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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lieberman, Giffords, McMahon again, and The Coming Storm

With the week almost over, I thought I'd draft up something to post.  I've been busy working on a few different pieces, but alas - I've been heads down on a number of other commitments which have kept me from finalizing the entries. And these are real barn burners which are sure to tick of the Proletariat at Status Quo (Republican) Headquarters over in New Britsky.  And Hey, I appreciate the traffic to the blog, and your emails -  its been quite reassuring to know that like-minded people are "tuning in" from Twitter, Facebook, and through general searches on the Web who are sick of the collusion and idiocy within our CT GOP leadership.  My advise is to keep up the pressure, and never give up!!

So onward...

On to the Galactic Senate for
Joe Palpatine?
This week our old foe (and sometimes friend) Joe Lieberman announced he's not running for re-election.  We know he has some health-related issues, and given that Senator Palpatine has been in there for eons, he's probably ready for a change of pace.  Running as Al Gore's running mate probably aged him more than his recent inter-party battles with the fringe elements of Connecticut's Democrat Party.

In truth, I'm not a huge fan of Joe Lieberman because his record shows that despite the left-wing media's determination to paint him as a moderate, he's voted with Democrats 95% of the time.  He voted for socialized healthcare, gay marriage, bailouts, and all the tax and spend bills Democrats have rammed through during their off and on majority.  On the other hand, he supported the Gulf War and the extended war in Afghanistan which was considered too Republican-minded for crazed anti-war crowd in Liberalville. 

Oh, yeah, then he gave a speech in support of his friend  and colleague John McCain at the Republican National Convention.  This was probably one of the few moments in the last 60 years where friendship actually stood above politics.  Unfortunately, for Joe, it pretty much led to the beginning of the end for his tenure as a Democrat.  But to his credit; he got the last laugh. He taught his own Party a lesson by running as an Independent and defeating both the Republican and Democrat candidates, and returning to the Senate for a final victory lap.

There is a lot of speculation in the Websphere about whether or not Lieberman will actually complete his term.  The real question being would he actually step down early knowing that it would give Governor Dan Malloy the opportunity to appoint a temporary Senator, thus handing Democrats the advantage of running from an incumbent position?  We don't know.

Since my telescope has been pointed at the madness within the Connecticut Republican Party,  I don't have much insight into the current relationship between the Dems and Lieberman; other than he still caucuses with them.  I guess he could either serve out his term and let everyone just play their own game, or he could mend ways with his Party and throw them a bone to close the loop on his Democrat legacy.

Personally, I hope he serves out his term and tells Connecticut Democrats to stick it.  It would be a fitting way to go out - standing tall, particularly after the way they sought to censure, and embarrass him for being loyal to his old friend, John McCain.  Let that be your legacy, Joe.  Who knows when we'll see that kind of gesture in Congress ever again. 


I haven't written anything on the whole Gifford's story because quite honestly, I'm tired of hearing about it.  The media's handling of the whole situation from the minute the bullet left the chamber to the present endless coverage has been nothing short of disgraceful.  Even one Connecticut Television Reporter, George Colli, tweeted that the event could be the defining political event of our time.  I thought about tweeting back to him, but I didn't want to make him look any dumber than he already did.  This is what happens when a political candidate loses and turns news reporter - they pimp their own malarkey.  Colli is better off up on Fox 61s roof talking about snow.

Like everyone else, I hope she pulls through.  I'm horrified at the murder of the 9 year old girl who had so much to live for, and yet her life snuffed out by a sick marxist wackjob.  This guy deserves the death penalty.  It aught to be interesting to see how this all unfolds.  In the meantime, journalism sank to a new low.  And you wonder why Republicans can't stand the Media.  Pathetic creeps.  All of you.


My last comment is on the dark clouds over the latest Connecticut GOP alignment.  From the way things are shaping up, Chris Healy seems ambivalent over the steady outcry over his failure as Chairman of Connecticut's Republican Party.  The chief incompetent got an earful last weekend at an event held in New Britain with 500 outraged Republicans.  He sat silent and motionless,  taking it all in, and likely secretly adding names to his enemies list for future reference.  So arrogant and detached, he probably missed an opportunity to defuse some anger by - at a minimum - talking to the crowd and accepting some personal responsibility for the CT Party's fall backwards in the face of National Republican victories.  Also, we know that Healy has been busy working over State Central Members, and Town Committees trying to sure up his own support.  I can't imagine what kind of story he's concocted to explain away complete defeat other than to throw the candidates under the bus;  At times I wonder - does he actually "get it"? 

Would we really be surprised to
see the Return of  Sith Empress
Linda McMahon?
On its merit, he should be so embarrassed by his detrimental impact on the last election that he should have never showed his face at a GOP event for at least six months AFTER his resignation.  But under orders from his new Master - Linda McMahon, he's staying put to - in a way - pay back a favor for his ineffectiveness.  His job is to jump the gun and get his shock troops in place to support her next Senatorial run (or should I say purchase) when Lieberman steps down.

There are other names floating around for Chairman given the statewide recognition of Healy's ineptness.  But if Healy doesn't resign (unless a majority of State Central Membership calls for a vote of no confidence) then we are stuck with him and likely another series of dimwitted maneuvers to advance his lose-win agenda.  Yeah, that's - we lose the election, and he wins by collecting big bucks from Linda McMahon (or his wife does or both). 

Republicans will be stuck in a permanent spin cycle on this one.  It will take someone with a tough skin and a fair amount of cash to overcome the antics from Republican Headquarters doing Linda's bidding, and McMahon's personally financed propaganda machine.  I think a lot of good, principled candidates are going to look at the tall mountain of greenbacks to climb and say forget it.  But we might get a candidate similiar in nature to a Peter Schiff (certainly NOT Peter Schiff I pray God - he doesn't have the personality or organizational skills) to stand up and challenge Linda on policies and issues.  Hopefully, not someone with a background  that is more controversial than hers. 

So unless someone takes action, we are certainly going to face doom.   You might ask, why King, do you expect that Linda would automatically lose?

Well, in the first place, as post-election results have shown, Linda is unpopular among women. And her overall vote count wasn't as close as expected. This is due in part because she helped build a Pro-Wrestling circus that advocates violence and promotes bad behavior (even if only resulting in moms trying to get their 8-year olds to stop emulating wrestlers by jumping all over the sofa  and fighting at school), and second, her arrogant mailings and attacks on fellow Republicans are not something that will simply pass from memory.  People are still angry about the convention-rigging, and nasty personal attacks.

More important is that since the Republican Party appears on target to maintain the status quo and repeat last year's collusion and treachery, its likely that Tea Party members and others will work to form a coalition under the Constitution Party.  Laugh all you want, but even if those numbers appear small; the little army is quite capable of inflicting damage to McMahon's candidacy.  These folks are pissed off enough, and will work like machines to get out the vote for their Independent candidate which will derail the McMahon train in the General Election.  Even Healy and his cronies can do the math, Democrats stick together, and in a close election,  Republicans losing an additional 4-7% points to an independent candidate guarantees defeat for McMahon - regardless of how many millions she spends.  The science of demographics and the forecasting tell the story.

So there you have it.  Another week of trouble in paradise.  There's plenty to talk about next time... Dan Malloy is going to provide all of us with plenty of material over the next four years.  I hope he is enjoying the televised applause over handing out donuts to his union buddies during the series of snowstorms because there's a whole new storm coming - the battle over the state budget.  I can't wait!

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