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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time to End the Kwanzaa Charade

One of the most ridiculous things manufactured in the history of time has got to be the phony holiday period known as Kwanzaa.

Now of course, people may celebrate as they wish, light candles, read poetry and feast as they desire; no one is against that. Unlike Hanukkah and Christmas, which both have deep roots in world history, and are considered legitimate holidays by most standards, the fictional holiday of Kwanzaa was manufactured in 1966 by Ron Karenga (formally known as Ron Everett).

The history of Karenga is troubling enough. See the Wikipedia entry about this violent, woman torturing ex-con here. It's not often that someone as despicable as Karenga gets rewarded by society by giving them credit for founding a holiday.

In order to understand the purpose of Kwanzaa, you have to look at what its creator intended. Karenga clearly has stated that it's founded on his view of the seven principles of "blackness". Karenga urges followers to uphold these principles as they correspond to Karenga's notion that "the sevenfold path of blackness is "think black, talk black, act black, create black, buy black, vote black, and live black."

Moreover, Kwanzaa was founded In 1977, in Kwanzaa: origin, concepts, practice, Karenga stated, that Kwanzaa "was chosen to give a Black alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society. Thus, the entire purpose of this holiday is really to create a separation between Blacks and Whites by inserting a new holiday, and calling Christmas nothing more than the holiday of the dominant or majority - basically calling Christmas the holiday of whites, or the master.

More insulting was Karanga's comments in 1967, when he publicly stated that "Jesus was psychotic" and that Christianity was a white religion that blacks should [turn away from/avoid]. Further alienating himself, he embraced Marxism, and socialist principles apparent in Kwanzaa.

Here are some additional statements from Karenga through this writings with sources.

Unfortunately, good sense doesn't always prevail, in one of his worst moments as President, in 2004 while trying to pander to African-Americans, President George W. Bush, publicly gave credibility to Kwanzaa through a Presidential address to practitioners of this phony holiday. Moreover, the United States Postal Service, under pressure from Black Leaders created a postage stamp recognizing Kwanzaa.

What's also disappointing about Kwanzaa is the fact that it's intent is to create separation in peoples, not unity at Christmastime. Kwanzaa is strictly a black holiday, created specifically for black people. While its true that Hanukkah is religious Jewish-based holiday, it transcends races and ethnic ties. Christianity, whether celebrated religiously or secularly is for all people.

A lot of people are getting caught up in this new tradition out of peer pressure, and undue influence. You might want to take a moment to remind people falling into this trap of what Kwanzaa is really about.

And as for Hallmark, and other calendar companies, maybe its high time to use alternative card and calendar companies that don't collaborate to infiltrate our society with Kwanzaa propaganda for greedy purposes.

Here are some other sources that may be useful:

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Anonymous said...

Pure BS. All countries, religions, cultures celebrate some type of identity holiday. Kwanzaa actually combines many of the family and cultural themes from many African celebrations. Including the lighting of a candleabra, inspired by Chanukah. (yes Israel is part of the African continent)

And speaking of Chanukah, love how you can accept That holiday because its not just Jewish anymore!

I'll leave the preaching to others, but you points are basic racist BS. Hmmmmm? Wonder how you feel a out MLK Day? I'm sure I'll be back for that rant.

By the way - I'm a white guy.

The King said...

Accusing me a being a racist is your typical liberal cop-out for real discussion. The many problems with your rediculous arguments is that the fact is that Kwanzaa is (barely) celebrated just here in the United States. It has nothing AT ALL to do with the African continent or African celebrations.

I can see you haven't researched any of this very well.

Speaking of racism, perhaps you should read (not skim, but actually read) the writings of its creator and what he intended.

Oh and by the way, for your kind information, black ministers all over the United States oppose Kwanzaa.

And I didn't write anywhere that "Hanukah" is not just Jewish anymore. Can you read, buddy?

And you being a "white guy" doesn't lend any credibility to your argument. Just makes you look stupid by raising a point irrelevant to anything I've written.

Elliot Check said...

Sorry to niform you, Africa ends at the Sinai peninsula (Suez Canal).

Israel is part of Asia.

NYCR said...

Sir, you're spot on. Did you know the Symbionese Liberation Army (a terrorist organization) has the same seven principles as Kwanzaa? Keep up the good work!

As for this nonsense about "identity holidays", if you have to look to a torturous, anti-Christian felon for your identity, you've got issues that can't be solved with any amount of dinners and celebrations.

Anonymous said...

I read you blog and though you made clear points you basically kept focusing on the creator. With you it was the creator this, the creator that. Yes the creator of Kwanzaa may have had strong, and yes racist opinions but I don't think that should devalue what it means to people who celebrate it. Take for example the protestant reformation in England it was perpetuated by King Henry for his own selfish gain, should that mean it’s less credible as a religion. Sometimes it’s not the source, but the outcome. If it makes people happy to celebrate Kwanzaa so be it, what is it to you how people choose to celebrate their life?. The people that I know that celebrate Kwanzaa don’t just embrace it as an African American holiday, or an alternative to Christmas. It’s embraced as a celebration of life and life principles that can better you as a person. In fact most people that I’ve come in contact with that celebrate Kwanzaa also celebrate Christmas. You may not agree with the creator, but the principles that it teaches are inspirational and can be inspirational to all races. As for those who use Kwanzaa as a substitution for Christmas, though I don’t necessarily condone that, I can see the appeal. Here in America racist people have used Christianity and the bible to justify their racism, so those that turn away from it in my opinion often time have good reasoning. Lets not forget that some of the deadliest wars in history were fought because of organized religion. So I guess to sum it up you have to take the good and the bad. Besides, no one celebrates the creator, they celebrate the holiday.

The King said...

Well, Protestant isn't a religion. It's just a denomination of Christianity, and technically you are refering to Anglicanism which is a denomination of Protestantism. The difference is that King Henry was not the creator of Christianity, he just decided to split with the Catholic Church over his desire to seek a divorce. This isn't a reflection on Christianity.

In contrast, Kwanzaa doesn't have it roots in much before the 1960s, so its a modern day celebration for African Americans who wish to partake. My issue lies with the need for a segregated Black festival, and the fact that some sects are publically trying to replace Christianity with Kwanzaa.

Christianity was divinely inspired. Kwanzaa is largely the result of someone who criticized Christianity publically and decided to come up with his own celebration to replace it.

Lastly, there is no justification for racism out of the holy Bible. Fact is from my standpoint, let me tell you how proud I am of our Anglican brothers in Africa who have been taking the moral lead and stance in the face of problems caused by the leadership (largely white) by supporting Homosexual Bishops and same sex marriages - clearly forbidden by the Holy Bible. As for those African Bishops, God Bless them and I would be honored to counted among their flock.