people's money.  Sending the Rep from either the Harris or Markley category above to the G.A. is sort of ironic if you think about it - how do people who've never strived to really be anything, or have anything - end up making decisions for those of us who do?  Sort of bizarre.  Sort of outrageous.

So what would happen if Connecticut adjusted State Legislators' salaries upward, and extended the session so that Legislators would have more time to think and work together collaboratively to create better, more productive solutions?  Did you ever think of what the ramifications might be?

Well for beginners, if salaries were adjusted so that the starting salary was 60K or more, you would certainly attract a better caliber of candidate on both sides of the aisle.  It's funny if you think about it - most voters believe that being a member of the CT General Assembly is a step-up from serving as a Mayor or First Selectman of a town - even though the pay for serving as First Selectman in some towns is actually much higher than that of someone serving in the State House.  My belief is if you raised the salary - you would instantly put better qualified and experienced publicly elected servants (including a few First Selectman) in play for a number of seats around the state.

Second, you would expand the pool of talent to include people who may be willing to take a few years off from the private sector, or be willing to make a partial sacrifice - such as small business owner who might otherwise lose everything if he were elected to the General Assembly at today's salary - because he couldn't afford to keep his own lights on.  Connecticut's General Assembly could use a more diverse pool of representation - which means fewer attorneys, and wealthy land barons, and far more businessmen and businesswomen among their ranks.  Having the perspective of people who suffer or benefit first hand from decisions made at the State Level would be valuable asset to have at the LOB to help get us out of the current crisis.

Both Democrats and Republicans
have been caught taking more
than their share from the cooie jar
Third, there would be less people with their hands in the cookie jar because there would be more capable individuals, self-reliant, and less dependent on a Union safety net - during, and at the end of service.  There would be less of an appetite for cronyism as there would be fewer bottom-feeders promised post-service payoffs by Union Organizations, and lobbying firms.  Think about it - the average person who makes a measly $28K needs patronage income to exist - for without it - they couldn't survive financially.  Doesn't it make you wonder exactly how some do?

I'm sure a few people are steaming about the thought of rewarding the current group of Legislators with a massive pay increase. Don't get me wrong - that is NOT my suggestion.  And I don't blame you for your skepticism - for between Governor Malloy, the Democrat-owned Assembly, and so-little opposition from Republicans - save perhaps Chris Coutu who probably voted against the Jobs Bill because he slipped on a banana peel on the way into the Chamber - they don't deserve even the smallest pay raise based on their record of failure.  I'd argue that the pay increase could be tied to next year's election.  The big opposition to this would come from Democrats who as we know - hate competition.

If Connecticut State Legislators truly cared about Connecticut, they would upgrade their roles from a part-time hobbyist, to full time Legislator.  They would go from a rushed, shot-gun approach to solving Connecticut's issues, to a body of quasi-professional, fully-committed solution architects - and really work to improve Connecticut's economy and our resident's well-being.  Clearly, the current approach isn't working, and it's time to end this charade and make a real change.



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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy Plymouth Rock!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I had to share this timely cartoon. 

According to historical record, the Pilgrims celebrated A Feast of Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation (now Plymouth Massachusetts) in 1621. For those of you who are still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from your plight of having to deal with an inconvenient power outage two weeks ago, this is a good time to take heart and be assured that any inconvenience you suffered was probably about 1/1000 that of the daily hardship endured by our brave ancestors.  In comparison, our temporary self-pity over lack of television, or a fully-charged cell phone is rather minute.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd is a step beyond this:  unimaginative, lazy, tired, whiny, and ironic.  These sorts would have likely been the first to perish after one cold winter at Plimoth Plantation. Of course, that's if they survived the proper whippings they would have been administered by Governor Bradford and his Council. Yeah, back then there wasn't patience for the welfare mindset that so many of our fellow citizens have come to adhere to in this century.

While you're sitting at the Thanksgiving table eating turkey and stuffing, remember that even though it's been a rough year - there are so many basic things to be truly thankful for - life, family, a few pennies in the bank, and food on the table.  These are things that most of us have earned through hard work and self-determination.  And you can also be thankful that you and your kids didn't turnout to be anything like the indolent fools in the Occupy crowd.  That in itself is a blessing worth getting on your hands and knees to praise the Lord for.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Connecticut's New York-Bound Commuters Should Be Careful Tomorrow

If you're heading into downtown New York City tomorrow - be warned - there's likely to be a serious situation in the Financial District due to a massive Occupy Wall Street March that's set for tomorrow.  It's reported by New York authorities that there will be tens of thousands of lunatics entering the city to take part in a day of mass anarchy and destruction. The word is out on Twitter, and Phone Messaging that a flash mob is planned for tomorrow morning.

Criminals and anarchists gather on
the Brooklyn Bridge
If you haven't figured it out already, the Occupy Wall Street crowd (and their sister affiliate groups which have propped up all over - including Hartford) stand for absolutely nothing.  Collectively they embody the very worst that America has to offer - spoiled rotten kids, Marxists, and criminals.  The so-called impromptu camps that sprang up over the course of the last two months have been feigned to be the work of a spontaneous grass roots element, but in reality (and admittedly) they've  sprung up through the support and encouragement of evil men like George Soros and like-minded socialists.  There is no goal in mind for the OWS participants except for the willful destruction of personal property and the vetting of pointless anger against a society that doesn't coddle the lazy, or incompetent.
"What did you want me to do? Take
action or something?  I've got an
image to protect, here."
If there is anyone to be blamed for the degree to which these camps have grown, you have to point the finger at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Instead of shutting down this madness a month ago, he took an liberal stand of looking the other way praying that the protesters (if you can even call them that) would get tired and simply go home; by his lack of action and failure to enforce laws and city ordinances, he's allowed these lunatics to rule the streets of New York and emboldened their resolve, undeterred by Police who've been under strict orders to do almost nothing.  Furthermore, his failure to act has led to women to being sexually abused in make-shift camps, and men to defecate in streets.  Brilliant!  A far cry from the leadership and standard set by former New York Mayor Rudi Guiliani.

