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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Connecticut's New York-Bound Commuters Should Be Careful Tomorrow

If you're heading into downtown New York City tomorrow - be warned - there's likely to be a serious situation in the Financial District due to a massive Occupy Wall Street March that's set for tomorrow.  It's reported by New York authorities that there will be tens of thousands of lunatics entering the city to take part in a day of mass anarchy and destruction. The word is out on Twitter, and Phone Messaging that a flash mob is planned for tomorrow morning.

Criminals and anarchists gather on
the Brooklyn Bridge
If you haven't figured it out already, the Occupy Wall Street crowd (and their sister affiliate groups which have propped up all over - including Hartford) stand for absolutely nothing.  Collectively they embody the very worst that America has to offer - spoiled rotten kids, Marxists, and criminals.  The so-called impromptu camps that sprang up over the course of the last two months have been feigned to be the work of a spontaneous grass roots element, but in reality (and admittedly) they've  sprung up through the support and encouragement of evil men like George Soros and like-minded socialists.  There is no goal in mind for the OWS participants except for the willful destruction of personal property and the vetting of pointless anger against a society that doesn't coddle the lazy, or incompetent.
"What did you want me to do? Take
action or something?  I've got an
image to protect, here."
If there is anyone to be blamed for the degree to which these camps have grown, you have to point the finger at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Instead of shutting down this madness a month ago, he took an liberal stand of looking the other way praying that the protesters (if you can even call them that) would get tired and simply go home; by his lack of action and failure to enforce laws and city ordinances, he's allowed these lunatics to rule the streets of New York and emboldened their resolve, undeterred by Police who've been under strict orders to do almost nothing.  Furthermore, his failure to act has led to women to being sexually abused in make-shift camps, and men to defecate in streets.  Brilliant!  A far cry from the leadership and standard set by former New York Mayor Rudi Guiliani.

In truth, Bloomberg is a spineless coward. His only concern is his personal public image - which he believed would be damaged if he took action and shut down the anarchists.  He said he didn't want to appear to strong-arm residents of New York.  So instead he miscalculated, he did nothing and oversaw a massive financial loss to both large and small businesses; the losses reported to be in the millions. He took the easy path and was rewarded with nothing.

So now he has a real problem on his hands.  By allowing the OWS crowd to become comfortable, set up bases of operation, and network - they've been able to attract thousands more members to their cause, and the problem has compounded itself twenty-fold.  One Occupy protester said of tomorrow's protest, "We plan to burn down the city."  How quaint.

Finally, the Police have been given permission to move in and disperse the crowds. Over the last two days, CNN and other media outlets have complained about being blocked out of several areas by New York Police where OWS movement was originally camped out.  As a practical matter, the Police didn't want the news media inflaming the situation as they begun to dismantle the OWS camps.  What every OWS protester wants is the mainstream media to take video and slice it to make the NYPD look like tyrants and bullies - tearing down tents and using brutal force on OWS protesters.   And tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar that the news media will sensationalize every minute of the chaos to help fuel the anarchy, and expand the story.  You can guarantee that any Officer who loses his cool for a split second will forever be shown in a repeated loop, over and over, during the next 10 days on network television.

What people need to understand is that the OWS crowd is not innocent group of people trying to merely make a difference in the world.  They are lawbreakers and maniacs who hate America, Capitalism, and our Democratic way of life.  They have no message, and they have no goal except to destroy everything in their path, and spread their message of misery and hate.

If you have to venture into New York City tomorrow.  Be safe.



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