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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mayor Slifka and the West Hartford Democrats make fools of themselves

A very interesting tidbit was witnessed by those of us who were there at the Blue Back Square ribbon cutting ceremony… Richard Heapes, the BBS Developer, gets up and says, “[I met Joe Visconti this morning at 6:30 am, I told Joe - hey Joe it’s 6:30 in the morning, the sun is about to come up, so you’d better get back in your crypt.]”

Nice. Talk about classy.

Of course, the Democrats, not knowing any better, particularly the Mayor, banged their feet, hooted and hollered into a state of frenzy. And this is our Democratic leadership.

Was the comment rude? Yes.

Did it have any place at the ribbon cutting ceremony? No.

Did anyone notice? Good question.

But wasn't it nice of the Democrats to use the BBS ribbon cutting ceremony to take a cheap shot at a GOP candidate, and try to make it all political? What a world class operation, Mayor Slifka. You could have at least put a stoic look on your face instead of yucking it up. Instead you looked like a horse’s rump up there while the cameras were rolling.

And not that its important, but Heapes did see Joe at 6:30 am, but didn’t utter those words.
It was also good to glace over and see that Diane Mudge and Peter Martin looked equally as outraged.

If the shoe had been on the other foot and it was a Republican-led ceremony, the Courant and Democrats would have blown their stack. You know how it goes, though.

You know, Joe. With all the lawyers in town, you aught to give them some of their own medicine and sue the clown for defamation of character. Then again, they eat that stuff up. You might just get back at them by getting elected.

Also, it appears that when Scott Slifka was making introductions, he passed over Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. After initial introductions Slifka sat down, Blumenthal whispered in his ear which prompted Slifka to get right up and introduce the Attorney General. A gentle reminder, or a curt rebuke? We may never know.

In West Hartford, the Democrats will do anything to win an election. This is another sorry attempt to swipe what the polls show may be the highest vote getter on the Republican side.


Anonymous said...

Embarrassing, to say the least.
Wake up, West Hartford, and start reading between the lines.

Anonymous said...

Those Dems showed their true colors yesterday - a bunch of frat boys playing grown up men!

It's time to take back West Hartford from those wannabes'.