In truth, Bloomberg is a spineless coward. His only concern is his personal public image - which he believed would be damaged if he took action and shut down the anarchists.  He said he didn't want to appear to strong-arm residents of New York.  So instead he miscalculated, he did nothing and oversaw a massive financial loss to both large and small businesses; the losses reported to be in the millions. He took the easy path and was rewarded with nothing.

So now he has a real problem on his hands.  By allowing the OWS crowd to become comfortable, set up bases of operation, and network - they've been able to attract thousands more members to their cause, and the problem has compounded itself twenty-fold.  One Occupy protester said of tomorrow's protest, "We plan to burn down the city."  How quaint.

Finally, the Police have been given permission to move in and disperse the crowds. Over the last two days, CNN and other media outlets have complained about being blocked out of several areas by New York Police where OWS movement was originally camped out.  As a practical matter, the Police didn't want the news media inflaming the situation as they begun to dismantle the OWS camps.  What every OWS protester wants is the mainstream media to take video and slice it to make the NYPD look like tyrants and bullies - tearing down tents and using brutal force on OWS protesters.   And tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar that the news media will sensationalize every minute of the chaos to help fuel the anarchy, and expand the story.  You can guarantee that any Officer who loses his cool for a split second will forever be shown in a repeated loop, over and over, during the next 10 days on network television.

What people need to understand is that the OWS crowd is not innocent group of people trying to merely make a difference in the world.  They are lawbreakers and maniacs who hate America, Capitalism, and our Democratic way of life.  They have no message, and they have no goal except to destroy everything in their path, and spread their message of misery and hate.

If you have to venture into New York City tomorrow.  Be safe.



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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tribute to Cap'n Joe Visconti's perfect Keelhaul today under Black Flag

It's been a long few weeks, and people seem stressed, so it's time for a little silliness to end the day.  This one is meant for insiders - everyone else just sing along.

Congrats to Cap'n Joe Visconti on his perfect keelhaul today of a well-known traitor who shall remain nameless (as he is useless).  The King hereby awards Cap'n Joe a formal Letter of Marque to use as he wishes.  May you sail the high seas under black flag, hunting the enemies of the Crown and His Majesty's Lawful Realm.  Godspeed and endeavor to be twenty times as ruthless as our foes - take no prisoners, show no mercy, give no quarter for they are the Devil's own.  Plunder and pillage, and take what little of their self-respect they have left. Send them to the bottom, Cap'n Joe!  Feed 'em to the fishes!

(All this should be read with a bit of humor)

Here are the Lyrics if you want to dare sing along:

Keelhauled by Alestorm

My friends I stand before you
To tell a truth most dire
They lurks a treator in our mist
Who haven't vote the captain's ire

He don't deserve no mercy
We ought to shoot him with a gun
But I am not an evil man
but first let's have a little fun

We'll tie that scoundrel to a rope
And throw him overboard
drag him underneath the ship
A terrifying deadly trip

Keelhaul, that filthy landlubber,
send him down to the depths below
Make that bastard walk the plank
with a bottle of rum and the Yo-Ho-Ho

Keelhaul, that filthy landlubber,
send him down to the depths below
Make that bastard walk the plank with a bottle of rum and the Yo-Ho-Ho

I will not say what he has done
His sins are far to grave to tell
It's not my place to judge a man
But for them he will burn in hell

The sharks will dine up on his flesh
And Davy Jones will have his soul
Take his money and his hat
He won't need them where he's gonna go

but first lets tie him to a rope
And throw him overboard
drag him underneath the ship
A terrifying deadly trip

Keelhaul, that filthy landlubber,
send him down to the depths below
Make that bastard walk the plank
with a bottle of rum and the Yo-Ho-Ho

Keelhaul, that filthy landlubber,
send him down to the depths below
Make that bastard walk the plank with a bottle of rum and the Yo-Ho-Ho

We'll tie that scoundrel to a rope
And throw him overboard
drag him underneath the ship
A terrifying deadly trip

Keelhaul, that filthy landlubber,
send him down to the depths below
Make that bastard walk the plank
with a bottle of rum and the Yo-Ho-Ho

Keelhaul, that filthy landlubber,
send him down to the depths below
Make that bastard walk the plank with a bottle of rum and the Yo-Ho-Ho

Fair Winds and Happy Hunting!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

November Election: Truth and Consequences Part 4

If you've stumbled to Part 4 accidently then read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 first...

I want to thank everyone for their emails and tweets.  Of course, I never planned on covering all 169 towns; I originally planned to cover about a dozen.  But after prompting from a few loyal readers, I expanded to include places that were nice wins for the CTGOP.  If I didn't cover your town, and you think it's worthy being included in this review - send along the town, and give me the background for a good story, and I'll add the detail to Part 4.  If you live in a place where you win every year because Democrats are either an endangered species, or legally hunted with regularity, I'd ask that we forego the parades and fireworks for now. Have something special to report? Email me at .

Wolcott:  First, the Town of Wolcott should get a special gold star because 46.7% of it's registered voters actually turned up to vote.  Sure, that's less than half of those registered, but if you compare Wolcott with most of Connecticut towns and cities, that's a mammoth achievement.  Imagine how much different election results could be if we could motivate folks to actually go to the polls and express their discontent over lack of progress in so many Democrat-controlled towns and cities?  This is sort of what Rick Torres was trying to get to when he voiced disappointment about voter turnout in Bridgeport.

