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Monday, November 28, 2011

For Godsakes - just say Merry Christmas

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For the last ten years, Conservatives have alleged a great conspiracy against Christmas by The Left.  When I first heard this claim, I mistook it for overzealous activism by my friends on the religious right - after all, who would really want to expunge Christmas from American Culture?  Well, who indeed.

Christmas has been celebrated in America since the 1700s. Pockets of Dutch, German and English immigrants brought with them the story of St. Nicholas, and gift-giving which was practiced along side the annual December 25th Christian reading of the Nativity Story and birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas was made a formal holiday in Southern states like Alabama in 1836, and Louisiana and Arkansas in 1838, Connecticut in 1845, and as its popularity finally took root in hold-out States - eventually it was made a formal federal holiday through an Act of Congress signed by President Ulysses S. Grant on June 26, 1870.

There is no set doctrine as to what it takes to convert a regional tradition into a widespread national holiday.  But notwithstanding, Christmas has been part of Americana for over 300 years.  The truth is that there are so few holidays on our calendar and the appetite for adding additional ones is so small that the likelihood of it happening again, at least in the near future -  is rather dim.   The latest attempt to manufacture a holiday can be found in the largely racist practice of Kwanzaa; some time ago I called this holiday what it truly is - a charade. That blog entry is here if you are inclined to learn about Kwanzaa's true origins.

There has been an intense effort by many to change our widely accepted practice of referring to the Christmas Season as the Holiday Season.  Christians who practice attending Church services, gift-giving, decorating trees, and so forth make up 85% of the American population (a Rasmussen's Poll claims its as high as 92%).  The other 15% include Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Pagans, Atheists and other groups - many of which don't care one way or another about Christmas.  Within this small minority viewpoint live those who wish to upset the normal balance of things and spread discontent - those few who go out of their way to intentionally run against the established tide of our traditional Christmas celebrations.  

Over the years several members of the aforementioned groups have formed alliances with left-leaning organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and have conspired with liberal judges to remove Nativity Scenes from public greens, and Christian religious symbols from public sight during Christmastime. These  horrific stories almost always make the news circuits each year, and are great examples of how a small minority of lunatics can make hell for the majority in some circumstances.

Many cities have been pressured to change their approach to Christmas simply out of fear of being sued by the ACLU and others.  This liberal groups know that few towns and cities can afford the costs associated with defending an alleged first amendment rights case, so they sometimes surrender before the first shot is fired.  Unfortunately, the spineless action of caving in to mere pressure and legal threats has led to towns responding in knee-jerk fashion to a tyrannical few who may or may not have had the financial where-with-all to even file a suit in the first place.  Whatever the reason, towns and cities surrendering Christmas prematurely have led to a backlash and outrage by citizens across the Country; most whom don't want to see their Christmas Holiday watered down to an all-inclusive, meaningless Happy Holidays (which if you think about it - is so generic a phraseology that could be used at any time for any holiday). 

There is hope that some Jurisdictions are taking a stand and fighting back against the ACLU and its villainy.  For example, earlier this year in neighboring Cranston, Rhode Island, the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that religious Christmas displays at Cranston City Hall did not violate the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.  This is great news for towns and cities looking to find a legal precedent that illustrates that its not a given that if the ACLU sues you, that you automatically lose. And more important - it sends a strong message that whether liberals like it or not - Christmas is here to stay, and WE THE PEOPLE are willing to fight for it!

What's also unfortunate is that in non-public situations - like office parties and luncheons, and such, corporations have also adopted the inclusive language such as "holiday" this and that.  Usually, the planning of these events are coordinated by the less productive members of the staff who are more interested in advancing their social justice agenda and changing our culture rather than actually working to impact the bottom line.  These people are the ones who buy wholesale into the whole politically correct theme of inclusion, and waste company time and money to make sure that no one is offended by anything.  My view is let them be offended!  Jesus is the reason for the season - whether they like it or not.  While no one is going to stand up at the Office Christmas Party and starting reading from The Holy Bible, I have to ask - what's wrong with giving Christ his due by calling the celebration what is really is, I mean - people already celebrate Christmas as Christmas at home, don't they?  Why put on a false face in the office when everyone complains about having to do so?

What's the point of putting a mask over Christmas just so that Abdul, or Jacob, or Rachel, or Kumar don't get their panties in a ruffle?  The King says - pay homage to the King of Kings - for if it weren't for Christ dying on the cross, or Santa coming down the Chimney - they wouldn't be looking at a free holiday off with pay. 

So the next time, someone greets you with a Happy Holidays, you tell them - Happy Holidays yourself -  I'm unafraid to say Merry Christmas.  And when it comes to the company party - bring in a batch of the best tasting Christmas Cookies - not forgetting to be sure that Christmas Lingo be frosted on.

And if someone pushes the point by telling you they don't believe - just look at them and say, "Well at least we know who'll be getting a lump of coal this year, don't we." And then just walk away.

Enjoy your Christmas Season, and stick up for Christ (and Santa), you know they'd do the same for you.



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Suzanne Novak said...

Well said! Merry Christmas!