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Thursday, March 20, 2008

More on Rev. Wright and his loyal parishioner Barack Obama; the disappointment grows

The more you think of it, the angrier you get.

This is not just some one-off candidate running from a fringe party from obscurity. No, instead this is the Democrats most-likely nominee who is embroiled in a racist, anti-white, anti-American scandal caused by his 20 year friend, mentor, and spiritual guide, Rev. Wright.

It's funny. When Don Imus went on WFAN last year and made a single racist remark about the NCAA woman's championship team - without hesitation, Barack Obama called for Imus' dismissal, yet when the shoe is on the other foot, we get a lecture about how we don't know Rev. Wright, and lots of comments of personal support. Last time I checked, Don Imus created a wonderful place in the Midwest for kids with Cancer to get treatment and support - that apparently counted for nothing.

Hey Barack... so do you think Imus should be reinstated? Or is this a one way street?

This isn't going away. For the past two days, I've heard a lot of anger out of the then-Obama supporting crowd. Seems that even if the media is trying to prop him back up with accolades of "bravery" and "courage". What courage? The courage to change the topic? Sorry Barack, the soccer moms aren't buying it. Nor are the folks gathering around the water cooler at work. It's hard to dismiss as a one-off.

It's hard to equate 20 years of a strong relationship with someone who harbors such anti-white, anti-American sentiment, and simply dismiss it as "not important". Actually, its very important.
Choosing a house of worship is a very particular act that requires thought, and requires a connection of sorts on a spiritual and even and intellectual level.

Make no mistake about it. Barack Obama knew exactly what was being spewed and taught from the Black Nationalist lectern. He knew that the church's motto included "being apologetically black". Doesn't seem like a place that a white person would be welcome, does it?

The bottom line is that we now know what Obama thinks. All this nonsense about unity and something new is just a line of baloney - just a clever little scheme to campaign on. Now that we know his Pastor's thoughts, maybe we'll find out that he's also a member of other organizations that profess other elements of black nationalism. What else is behind the phony veil?

And how is Grandmother doing? I bet she's thrilled to be considered a White Racist now. She must be excited about all the new looks she receiving from friends and strangers alike. Class act!

Bill Clinton was right a few weeks ago in a statement he made. He just said it at the wrong time.... "This whole thing is one big fairy tale." It most certainly is. And not all of Aesop's fables have a happy ending.

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