Wolcott Mayor Tom Dunn (I)
turns red and shoots laser
beams from his eyes when
angry or bothered by
Wolcott Mayor Tom Dunn crushed his Democrat opponent Steven Olmstead, 4180 to 803.  And from the reports on the scene Wolcott Republicans won 15 out of 16 seats which is an incredible record to behold.  As a side note, in the race for Town Treasurer, Dennis Cleary, lost to his Democrat opponent, but I've heard from several RTC members that "no one is crying about that". As you'll recall Cleary, a Republican State Central Member, was embroiled in major controversy for giving money to Democrat John Larson a few years ago instead of the challenging Republican. Whoops, there it is!  (Note: Tom Dunn is technically an Independent however there is a cross endorsement between himself & GOP).

Truth: Wolcott Republicans romped their Democrat challengers.
Consequences: Life is good in Wolcott. And for at least one "Republican Lobbyist" the Ironic Boomerang of Fate seems to have delivered him a fitting, final blow that he so justly deserves.

Cheshire:  (Home of the Fiscally Responsible and Constitutionally Guided Citizens of Cheshire):  Once again Republicans in Cheshire ran a near perfect campaign with outstanding results giving themselves a clean victory on Tuesday.  Prior to this election, Republicans held a 7-2 majority on the Town Council.  We held off on reporting on happenings in Cheshire until there was a little more detail regarding one contest in the 4th District.  As of this writing counts show that Republican Steve Carroll lost to his Democrat rival by only two votes.  Ouch!  Someone tell Steve to get back in the game in 2013, and finish the mission. Still, Cheshire RTC can be proud of it's 6-3 majority win.

TruthLooks like RTC Chairman Adam has a solid Grippo on what needs to get done in Cheshire.  And it also looks like Cheshire residents are keenly focused on what to approve and what not to approve given that they overwhelmingly rejected a $30 million dollar water treatment plant upgrade.  I wonder what it's like to live in a town where residents are trusted to make their own economic decisions instead of a chosen few liberal elitists.
Consequences:  Solid leadership brings solid results.  If the next two years is anything like the last two years, Cheshire Republicans should be in great shape. Just do The King a favor - please keep the pressure on Cheshire Police Department - the Joshua Komisarjevsky trial has reminded all of us of exactly how incompetent Cheshire Police was - particularly on one summer evening in 2007.  Sadly, the events of that evening will forever be remembered; may justice be served - Death for Komisarjevsky.

Paul Formica & ELGOP have great taste!
Flanders Fish Market in East Lyme
One of The King's favorite haunts
for great seafood
East Lyme:  A reader mentioned that I missed East Lyme from my reporting, so I thought I'd take a peak at this election to see what the big deal was.  And I have to say that you have to be quite impressed with East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica who managed to win re-election for what will be his third consecutive term.  Three times is a charm!  And for Formica, he hammered his Democrat challenger 3,580-622 within a 33% voter turnout.

Formica's tenure is a case study for Republicans state-wide because its an excellent example of how to win when there is a key issue floating around that your opponents could use against you (had they been even partially effective).  East Lyme goes through a water rationing crisis during the summer season, which creates an annoying hardship on residents each year.  Formica believes he will have this issue resolved in 2012 when he connects up East Lyme to a New London-owned reservoir. 

Truth:  Formica is known for a collaborative leadership style that is fitting for East Lyme and it's residents.  Not every contest needs to be an out war filled with hate and brutal attacks.  East Lyme Republicans recipe serves up a majority win and solid leadership as appreciated by her residents.
Consequences:  Winning two terms is challenging but three terms is a sign that a First Selectman isn't just liked, but rather preferred.  The only think I'm wondering is if the 303 acre land purchase by East Lyme will be used for other uses by the public.

The first order of business for
Joe Maturo is to upgrade
election technology in
E. Haven before there's a
lawsuit by the Dems
East Haven: Here is some news is worth waiting for... Congrats to Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr. who defeated his Democrat rival in a recount nail biter, 4025 to 3994.  But even though Maturo pulled out the win, even The King is wondering what the blazes is going on down in East Haven.  I'm not claiming that there is anything fishy going on but the manner in which votes are tallied are certainly not in keeping with what should be expected in the 21st Century.  Although the author of is clearly a liberal hack, she makes a valid point that East Haven could tidy up their act a bit. Covering up cameras during recounts and doing anything that falls below respectable practices fuels liberals cries of conspiracy and ballot-tampering.

Truth:  East Haven used to be more of a Republican stronghold but when its Mayoral Candidate only wins by 30 votes, they have a bit of a problem.  I wouldn't be surprised if there are additional legal challenges by Democrats based on what is being said about the recount process. Another truth is that according to Town Hall 52% of East Haven residents went to the polls on Tuesday, 8054 out of 15452. 
Consequences:  East Haven GOP might want to really urge town officials to examine their practices and find out how it can be modified to appear above par.  This is the kind of thing that generates outrage among independent voters who could easily turn against the GOP in 2013 unless improvements are made.

Wallingford:  We end with Wally-World, former home of a dance club formally known as Shaharazod which The King had visited once or twice when he was merely a Prince (few would admit to clubbing in Wallingford).  The reason we aught to examine Wallingford is that it is the home of CTGOP Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. who was witnessed driving around town personally helping his local candidates campaign.  I will save my commentary about the Chairman for later.
It's pretty clear to anyone who knows this town that Wallingford is a safe haven for Republicans.  Mayor Bill Dickenson is entering his 15th term (no that's not a misprint) as Mayor.  He demolished his Democrat opponent 6,213 to 3,558.  Wallingford Republicans also enjoy a 6-3 Council majority, and retained the Board of Education with a 5-4 margin.

Truth:  Bill Dickenson makes it look easy.  Normally, I wouldn't have bothered to print an update about a RTC that just keeps on winning, and winning, and winning, and winning. *Yawn*
Consequences: One thing is for sure, Chairman Labriola can't hide beyond the Dickenson campaign and use campaigning in Wallingford as excuse for the lack of press releases and radio appearances that his critics are always belly-aching about

Defending Labriola - partially.

