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Thursday, November 8, 2007

West Hartford GOP: Off to a wrong start or just forgetful?

I noticed a comment from a writer that certainly got my attention a few days ago at WH Blog that deserves addressing. In between the usual Move On dot org hate rhetoric and venom that the commie lib wing of the Democratic Party tends to write on there, was a particularly annoying and misplaced comment by someone who wasn't in attendance at GOP HQ on election night.

But the comment, as inaccurate as it was, is worth repeating and highlighting.

The comment stated that Steven Adler and Leon Davidoff had [the class] to go over to Democratic Headquarters and congratulate them on their victory and that Joe Visconti didn't join them [or have the class to do so].

First of all, neither Davidoff or Adler even approached Joe about going over to Democratic Headquarters, in fact - both of them decided to go over together, and didn't utter so much as a word to Joe about it. So the first issue is the accuracy of the claim that Joe didn't bother or want to show up with Adler and Davidoff. Pretty careless remark by someone who doesn't know the facts. (And I followed up with Joe personally on this point).

Second, and more importantly, it took about a half hour after the election was finished to see a breakdown in the GOP unity strategy. My hopes (and all West Hartford Republicans left with minority representation) is that somehow Adler, Davidoff, and Visconti can find a way to work together and present a united front to represent West Hartford taxpayers against what could be wrongfully interpreted as a mandate for higher taxes and more spending.

So thirty minutes after the ballots were counted, Davidoff and Adler abandoned Joe and ran down to their Democratic foes and began building the bridge to no-where. Not a phone call, but a physical appearance.

So here we go again. If Adler and Davidoff start to see Joe Visconti working independent of them, I guess they will need to be reminded that through intentional actions of their own, they helped set the precedent.

So this begs the question - did the Democrats pick up eight seats in this election, or only six? I guess time will tell. But one thing is for sure, the GOP is certainly off to a bad start.

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