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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Has the World Gone Mad?

Has the world gone mad?

This is a question that I continue to ask myself as I watch the endless horror on the morning newscast.   The news is so bad that its impossible to watch it without getting physically sick.

Case in point.  Last week, a woman was taking her morning jog in West Hartford in plain sight on a fairly busy street, and suddenly she was attacked, dragged into the bushes, and brutally assaulted and raped.

Case in point.  Court documents reveal that a 10-year old girl, Zahra Baker, was murdered and dismembered, her body parts scattered in various places near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Case in point. A 30 year old military soldier takes a 13 year old girl to an Old Saybrook, Connecticut hotel, and rapes her.  This week he's brought back to Connecticut by authorities in irons, and both lives are permanently damaged forever.

Case in point. Two 29 year old twins shot each other at point blank range at a Colorado shooting range in what may have been a double-suicide attempt.

Case in point.  Today a toddler, Thomas Chrisholm, went missing and was found drowned in the Pequonnock River near the Beardsley Zoo.

These are not stories about far away Islamic terrorists planning their next attack, or Obama taking control of drinking water and food.  Nor are they stories about oil leaks, airport scanning devices, or stupid kids print "F-U on Burger King receipts.  No, these are stories about the poor quality of humanity.  These stories speak to the deepest, darkest elements of our own society.

There are those who see the world through rose-colored glasses, and the reason they do so is that its plainly their way of coping with reality - to disregard it.  Then there are those who choose to take the passive-aggressive route and argue with people for pointing out the ills of society - "oh, you're just a Debbie downer." or "you are always so negative."  Well, I've got news for you - rape, murder, torture, child abandonment, and all the other stories are hardly trivial.  It's evidence that mankind is approaching a boiling point, and the types of people around us do not value life or expect to take accountability for their crimes.

The stories about are not scattered over a month or two.  No, these stories are simply a few days worth of what's clearly the ongoing decline of our society.  We spend plenty of time worrying (and correctly so) about madmen half a world a way trying to kill us by any means possible.  But what about the villainy in our own midst?  What we do to ourselves as a society is almost as bad as the terrorists themselves.

I suppose there is no point to this essay since I have no solution, or remedy.  There is no quick fix, and the problems seem to mount and grow each day.  It's almost as if we've become numb to what we see and hear.  Movies about bogeyman are no longer a interesting substitute for the evening news - stories far more real and graphic then could be dreamed up by Steven King.

This chapter being written by humanity is a pathetic one. 

Has the World gone mad?  Yes.  And our local world has too.

The best you can do is watch and protect your children, be alert, and simply be prepared to trust no one.    I just have to wonder what kind of world our children and children's children will live in.  Don't you?

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