I want to focus a bit on a commentary that appeared in the Republican-American web-edition entitled Feckless GOP Maybe:

The key paragraphs worth discussing are as follows:

"....the state Democratic Party's email server was furiously spitting out gloating news releases about Democratic gains in mayoral and first selectman's races. We received three such blasts Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. This is what state political parties do, and Connecticut Democrats can rest assured their professional staffers are doing the job they're being paid to do."


"Mr. Labriola's mention in the news media of Republican gains in Harwinton and the Naugatuck Valley towns of Beacon Falls, Oxford and Seymour, among others, was too little, too late. State Republicans need to demand the party and Mr. Labriola do a lot better than this."

Labriola - R-A says, should
have been spammnig 
email inboxes all night
instead of celebrating like
it's 1999. Screw that.
Ok, so let's break this criticism down.  On the surface, the Republican-American editorial board believes that Chairman Labriola isn't doing enough to support his Party's election day cause.  Ok, well there may be valid point to be taken here.  Even The King expressed disappoitment to those in charge at the lack of public enthusiasm and press releases from the Chairman's Office.  However, for those of us in the know about a few things, let me try to provide a little clarity on the reality of the situation as it stands.  This is NOT The King carrying water for Labriola - he'll have to answer to his friends (and enemies) at the State Central Dinner Club next month. And all in all, it would be a very different discussion had Connecticut Republicans not emerged 5 towns ahead when compared with their pre-election standing.

Chairman Labriola inherited a mess from your media darling, former Chairman Chris Healy.  A bare-bones office located in a hell-hole, an empty bank account, staff members resembling children, missing donor files, a deleted computer database (intentional hateful revenge), reimbursement requests for utter nonsense, swindlers trying embezzle and threaten the Chairman to get a piece of the action, an angry, self-serving bunch of State Central members who have formed a half dozen mini-coalitions against the Chairman and against each other; trying to mend bad feelings, angry feelings, hurt feelings, and everything possible dysfunctional behavior you could possibly think of - and that's only the start.

In addition to being the CTGOPs psychologist and babysitter, Labriola has spent the greater part of his days transcending the state - going town by town, visiting RTCs, candidates, and attending and arranging fundraisers.  He's been out trying to convince wealthy donors that his CTGOP is going to spend donations wisely (unlike his predecessor).  He's been working to unify a severely fractured Republican Party - which by the way roared back on Tuesday Night and delivered solid results in 104 towns out of a possible 145 or so elections. 

Oh, and because there isn't a dime in the bank, he's doing this alone.  Sorry R-A, we don't have a paid professional staff of dozens because we don't have the money to blow to pay them; we are lucky to have one or two part timers with overinflated titles who can barely answer the phone. Labriola is a one-man-show. And oh - if you didn't know - Jerry has an actual full-time job, is married, and has children that he'd like to see once and a while.  

So while he didn't sit behind a fax machine on Tuesday Night sending out a million BS press releases to make media cretons happy, he instead savored victories with winning campaigns, in same way that Dan Malloy and other Democrat Leader did.  So what's the problem?

You see - the real story is not about Chairman Labriola, it's about the collective state of Journalism today.  All of you guys sit back in your offices, with your lattes and tofu waiting for both the Connecticut Democrat and Republican State Committees to do your jobs for you.  Whatever happened to the days when bright reporters went out into the field, monitored the situation and then went back to the press room to compare notes (and numbers) and drew their OWN conclusions before writing news stories?  Most of what came out on Wednesday morning was largely spin from Dan Malloy and Democratic Operatives (who obviously have more resources to run their non-stop propaganda machine).  So the editors at the Republican-American are incensed that the CTGOP didn't send enough faxes so they could cut and paste all the pieces together.  What a shame!

Ann Nyberg told me last year, "I can't believe what has become of the state of journalism today."  And boy, Mrs. Nyberg is right.  The news is barely that.  On election night I personally witnessed newspaper reporters coming in late to post-campaign celebrations asking questions better meant for someone who had just won their high school class election.  I couldn't get over the lack of depth.

The Connecticut Media had it's
Dewey moment on Wednesday
If the media were even partially honest, they would admit that their anger should be pointed at themselves for the reason that on Wednesday morning, without fact checking and doing the Dewey diligence expected, they got the entire night wrong.  So perhaps CTGOP Chairman their scapegoat for a job poorly done makes them feel better.

Instead of telling Jerry Labriola how to better do his job, perhaps you people in the paid media all should reflect upon how you can do your jobs better, or all.  Why don't you get out from behind your computers, smart phones, and fax machines and learn how to become journalists!

Conclusion:  Great job by Connecticut Republicans overall.  Storm or no-Storm, we did fantastic in places where we haven't won in some time, we held ground where expected, and - yes, of course - we gave back a few that we don't usually win anyway - those were longshots to begin with. Regardless of the spin Democrats try to put on the night, we are well-positioned for a great 2012.  Consider this a practice run for our next election when we start to take back the Connecticut Legislature - and return Connecticut to it's true Yankee Republican roots.



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November Elections: Truth and Consequences Part 3

If you've stumbled upon this story, check out Part 1, and Part 2 first. 

Now on with Part 3, the final entry in November Election reviews.

Danbury: One of the biggest percentage wins recorded by Republicans on Tuesday was the  win by Mayor Mark Boughton in Danbury who took 71% of the vote defeating Democrat challenger Lynn Taborsak.  The Press went out of its way to publicize Republican loses in Waterbury, Manchester, Hartford , Bridgeport, and New Haven but when it came to Danbury - their trumpets fell silent.

Mark & Don Boughton
Like father, like son,
two outstanding people
who have served their
Party, State, and City
with class & distinction
The King has said for months that Mayor Mark is the single best Gubernatorial candidate for Connecticut Republicans to run in 2014.  There is no other candidate that comes close to the executive experience, and qualification for the Governor's Office than Mayor Mark.  For the record, The King also tweeted on Tuesday evening, "Congrats to @MayorMark - who is without a doubt - the defacto elected leader of our Republican Party".  I'm sure there will be pressure for this brilliant, conservative, and likeable man to seek higher office over the next few years.  Republicans would be a fool to pass up on Mark Boughton - because he'd make mince-meat out of Angry Dan Malloy.  He is exactly what the Connecticut needs, right now - a shot of optimism, and competent leadership.

