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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blue Back Square: Veteran's building?

Seeing as Veterans Day is tomorrow, it seems appropriate that we ask the question - what happened to the building/space that was supposed to be allocated for the veterans in Blue Back Square?

Last time I remember, the veterans had a hall where Blue Back Square stands, and now they seem to have nothing. In fact, I hear they are hanging out at some place called "Duffy's".

I've heard a ton of rumors about this from the comments that the location where they were going to build a structure is contaminated, to the comment that they raised the rent so high that the Vets can't afford the space.

Can shed some light and reality on this situation?

Certainly if anyone deserves space in BBS, its our Veterans. If it weren't for them, we probably wouldn't be here.


Anonymous said...

Vets are still going in there as far as I know. They have the space on the west side of the garage directly across from whole foods (look for the decorative blue stars above the glass on the first level). They were given 2 floors, but they are trying to rent out (or sublet, depending upon whether own it or lease it--I don't recall) the first floor as retail space, seeing a good commerical opportunity. Not sure the status of their efforts. All of this is public record.

Keep thinking there's a conspiracy out there though King, reacting without facts or a clue is what you're good at.

The King said...

Aside from your weak slight at the end you provided some useful information, but you'll be disatisfied to learn that West Hartford Vets are, in fact, very unhappy with the state of progress. They are still meeting at Duffy's Tavern.

I don't see "conspiracy" playing into this.

Anonymous said...

Who is talking about conspiracy?
What a kick in the Veteran's pants that is though. They sell their Memorial Hall so that Heapes can build there, with the promise that a new American Legion hall/Space will be theirs at BBS, and now they can't move in, for whatever reason.
I've also heard the ground is still contaminated and they aren't allowed food or drink in that building. The space is clearly for rent and it doesn't look like it will be occupied by the Veterans. If they do have that space then why have they not occupied it yet?
What a pity.