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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Help Peter Schiff to get on the Republican Ballot

The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of ideas. The understood, often toted phrase is that the Republican Party is the Government Of the People. So given that our recent Connecticut Republican Convention seemed to be much less about ideals and substance, and more about backroom politics and last minute deals to make name recognition far more important than political positions and historic donating and voting records (with a few notable exceptions which I will get to in later posts), that its high time to work toward reminding our Republican State Party Chairman Chris Healy and his cronies that just because he and a select few have lost their way, doesn't mean the rest of us are unprincipled.

The Linda McMahon campaign is nothing more than a farce. Which isn't to say that its not a well-run, well-financed operation - managed in part by ideologically empty people like our own State Chairman, Chris Healy, and his wife - both who are already on track to make six figures from this venture. Linda McMahon is nothing more than a Pro Wrestling promoter who has donated lots of cash to Democrats (including liberal Democrat Joe Courtney who unseated Rob Simmons during the last election). She has also donated to Rahm Emmanual and other Democrat Kingpins. You can learn a lot about people by who they support and donate to. And then you can get into the background of the culture contamination that Linda McMahon's business, the WWE. See this article here by National Review's Rich Lowry for a clear picture on what kind of nonsense Linda McMahon claims gives her the right to represent Connecticut Residents in the U.S. Senate.

So with Rob Simmons dropping out, the Connecticut State Party would love you to think that its game over and you don't have anywhere else to turn. Well, I suppose they are temporarily correct since they worked so hard at making certain the rules for getting on the primary ballot worked against Party-outsiders who were a threat to their end game: McMahon standing alone unchallenged to face Richard Blumenthal.

So despite the hurdle manufactured by State Central, Republicans and conservative activists are working around the clock to get Businessman Peter Schiff on the Republican Primary ballot. The desire is to collect 12,000 names - much more than the reported 8,000 which are needed to formally be certified to allow Peter to enter the Republican race. The energy around the Schiff campaign has been a breath of fresh air to watch. It's good to see a candidate excited about the issues, and not just run ads about their opponents. It's great to see a candidate who understands economics and the issues without requiring a political hack whispering in their ear to tell them what to say or think on every issue. Peter is energetic, educated and ready to go. No on the job training needed.

From a converted Simmons supporter's standpoint, I think the move to Peter Schiff is a logical one on so many levels. First you have to take into account the fact that above all else, we do know a great deal about Peter Schiff's economic positions through his commentaries on YouTube and dozens of appearances on a large number of cable television business shows - which took place long before he announced as a Senatorial Candidate. So, there is no self-invention or new conversion to his principles. Peter's positions are are out there on the web for you to view and digest, and judge on their own merit. (And in fairness, make sure you search Linda McMahon on YouTube so you contrast the difference for yourself).

Second, Peter has run an issue-based campaign from the start of his bid, unlike Linda McMahon who has sent out very derogatory and misleading pieces on Rob Simmons voting record - mostly limited to the Cap and Trade issue. McMahon's campaign, unlike Schiff's has been devoid of her political positions on most issues and has offered little if nothing in the way of substance for voters to judge her by. "Something Different" and wanting to create jobs for Connecticut are taglines from just about every politician regardless of position sought or party affiliation. Linda has spent $16 million dollars telling us plenty about how Rob Simmons voted, and not much about how she intends to vote or change Washington.

Peter Schiff is a well respected economist with little baggage except that his positions are well known, whereas Linda McMahon has lots of baggage (much of it left to be exposed) and is the preferred opposition candidate of Richard Blumenthal and the Democrat Party - this is evidenced by the large number of Democrat pollsters, general polls, and public comments by Democrat officials. Clear evidence of this, is that after Linda McMahon captured the Republican Nomination, Richard Blumenthal's approval ratings shot up and he overtook Linda McMahon in a head-on comparison by a much larger margin than anyone expected.

Fact is that as an unknown, unqualified entity, a Linda McMahon election to the U.S. Senate might be considered counter-beneficial to Connecticut's interests at large. McMahon, who has never held elected office would be wandering aimlessly around the halls of Congress trying to get herself acclimated with the climate and Government process whereas - even Richard Blumenthal would be better positioned to advocate for Connecticut given his relationships and comprehension of Governmental process. This isn't to say I'm supporting Blumenthal, but simply pointing out the facts as they stand, and those understood by Connecticut residents. Being a complete outsider as Linda refers to herself, is not all that in a serious role such as U.S. Senator where qualification and navigation matter to get things accomplished.

I recognize that this article is rather late considering that all signatures must be certified by June 8th. But its not too late to get up and do something, even if it means adding your own name to the required 8,000 that Peter Schiff needs to be part of our Republican process. I've sought to collect about a dozen names by petition, so I feel that I've done my part to the extent possible - surely a drop in a bucket, but its a bucket where every drop counts.

You can go here to learn more about Peter Schiff. And if you'd like to find out how to add your name to a petition in your area, call the Schiff campaign at 203-874-6880.

Please don't let Chris Healy, State Central, and Linda McMahon limit the open process. Let's put Peter Schiff on the ballot, and see a few issue-based debates, and then decide who is best qualified to represent Connecticut Republicans in the general election against Richard Blumenthal. Please give Peter Schiff the support he needs.

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Mr.G said...

Peter Schiff got 13,000 signatures!
1,000 of them were not delivered to the office on time due to a traffic accident! (the offices around the state were open for only 3 hours for a single day)

30% of the signatures were nullified!




I like the article and the points you draw attention to - they are very good. In political writing, especially for the news, one must make one's points as succintly as possible, because people have a VERY short attention-span, and want their news FAST! I realize that you weren't trying to be succint here, but practice being to-the-point would be my bit of advice to you.