On a somber note, this win must be bittersweet for the Mayor because of the recent passing of his father,  former Danbury Mayor and State Representative Don Boughton.  I expect that Mark's father is looking down proudly from the gates of Heaven.  Congrats Mayor Mark, and RIP Mayor Don. 

Truth:  Mayor Mark is a model public executive who's worked in both the private and public sectors and has long established ties with unions, teachers, and private companies.  The fact that a City like Danbury comes out 71% in support of him speaks volumes to his appeal as a person and a leader.  Show me that anywhere else in Connecticut.
Consequences: 2014 is far away, and I'm sure all the big money candidates like Tom Foley and others have one eye focused on the Governorship, and the other focused on Mayor Mark.  Woe to any Republican candidate (attention Tom Foley) who goes negative on Connecticut's Mayor.  For the rain of fire and brimstone against thee will be unbearable!

Bristol:  For some reason that I'm not aware of, media coverage of Republicans winning Bristol's Town Council apparently isn't a headline worth writing in the mainstream press.  The fact that Bristol Republican were able to turn the Council from a 4-2 Democrat majority to a 5-1 majority is a major victory for the GOP.  While the Council received a nod of confidence from voters, it appears that GOP Mayoral candidate Mary Alford did not.  Alford came close, but lost 49-51% to Democrat and three term Incumbent Art Ward.  Ward seemed to give Alford plenty of ammunition to use against him:  a pay increase for himself, scandal with police retirement, and poor response to the flooding crisis over the summer should have been reason enough to throw Ward out of office.  But, voters didn't see it that way, instead they just didn't want to see Mary Alford replace Art Ward, regardless of his failures.

Fact is that The King is somewhat pleased to see Mary Alford lose her bid.  Since she's been a critic of free political thought other than her own, and a stalwart Healy supporter, she deserves defeat and reticule.  Bristol Republicans would do well to nominate a candidate with actual political experience who has taken the time to serve on the Council or Board before jumping to the highest office in town. 

Truth:  Bristol Republicans have successfully managed to take a super-majority on the Council.  Mary Alford's lack of personal appeal likely cost the Bristol GOP the Mayor's Office.
Consequences:  At the next Municipal Election, Bristol GOP would be best served to choose a better candidate, someone with more experience, and less temperament than Alford.  Complete victory in Bristol is clearly within reach for Republicans.  It's just time to bring in a more youthful and less divisive person to be at the top of the ticket.  Mary can be Chairman of Facebook instead.
Mike Jarjura pictured above
keroke singing the song
"Should I Stay or Should I
Go?" by The Clash
Waterbury: To people who live in Waterbury, Waterbury is really the Center of the Universe.  It's almost frightening when you think of all of the political stories which are generated out of Waterbury with figures like John Rowland, Sam Caliguiri, and Philip Giordano to name a few.  I'm convinced that one day, someone will write the perfect TV Series and call it "Waterbury" - it will be a story about violence, corruption, murder and the endless battles between the ethnic corners of the old Brass City... but I digress.

It's plainly true that according to official tallies "Republicans" lost Waterbury on Tuesday, but let's not forget that if you take off the masks and costumes, this race was a blood vendetta between Democrat and former Police Chief Neil O'Leary and old Democrat Michael Jarjura.  It's The King's View that Jarjura was never really a Republican even though he appeared on the ballot as such - he only joined our ranks when he didn't receive the Democrat Party's nomination.  A year ago, Jarjura was full of criticism about Republicans, and suddenly when he was cast out, he found a home.  It was as if Jarjura had some ephinay where all the stars aligned and he found himself suddenly at peace with himself in the GOP.  Hardly that at all.

Truth:  Waterbury is back in Democrat hands and Republicans will need to start over.  It's clear that Waterbury residents are not going to buy into a candidate who engages in the whole Party-switching scheme; they would rather vote a guy from either Party up or down without a history of shenanigans, or playing both sides.  Truth be told, a lot of Republicans are pretty happy that this chapter is over too.
Consequences:  It will be interesting if Jarjura fades into the sunset, or stick around to make CTGOP his true home.  It will be also interesting to see how a former police chief deals with his own but this time from the other side of the fence.  I'm going to be O'Leary won't be likely life too much in this new role.  Civilians at City Hall don't salute and take orders, instead they meddle, gossip, and conspire against officials.  Good Luck, O'Leary - in a few weeks you'll wish you were playing Sherlock Holmes once again.

Bridgeport:  You have to give Rick Torres credit for giving it his all and trying to make a pitch for Republicanism in Bridgeport which is, after all, Connecticut's largest city. Torres banked on a 30% turnout which he felt might have brought in enough votes to defeat Democrat Mayor Bill Finch, and his citywide machine.  Obviously, the key was getting his supporters to the polls under any turnout conditions all the while hoping that Bill Finch's voters stayed home. Unfortunately, Finch's people came out in full force to cast ballots.  The numbers in this race were astoundingly lopsided, Finch drew 8435 votes to Torres' 3344 votes.  Petitioning candidate Jeff Kohut pulled 439 votes - as to whether those voters would have supported Torres or Finch isn't known but the offset wasn't significant enough to matter.

According to friends who worked on his campaign, Torres worked around the clock giving it his all.  One would have also thought that given Bridgeport's clearly minority-heavy population that Rick Torres would have pulled Hispanic voters over to his side to build his numbers.  Well that logic was clearly flawed.

