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Friday, November 4, 2011

CTGOP Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. Reacts to Poor Storm Response

Passing along a CTGOP Press Release that was forwarded to me by some folks in the media:

Friday, November 4, 2011


Chairman Labriola Reacts to Poor Storm Response

Contact: Bryan Cafferelli

Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. released the following statement this evening regarding the response of the Malloy administration to Winter Storm Alfred.

"Today marks day six of Connecticut battling the aftermath of October Storm Alfred. More than 300,000 Connecticut families are still without power, which is simply unacceptable. This storm was forecasted long before it hit.

“The Malloy administration and CL&P failed to take action and make the necessary preparations to ensure that Connecticut would have the resources to recover in a timely manner. There have been countless reports of miscommunication among key state agencies from mayors and others on the front lines.

“We are humbled by the support from our neighboring states that were also affected by this storm. However, those states were prepared to respond to Alfred's certain destruction. They have recovered far more quickly than Connecticut.

“Governor Malloy clearly failed to regard the lessons from Tropical Storm Irene. Press conferences do not restore power, and sound bites will not get Connecticut back to work.”


The King's view is it's good to see our Republican Chairman weighing in on this issue, and it's appropriate that Mr. Labriola did the right thing and withheld criticism for a full week to allow those in charge to get their act together.  However, after a week a pure confusion and chaos, and with 300K still left without the basic utilities to be able to turn on a light,  heat their homes safely, or even flush a toilet.

It's clear to everyone that our Governor has perhaps given the impression of "doing all the right things" but when it comes to execution on the right things - his priorities are clearly out of order.  Reports to The King are that behind the scenes, Malloy has been seen coming unglued and has thrown a number of temper tantrums in front of staff and officials.  Surely, this is not the best way to motivate people to resolve the crisis.


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