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Friday, November 4, 2011

Governor Malloy's latest Debacle

Nightmare in Connecticut
Sorry for the lack of posts during this extrodinary time.  We've several drafts on many topics ready for release, but given the ongoing crisis caused by the October Snowstorm (and compounded by CL&P and Governor Malloy's childish blame-game antics), I've been focused on 1) holding nightly candle-light vigils in my frigid home, 2) trying to keep up with the latest in West Hartford 18th century colonial living standards, and 3) Helping those in need around me who are about to, or have already lost their patience, and -- their minds. 

Priorities are priorities, and everyone is doing their best to cope with an insane situation.  It's bad enough to hear stories about elderly people and their pets dying of CO Poisoning as they try to keep warm in their homes, or fist fights taking place at gas stations, but it's frustrating as hell to hear FEMA representatives giving grief to West Hartford Public Works Department Director John Phillips about whether or not, or how the trees are being disposed of in town. 

Are you serious? 

As you know, Republicans aren't big on the Federal Government running much of anything -but when people are suffering - just trying to get back basic necessities like heat and electricity, and when a Federal Agency like FEMA finally shows up and all they can manage to do is antagonize local leaders and make a stink about wood chips, it makes even my most liberal friends angry.  See, Republicans aren't always wrong - if the Federal Government isn't going to help, they can leave West Hartford and take their bag of redtape and petty demands with them.

It took six days for the misery index to go through the roof before Governor Dannel Malloy finally did what he should have done from the start - activate the Connecticut National Guard to assist public sector employees to remove trees and make streets safe.  This was a no brainer - even for this Governor.  Governor Malloy boasted about how he took a three hour helicopter tour to survey damage during the early part of the week - he was well aware of the extent of damage and the need for large-scale resources.  Our neighboring towns of Simsbury and Avon are in the same shape as some sections of West Hartford - trees blocking roads, and trees smashing powerlines lose causing an ongoing safety hazzard for everyone.  It finally took a bit of pressure from his usual allies at The Hartford Courant to provoke him into action. Reactionism isn't the attribute of a good leader - sorry. 

Governor Malloy has not equitted himself well beyond day two of this crisis.  He didn't cause the storm, but he's done a few things to really shrink his reputation to the point of disrepair during this crisis.  First, his reaction to everything has been slow - assessment of the situation lingered for about four days with CL&P not even posting targets for repair until Wednesday for Hartford County. The Governor should have demanded immediate information be distributed publicly by at least Monday... bad news is better than no news in emergency situations. And saying it's going to talk a long time didn't help, either. He left us all flapping in the breeze for much too long.

Second, Dan Malloy's office and his legislative allies echoed the goofy comments that weather forecasters were too blame.  Of all people, it's hard to throw the people who actually got it right - under the bus.  There is no mileage in this game, and as NBC Connecticut's Bob Maxon pointed out in a harsh twitter retort, "CL&P: Don't blame the forecast.. 24-36 hours before the 1st branch fell, we forecasted 1" of snow was very possible... wet-heavy snow."  I understand Maxon wouldn't dare direct a comment at Governor Malloy (and keep his job) but you can bet he was thinking it.  But good for Maxon for sticking up for the truth.

Third, Dan Malloy made the childish. low-brow mistake of placing blame for the power outage at the feet of former Governor Jodi Rell.  This tactic is a page right out of President Obama's playbook - Blame Bush.  The Govenor might want to look at his calendar and recognize that he's about a year into office.  And if he thought trimming trees and improving state infrastructure was equally as, or more important than pushing through his multi-million dollar Busway to Nowhere to satisfy campaign union obligations, than I guess he would have done something about it during over last 10 months he's been in office. 

What about all the Hurricane Irene hearings he held, and the thousands of pages of data and testimony that he collected? How many of those recommendations from qualified experts were enacted?  If trimming trees was a recommendation, why didn't Governor Malloy make it a priority with the start of Winter only a month and a half away? 

I guess it's policially expedient to blame the previous administration for everything that goes wrong - jobs, economy, taxes, highways, and - now power outages.  Leaders don't place blame and deflect, they take ownership of the problem and manage solutions through to a resolution.  If anyone wondered why Governor Dannel Malloy's popularity rating is in the tank; the worst of any Governor within the Continental U.S., they don't go think back beyond the last week of his bumbling leadership to wonder why.

Connecticut Light and Power's Jeff Butler is equally accountable.  Here's a guy that doesn't pay his bills to external resources on time,  but will tack on a late charge on every poor sap who falls a day past the 30-day due date on his electricity bill.  It's no wonder why the response by out of state resources was "underwhelming".  I have to say it was pretty bizarre listening to a CEO rant on and on for five minutes at the microphone about how frustrated he is with the situation. Not the behavior of most CEOs that I know.  His job is defuse frustration not demoralize the public by talking about his own.  Where did they get this guy?

"Would you say Gov'nor Malloy
has about ...this much influence?"
It's funny 50 miles to our northeast in Boston-town, Governor Duval Patrick was praising the out-of-state response in Massachussets.  The image of Duval sticking his tongue out at our Gov'nor certainly came to mind.  Nowithstanding, Butler's smirky smile and arrogance, Governor Malloy could have used whatever influence he claims to have to bring in support where needed.  This begs the question as to whether Governor Malloy is considered just another Yankee Big Mouth amongst his peers, and not the next great Democrat political superstar he believes himself to be.  It appears that the only influence Malloy has is with his own peanut gallery in the legislature (oh, and apparently this includes quite a few Republicans too).

Well, at least he and Governor Patrick can have a laugh about how old Duval upstaged and made a fool out of Dannel in the Press.  Must be nice to have friends so close.

I'm sure somewhere Tom Foley is sitting in his high-back leather chair in his toasty office sipping burbon and smoking his cigar, blowing smoke rings, thanking God Almighty that he didn't have to deal with all the shananigans and crisises of the past two months.  It makes you wonder what #Winning is really all about?  Meanwhile, we have a loud mouth at the podium, posturing and talking his head off, while hundreds of thousands of people are suffering - out of water, out of power, out of heat, and out of patience.

Under Dan Malloy, we have residents fighting with residents, residents fighting with police, police fighting with local officials, and local officials fighting with the FEMA and unions, and Dan Malloy storming out of meetings.  Nice job Dan.  You really set the standard!

Angry Dan needs a Plan..
because blaming Rell and Maxon won't cut it
(and stop firing your staff members every
week - it might help!)

Next up, we have an election planned for this coming Tuesday which aught to be really interesting.  Because something tells me that all the lights won't suddenly turn on across the Nutmeg State at precisely 11:59 pm on Sunday evening.  Let's send a message, and make November 8th a referendum on Governor Malloy and his Democrat controlled Legislature, and send them a message that we voters understand exactly how out of touch Democrats are with constituents.

Ok, rant over... I had to get something out.  Now I'm off to buy a few more candles for tonight's vigil.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this and if you look closely, you'll see Dan Malloy!



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