Here again we are faced with the same dilemma that has been mentioned earlier in this campaign piece about Republican candidates who happen to be of a minority ethnic group - and the lesson is clear - being a minority is less important to minority voters than wearing the "D" designation on your lapel.  In other words, minorities are not interested in minorities draped in the Republican brand.  It seems as though there is a huge delta in the minds of minorities who are closed minded to the very notion of Republicanism in any form, sold by anybody.  And this is major issue for the CTGOP which will always face the dilemma of how to handle political contests in our major cities.  Do you outright stop throwing good money after bad, or do you keep trying to put out a fire with a water pistol?

Truth:  Rick Torres did all he could do, and all anyone could ever do to try and win this election.  As tired, and fed up as he may be, we hope that he sticks with the Republican Party and finds a place where he can establish a Latino branch of the Republican Party.  People will argue that there isn't enough time or money for that, but I disagree and our Party needs to start somewhere, and they might as well start with Rick Torres.  Bringing Hispanics into the Republican Party isn't going to happen overnight, but if the effort doesn't start soon - it will never happen.
Consequences:  Bridgeport is pretty much a lost cause.  There is no rational reason for CTGOP candidates to spend time or money in a city that cannot help itself out of total ruin.  Let Bridgeport be Dan Malloy and Bill Finch's problem.  Since the City's constituents love them so much, let them deal with it.  Republicans should spend their time and energy where they can make a difference. Let Bridgeport burn.

Wilton:  Given that we covered Al Alper over the summer during the hotly contested CTGOP State Chairman's race, we thought it might be fun to take a peak at how the town of Wilton did during this year's Municipal Election.  From the results we can see plainly that Chairman Alper ran a solid campaign where all Republicans seem to have won not just some of their seats, but all of their seats - including First Selectman William Brennan who ran unopposed - a pretty rare event for a Republican First Selectman these days.  Even Al Alper was re-elected to the Board of Finance.  Congrats, Al!

Wiltonian turnout hovered around 25% (2,754 out of 11,028) which was still much better than many town in Connecticut.  Given the lack of contests and opposition, that turnout is actually impressive when you think about it.

I guess they're the last to know what's
going on in the world over in Wilton
My only bone to pick with Al Alper and his Republican colleagues is on the Ballot Question.  Pray tell us exactly what Wiltonians have against alcohol sales at Stop & Shop?  In a vote of 1525 to 1153, Wiltonians rejected a measure that permitted liquor sales in Grocery stores.  So I am to understand that in the Wiltonian land of Republicanism that the Free Market doesn't rule?  That Alexander Hamilton and Edmund Burke are truly dead? Should Wiltonian go back to brewing grain alcohol in their bathtubs I guess we'll have to let Mr. Alper answer this one.

Truth:  Politically, what can be said?  Wilton is a Republican paradise where Democrats don't even show up to compete.  You can't beat that.  But, the only negative is that if you want to buy beer while you grocery shop, you'll have to travel down the Merrit Parkway to Darien or somewhere else to do your one-stop shopping. 
Consequences:  I guess it's pretty clear - Wiltonians might want to do their grocery shopping outside of town. 

Norwalk:  Also under the category of "let's check up on the would-be State Party Chairman" let's see how old friend Art Scialabba made out in the Town of Norwalk.  Well it looks darn good!  Republican Richard A. Moccia won a solid victory by earning 7217 to Democrat Andrew Garfunkel's 6510.  Republicans also won a 3-2 margin on the Norwalk City Council.  So all in all, it looks like Art did his job and secured wins for Republicans across the board.
New Haven's Capt. Snarl

New Haven:  There is not much to say about New Haven other than it's a replica of Hartford -  as most cities are.  Mayor Destefano and his Democrats have a stronghold that wouldn't be broken unless a scandal took place which served as a tide wave against a Democrat who refused to withdraw from the race.  There is a better likelihood that it will snow in July than such a scenario would ever arise. 

East Hampton:  I only bring this small town up because of the peculiar win by an obscure Third Party called The Chatham Party which I couldn't really make heads or tales of.  It appears that both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party have both suffered as a result of this bizarre style of politics out in the hinterland.  I think I mostly taken aback by a population of folks who are so far out in left field that they don't fit it to ordinary society.  So its either that its the case that people in East Hampton are crazy, or that the Republican and Democrat Parties are both filled with incompetent people unable to run a simple municipal campaign.
Truth:  Both the Republican and Democrat Parties are in sad shape out in East Hampton.
Consequences:  Can we expect to see The Chatham Party run it's own Presidential Candidate too?  Just wondering.

Colchester:  One of the best GOP strongholds in eastern Connecticut is Colchester.  First Selectman Gregg Schuster was re-elected to a second term by an overwhelming margin of 64% to 32%.  Along with that win, Republicans managed to secure majorities on all boards defeating Democrats all along the way.  Reports are that Colchester's RTC worked masterfully to get out the vote by canvassing door to door with candidates, writing press releases, use of social media, signs and ads, and even calling constituents right up through election day.

It's also likely a true statement that Colchester Democrats are an embarrassing lot.  They apparently couldn't even manage to unify around a single candidate this time around despite the opportunity to do so.  Instead opposition candidates ran as "petitioning candidates" instead of as Democrats (despite that they are registered Democrats).  I'm not sure I understand all of this, but it probably lends to the reason that Republicans destroyed their opponents by such large margins.

Truth:  Colchester is about as middle of the ground as you'll ever get with Republicans, Democrats and Independents all on equal footing at about 1/3 registered apiece.  The fact that Republicans gained 64% clearly shows that Schuster and his GOP are pulling votes from both Democrats and Independent voters in addition to his own base.  This is a fitting vote of confidence for Colchester Republicans and speaks to their ability to govern fairly, and openly for the benefit of all taxpayers.  The King's sources also claim that improvements to infrastructure, and economic development also played a large part in GOP re-election.
Consequences:  Looks like Colchester could be a proven battleground for upcoming races in the second district.  It will be interesting if Congressional and Senatorial Candidates make a visit to the Second District's most successful Republican stronghold.

