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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hartford City Hall Urges Police to Break the Law

I'm sure you've seen this incredible story where Hartford City Hall passed a resolution in part on November 26th that reads:

"RESOLVED, That the Mayor assist the Chief of the Hartford Police Department in developing policies that do not hinder the police from properly carrying out their duties in identifying criminal elements and assuring the public safety but to avoid becoming involved in immigration issues or asking the immigration status of individuals detained for other reasons."

It's incredulous that the Hartford City Council would pass a resolution that urges police officers to not assist the Federal Government in identifying ILLEGAL aliens, or those individuals that came by visa and have not followed through on their legal commitment to depart as they agreed to when they entered this country.

Who the hell do they think they are? Let police officers do their jobs, cooperate with federal officials, and be engaged in returning those who are here ILLEGALLY back home where they belong.

Now Hartford City Council finds itself sitting above the laws of the land.

Maybe Hartford City Officials should direct their attention on their school district issues, crime problems, and trying to keep businesses from leaving Hartford - instead of asking local police to break the law. Oh, and failing to cooperate with Federal officials is, in fact ... breaking the law.

If you suspect an illegal alien follow the directions below:

How to Report Illegal Immigration

The immigration law that requires that aliens be documented for legal entry. Those who sneak into the country are referred to as "entry without inspection" (EWI). Others enter with legal documentation and then violate the terms on which they have been admitted by taking jobs that are not authorized or overstaying the authorized period of stay in the country. Both types of illegal immigrants are deportable under Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237 (a)(1)(B) which says:
"Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable."

If you have evidence of illegal immigration, we recommend you contact the main DHS Hotline for assistance.
1 866 DHS - 2ICE or 1 866 347 - 2423
If Hartford City Council wants an immigration war, they may get more than they bargained for. I hope the Fed sets up a special ILLEGAL alien deportation center right next to City Hall.


Joe Visconti said...

King, do you know what oue policy is here in West Hartford concerning this issue of illegal aliens?

The King said...

In West Hartford? No. But I hope it's to cooperate with federal authorities and not stymie their efforts, unlike the resolution that Hartford City Council passed proposes to do.

Elliot Check said...

Why are you surprised w/ the attitude in Hartford, Remember they want regional schools so they can pay for the illegals.

why not bankrupt the Region, and not just Hartford.