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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 CTGOP Election Summary

We're going to take a few days to analyze the campaign results before publishing our thoughts on Campaign 2012.  Obviously, there's a lot of work to be done to repair our brand.  It's The King's view that it's going to take some new faces and a new skill-set to bring about the degree of change required to make the Connecticut Republican Party mildly competitive once again.

From what we are hearing, the search to sacrifice a a few scapegoats to pay for the crimes of the many is in full swing.  The truth is that the entire CTGOP apparatus is culpable for where we are today - which is nowhere, sucking wind, and peering out from a long dark tunnel.




Anonymous said...

The Army of incompetence "The McMahon Campaign" was conjoined with the feifdom of failure, "CT GOP State Central." Some are so prone to hand out's, I wouldn't be surprised if voted for Obama and Linda. The Party had not strategy other than Linda McMahon is going to spend money so jump on board. An island of promiscuous lepers have a better long term strategy than CT GOP.

Dan Reale said...

I don't know Mr. King.

You've already had the intervention TWICE, once in 2009 prior to 2010 and once in 2011 prior to 2012.

The CTGOP is going to wake up hung over on the side of the road outside of Las Vegas without a dime in its pocket. It has no other shot to "get it", and a whiskey and cocaine fueled ambulance ride between now and that likely probability is equally likely.

We tried. Now it's time for it to crash.

Anonymous said...

Right on, King! I am just one of many ticked off and frustrated Republicans. My conservatism is not appreciated in this state's GOP as most of the players are left of center and willing to bend over for compromise in order to get elected. Most everyone else including us clearly sees that does not work.
The party needs to first return to its original values and then prepare to stand by them. The problem is that it has lost most of its base and its a mystery how long it would take to fetch them back OR if it is already too late.