East Haddam-Haddam:  It's probably considered rude to group these two towns into one entry, but noteworthy enough to report out (by request) Republican Mark Walter won re-election handily over Democrat Rob Smith 1660-865.  And in Haddam Republicans ran the gamut winning all seats over Democrat rivals.  

I may make a few modification or additions to this part of the election review.  And update it with some overall observations and conclusions. 

Proceed to Part 4.



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November Elections: Truth and Consequences Part 2

If you've stumbled onto Part 2, you might want to go back and read Part I located here.

Milford:  Sure a win is a win and a loss is a loss, but it's important to inject a bit of reality into the media headline arguing that Milford is a revolutionary pick up for Democrats.  Over the last twenty-four or so years, Republicans have held Milford and governed it well.  This past summer, incumbent Jim Richetelli opted to not run for re-election this time around. Richetelli is popular with members from both political parties and independents alike.  Bernard Joy temporarily filled Jim's role when Jim took leave a few years ago, and acquitted himself well.

Tuesday's outcome was not a referendum on Republicans or on the good work of Mayor Richetelli, but rather the result of a low voter turnout and a dedicated Democrat Town Committee which took the race seriously and got their people to the polls.  We see quite often that towns change hands when popular leaders decide not to run for re-election.  It's a complicated task to fill the shoes of someone who is admired and liked by the general public - if not an outright hurdle to overcome.  Democrat Benjamin Blake took 7364 votes to Bernard Joy's 5482 (1882 vote margin).  Personally, it's more likely than not that Republicans have a good chance to take back the Mayorship at the next Municipal election, and they have plenty of time to think about getting back to basics and getting registered Republicans to the polls.

Milford Democrats should enjoy
their stay because deep down they
know they are on borrowed time
Truth:  Democrats winning gives the false appearance of a major upset in Milford, and perhaps it's nothing more than a kink in the armor of a usually well-oiled Republican machine.  The reality is that Democrats know they are likely to enjoy a couple years of rule before returning to their minority status.  Keep those seats warm boys, the hourglass has been turned over.
Consequences:  A full scale overhauling of the Milford RTC won't be necessary, it's just a matter of getting back to basics, and understanding Campaign 101.  Republicans have plenty of time to find the right candidate to challenge Blake, whether it be Bernard Joy or another individual waiting in the wings.

Vernon:  When Mayor Jason McCoy decided he wasn't going to run for re-election there was concern among the Republican Party faithful that Vernon would be easy prey for Democrats.  Keenly aware of this threat, the Vernon GOP planned out a contingency plan well in advance by selecting an extremely well-qualified, and talented candidate in George Apel. To Mayor McCoy's credit, he did not leave his party flapping in the breeze in the same way Governor Jodi Rell screwed over Lt. Governor Michael Fedele by informing him only minutes before her public press conference that she didn't intend to run for re-election (The King considers this one of the greatest betrayals in the history of the Connecticut Republican Party). Not to be overdone, the Vernon contest was a 4-way melee in which George Apel managed to take 38% of the vote.   Moreover, Vernon was heavily affected by the October snowstorm which required changes to polling places which added confusion to Election Day - and as of this writing - there are still outages that Vernon authorities are being forced to contend with, an issue resulting both directly and indirectly from the storm. 

By their own admission, Vernon RTC will tell you that the harsh reality is that if it were not for late evening phone calls to Republican voters who hadn't bothered to show up to the polls, then George Apel may not have won the election. 

Truth:  A head to head Democrat v Republican fight may have offered a different outcome - possibly similar to what happened in Milford or elsewhere. Notwithstanding, 251 votes was enough to put George Apel over the top. Vernon is an example to other Republican towns that you don't quit until the last possible ballot is cast for your side. 
Consequences: Vernon RTC has a lot to be proud of.  The team canvassed the entire town, day and night, knocking on the doors of over 4000 homes trying to get their message out.  They may be unlucky to see Jason McCoy go, but at least McCoy didn't simply abandon his team for his own agenda; he stayed and helped them fight to the finish.  Regardless, of what happens to George Apel, or Jason McCoy's Senate run, you have to admire Vernon GOP for a fantastic photo finish!

According to The Harford Courant,
South Windsor Republicans, pictured
above, posed for this photo shortly
after they "seized control of town."
South Windsor:  You can almost feel the liberal media outrage in places where Republicans recapture typical Democrat strong-holds.  The Hartford Courant's opening line in Section B5of Wedneday's paper reeks of anti-Republican bias, "Republicans seized control of Town Council Tuesday, winning six of nine seats."   Seized control no-less. Hey Janice Podsada, How about stormed town hall with German tanks, while carrying machine guns and machetes?  Jesh. Tell us how you really feel!  Democrats have supporters, while Republicans have followers, right?

Congrats to Thomas Delnicki who is presumed to be Mayor-elect based on being the highest vote getter.  It's likely that the hot-button issue that prompted a Republican takeover was that each resident saw an 18% increase in their sewer bill from 2010 to 2011.  In an economy like this, its understandable why the outrage resonated from South Windsor Town Hall to the voting booth.

Truth:  It's pretty clear to everyone that South Windsor Democrats pushed the envelope too far with a spending spree and increased taxation which led to their downfall.  South Windsor Republicans ran a text-book campaign, and utilized the Democrats arrogance against them.
Consequences:  South Windsor Republicans have a unique opportunity to restore faith with the public through fiscal accountability and government transparency.  This is a huge boon to a Town that should really be Republican when you think about it.  But be cautious, Democrats are meeting in their underground cave, working to plan their revenge.  So watch out!

Farmington:  This is a horror story with a happy ending.  The October snowstorm did so much damage to the town of Farmington that town officials pleaded, then threatened legal action in order to delay their Municipal Elections.  Their pleas and threats fell on deaf ears as Secretary of State Denise Merrill said of Republicans, "Let them eat cake."  Farmington has been in Republican hands since the days of Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Republicans lived up to the standard by winning all possible seats available. 

