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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The last thing Connecticut needs is Linda McMahon

During his 1966 campaign for the Governorship of California, Ronald Reagan once said, ""Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." But what if that so-called Republican was a new convert to the GOP, and who only recently gave a huge donation of $10,000 to the Democrat Congressional Committee in 2006. What if that same person donated large sums to Democrats directly to unseat incumbent Republicans Nancy Johnson and Rob Simmons during the 2006 race? Would that person really be a true and loyal Republican? I think not.

Well meet Linda McMahon, our brand new United States Senate candidate alleging Republican credentials. Famous for her appearances and ownership of World Wrestling Entertainment, which beams into households around the world each week feigning entertainment and teaching our kids to punch, kick and hit each other, demean women, scream at the camera, and do all kinds of things that McMahon claims is less violent than the news, and merely falls under the category of PG rating.

Ok, so granted she claims she's donated more to Republicans than Democrats overall, but what she might have called smart business, normal people call - lack of conviction and simply hedging your bets. And when the people of Connecticut needed job growth and stability the most, Linda was working to undermine pro-business Republicans in favor of high tax and spend Democrats who she suddenly tells us in her latest TV ads - are hurting Connecticut's business climate. The fact is that Linda McMahon worked to unseat good people like Representative Rob Simmons, who fought tooth and nail to keep Groton Sub-base open so that jobs would stay in Connecticut's second district, and not simply be moved to Virginia or elsewhere.

If I didn't know any better, this might be right out of the WWE storybook; she couldn't have written a better Heel-Face turn than the one she's been performing over the last three years.

McMahon has never showed any political aspirations having never bothered to run in any local city or Connecticut State political races. She has occasionally made appearances to defend Pro Wrestling against family organizations that have taken issue with the violent impact wrestling has on children, but little else of consequence which directly impacts the creation of actual policy on a state level.

But any wolf can smell blood. With President Barack Obama's job performance in the tank nationally, and Connecticut U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd limping from poll to poll from self-inflicted wounds caused by his own egotistical power grab involving real estate deals and other typical political cronyism, Linda McMahon suddenly found an opportunity of a lifetime. Just like the packaging she does for her WWE characters, McMahon remade herself into Republican (she could have easily put on the costume and persona of a Democrat - which some argue might have been an easier path), and starting running commercials about the ills of those in power making life impossible for those in Connecticut. The very people she donated huge sums of money to get elected in the first place - by the way!

What also irks me is the way someone completely uninvolved in state politics finds support in less than meritable ways. Linda McMahon has been writing check after check to local Connecticut town committees with the obvious intent to buy votes or if that is too strong for you -- let's just go with -- influence votes. Some votes which might be oh so valuable at say a ... Republican State Convention. Hmmm?

And shame on Connecticut GOP Chairman Christopher Healy, a man who has no loyalty and no shame. While saying nice things about Rob Simmons on the one hand, its been widely reported that Healy's wife, Suzan Bibisi, is now on Linda McMahon's payroll as a campaign consultant making over $100K to help defeat Rob Simmons and Peter Schiff. I hope Rob Simmons was able to pause long enough to take the knife out of his back. But I'm sure the Healy's just see it as just - business. And after all, I'm sure they needed the money. Oh yeah, all of us understand. A Republican State Chairman that puts his personal interest first and the rest of the party in the gutter. Sorry Healy, we don't buy that malarkey that your wife is her own person. Your reputation is seriously damaged as we watch you stradle your loyalty between two camps - just like Linda McMahon - hedging your bets. It shows you are just another individuals without conviction. Another reason why Republicans do so well in Connecticut. What did Rob Simmons due to deserve such loyalty from his own State Chairman?

Much like her predecessor, P.T. Barnum, McMahon can read a good opportunity and recognizes that "there is a sucker born every minute", which is why there are people like WDRC's Brad Davis fawning all over McMahon for his 10 minutes in the spotlight. Davis, who spends hours on his morning radio program reciting facts and figures to his listeners seems to lost sight of the McMahon track record on her donations, handling of campaign spending (which as of this writing may be questioned by state or Federal authorities), or her own voting experience. One has to wonder what size check Mr. Davis received for suddenly becoming ignorant of the facts and jumping on the McMahon pay-wagon.

We all know that Rob Simmons doesn't have 30 million dollars plus to buy votes, run commercials, and hire long-time friends and associates out from under Linda McMahon. But at least Mr. Simmons has a record of hard work and accomplishment in Connecticut's second district. And maybe he isn't the perfect conservative, but he has a solid record of many other patriotic accomplishments like 37 years of military service, working as a member of the Intelligence Community, and fighting for Connecticut jobs - all which dwarf the running of a circus act that doesn't even bother to provide health insurance to its employees.

Connecticut Republicans - the ball is really in your court. Ask the hard questions about Linda McMahon, and her true background - as a business owner, as an employer, as a voter. Read how her employees see her. Watch how she influences town committees with her checkbook and see how she's been rebuffed by Republican Town Committees like the one in Preston which sets the standard, and who prefer to make their own decisions without a pay for patronage scheme.

The bottom line is very clear. Republicans must chose a candidate who is consistent by their record and by their actions. Connecticut Republicans - principle and convictions do still matter. Let's show Linda McMahon that our votes are not for sale. Let's show her that there are more important things than the almighty dollar.

Watch this space for more on Linda McMahon. And on a hard-working gentleman that truly deserves Connecticut's support to become the next legitimate United States Senator from the State of Connecticut - Mr. Rob Simmons.

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