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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bad Economy = Few Choices

This is a tough period for those either seeking a new job or career, and those seeking to upgrade their job to a better job. Jobless figures and a downturn in economic analysis is very unfavorable. News organizations have been running stories about "how to keep your job in a bad economy" which doesn't help things either. It's a story that seems to snowball. The news is partially sensationalized.... the worse it is, the better the viewership ratings. It's definitely a bad time to be a job seeker.

For the employee, this means almost walking on eggs shells at work. We all know that bonuses and increases will be limited due to economic factors. Of course, the company also takes advantage of the endless media blitz by indirectly reminding you that you are happy to have a job at all. My view is that if you worked to make the company profitable, its the company's obligation to reward you. That's part of the deal, you work hard to get rewarded. It's individual accomplishment that matters, and companys' can't put the world's burden on your shoulders, particularly when you make them profitable over the past year. (Now if you are a lazy incompetent, you don't have a case here).

Of course, revenge is a dish best served cold. When things do turn around (and they will), companies that short-changed their employees when they didn't have to, don't deserve any loyalty or any favors. The King's advice is give them a week's notice at most, and remind them that staying any longer in the current role is costing you money.

So dear employee. Keep a chit list. All the HR baloney can be checked at the door. The fact is that if they really valued you, they would have showed it by giving you what they owe you. When its time to walk, its time to walk. It's not personal, its simply just business.

As for the burned bridge. Yeah well, its not your fault they burned the bridge. Why would you ever want to return to a place that used frivilous excuses to not give you your due.

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