Truth:  There was never any doubt that Republicans would take the night.  The GOP's insistence that the election be moved was a sign of their sense of fair play, not fear that the outcome would have been altered simply by downed trees and power lines.  The fact that Farmington's GOP fought so hard so as not to disenfranchise voters speaks to their keen sense of integrity.
Consequences:  One would not expect the local media to carry the commentary in the same positive light that we've published it here at The King's View - but they should have.  The only consequence beyond this easy win is that Farmington residents have tangible evidence that they are led by a group of people who put people ahead of politics.

Plainville:   This was a good pick up for Republicans since the previous Council was Democrat controlled 4-3, and now shifts to 5-2 in favor of Republicans.  It's The King's View that this campaign victory is a bigger bright spot for the GOP as a whole than most others because it's one of the few places where budget concerns and an unacceptable approval process came to the forefront of the election and residents decided it was high time to end an insane process.  For those who don't know, Farmington has a provision in its Charter which thumbs it's nose at residents - while it's true residents have the right to petition for a budget referendum - after the third revision to the budget, residents are stuck with the outcome - whether they like it or not.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that all the big spenders ever needed to do was to wait , and run out the clock. They knew that no matter what the peanut gallery thought, that they would eventually get whatever they wanted.  Plainville's GOP was able to make Charter revision a hot-button issue and as a result Democrats who supported, endless spending, and a corrupt process, were thrown out.

Truth:   Democrats in Plainville are still wandering around town with their lower jaws dragging along the roadside.  This shouldn't surprise anyone since most Democrats are entirely out of touch with reality anyway.  Plainville Republicans deserve an award for making their campaign 100% issue-oriented.  If only the State Connecticut Republican Party could take notice, and learn from the local Plainville RTC about how to not waiver when it comes to issue-based campaigns.  Plainville Republicans didn't talk about negotiating away their position, or splitting the difference, or anything like that.  They marched forward, fearless and stalwart without wavering one iota.
Consequences:  This will be another town worth watching in two years.  If Republicans don't make the Charter revisions that residents demand, they could be back on the minority side of the table with an even harder task of winning in subsequent elections.  It's up to the new Council to deliver or die.

I bet Tolland residents
are bloody happy their
ancestors broke away
from Windsor. Yikes!
Tolland:  This is another town were Republicans managed to pick up a Council to the surprise of just about  - everyone.  It had been four long years and Democrats seemed quite comfortable at the helm for what seemed like an eternity.  Republicans didn't have an overwhelming win but managed to take 4 of 7 seats giving them the majority rule on the Council.  What was really surprising on Tuesday night was that incumbents Craig Nussbaum and MarAnn Tuttle, long time, entreched Democrats, had lost their seats.  According to our contacts in Tolland, there isn't any underlying  hot-button issue that screamed for a reversal of the last four years - it just seemed that residents en masse opted to throw out long time incumbants in favor of start-up newbies.  Jack Scavone was the highest vote getter with 1274 followed by Mark Gill with 1217 votes.  Most winners are within 150 votes of the losers which means that the bottom line is that Republican voters came out to support their candidates while Democrats opted to stay home.

Truth:  Obviously, this came as a big surprise to everyone.  It's a quiet election with quiet results.  The big challenge with a 5-4 split will be keeping the ranks tight and working together as a majority party.  I don't know much about Tolland politics, but I do know that these kinds of margins test the patience of everyone involved when it comes to Council votes.
Consequences:  This is another election to watch closely in 2013. 

This photo used by the Southington
Citizen is another piece of
evidence that journalists just can't
contain their bias. Someone pass
Angelina a tissue, and then pass one
to the photographer. Good Grief!
Southington:  Mayor Edward Pocock III and his enthusiastic Republican army came across big winners on Tuesday taking a 6-3 majority.  Pocock won the majority Republican vote earning 4213 votes.  What's noteworthy is that despite remaining in the minority, Christopher Palmieri, a Democrat, received the highest number of votes with 4784,  sort of an interesting subplot to a near perfect night.

Republicans were rewarded for keeping taxes low and pushing through economic development improvements.  Southington also approved an $85 million dollar project to renovate the Middle School, which was openly criticized by Democrats.  It's not often that Democrats find themselves so void of issues that criticizing Republicans over school renovations becomes their only possible tactic.  How often does that happen?  I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Southington Republicans also managed to take super-majority on the Board of Education as well.  Congrats for a job well done.

Truth:  I know first-hand how hard the Southington RTC works to keep political campaigns as issue-oriented as possible, and the payoffs are tremendous.  Plus the Southington RTC deserves extra credit for winning despite the handicap of having Doug Hageman on their team.
Consequences:  Southington Republicans will benefit from making good, well-vetted fiscal decisions, and will continue to be rewarded by constituents for advancing only those expenditures that are necessary and realistic given the realities of a harsh economic climate.  There is a reason that Southington is considered one of the best places to live in Connecticut. 

Glastonbury:  Last but not least - and not surprisingly, Glastonbury Republicans secured a super-majority, 6 to 3 over Democrats on Council, and 5 to 3 majority on the Board of Education.  I don't want to belittle this achievement but Glastonbury has consistently been a Republican stronghold.  What's unique about this victory is that Republicans ran several new faces which you would have thought would have created a level playing field for opposition Democrats.  It's pretty obvious that when it comes to retaining a Republican majority, the Glastonbury GOP machine runs like clockwork, the Council represents residents well, so there is no justification to change course.  New Republican Council members are expected to act like their predecessors, and not skip a beat.

Truth:  Glastonbury isn't a cheap place to live, even though the Council is run by Republicans. It's sort of exists in a parallel universe as a mirror image of West Hartford. 
Consequences:  There really aren't any to speak of.  But I bet this town is tired of being stuck in district that sends John Larson to Congress on it's behalf.

Hopefully, I'll get to Part 3 tomorrow.



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