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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Former Lt. Governor Kevin Sullivan high tails it!

Funny story. We were out celebrating over a couple of beers at Plan B in West Hartford. The former Lt. Governor - Kevin Sullivan shows up with Carolyn Thornberry, sees Joe Visconti and high tails it out of there like a bat out of hell.

Talk about bitter. I guess he's too elite to be seen with drinking in the same establishment as the opposition. And we were going to invite them over for a friendly beverage. Oh well.

It must be very hard to be in angry mode 24/7 which is particularly bizarre after handing us a hammering defeat. Its sort of disappointing actually to see elder politicians act this way. I miss the old days when rivals could laugh and have a beer together after an election. Some people just can’t seem to do that in this era. It's become taboo in the new climate of extreme politics to be cordial. Sadly, this behavior tends to be a Democratic trend - I have a few stories to share at some point. It just makes me glad I'm a Republican.

Congrats to Joe, Steve, and Leon. Three great guys. It’s nice to see real Republican representation on the Council once again. We were disappointed that Seder didn’t get on - he deserved it since he worked day in and day out, standing in the rain and going door to door while others sat on their arses trying to get others to do their campaign work for them. We were lucky to get three with a blistering result like that. It was all in the organization (or lack thereof).
Notwithstanding, I’m happy with the results to some extent, but terrified the Chuck Coursey and the Dems think they’ve found a new mandate to raise taxes.

The new saga begins in two weeks. And its going to be lots of fun! Channel 5 ratings are going to go through the roof!

And we have a few surprises in store. So keep on watching!!

My post election analysis is being drafted. Check back later. WARNING: If you're a GOP member who isn't willing to accept criticism then maybe you aught to find somewhere else to hang out. I'm not for smoke and mirrors and there's a lot to say about this whole rediculous campaign.

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