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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chris Healy not running makes it seem like its the 4th of July!

As I sit here beaming, I'm trying very hard to determine whether the best news of the year so far was the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden, or the demise of Connecticut State Republican Chairman Christopher Healy. Well obviously, the crimes of Healy do not compare with the crimes of an evil Bin Laden, but from my castle perch, I can tell you that over the last four months, I heard far more derogatory discussion about Healy than I had Bin Laden.

Crowds celebrated with Fireworks
when Chris Healy announced
he wasn't running for CTGOP Chair
I have another article that I've been putting together for the upcoming Republican Chairman's race - but thanks to Healy, it will take a bit of rework now that he's FORMALLY withdrawn from the race. The word on the street up until last Thursday afternoon was that Healy was still making calls telling people that he was planning on running thus the piece I drafted actually gave Healy a reasonable chance of winning election for the spot. But watching the goings on between opposition camps I actually held the piece because I had the sense that with the fortitude and general conspiracy of activists hell-bent on ridding themselves of Healy, that things might not look so good. So for my part, I opted to withhold the essay in the event that Healy would "see the light" or -- better said, chicken out at the last minute. And he did! 

The point being, Healy isn't stupid, he can do much more than rig Political Conventions - he can count votes like the next guy. Had he actually had the votes to win a majority, he would have certainly ran. But the total number of members who appeared locked up for Justin Clark, Art Scialabba, Doug Hageman, along with the other remaining darkhorse candidates like Bill Aniskovich, Rob Simmons, and Al Alper would have formed some alliance, and struck a deal keeping Healy from his throne in New Britain.

 And I have to say, I spoke to a number of people over the last five days, but I heard more about the pathetic article today written at The Hartford Courant run Capitol Watch Blog written by Christopher Keating. The whole thing was written like a eulogy to a fallen war hero. You have to be kidding me! Never have a bunch of liberal Democrats gotten together to draft a more lopsided commentary praising their enemy, and allowing him to dismiss his corrupt practices as nothing more than partisan politics. Well if that isn't a bunch of bull, I don't know what is. In the final analysis The Courant's writers act as if the members of the CT GOP were like a hateful Baseball owner ousting a World Series winning manager the day after winning the Trophy. Get real, Hartford Courant! In truth, they were using Healy and his so-called brilliant quips to attack Republicans once again.  Like a fool, Healy took the bait.

The Courant inaccurately awards credit to Chris Healy for the newly acquired 14 seats in the House of Representatives as if he had anything to do with it (the article actually mentions this TWICE). And they indirectly try to give him credit for the special election win which was the work of Len Suzio, and his team, and had nothing to do with Mr. Healy. When the article finally gets around to discussing the failures in what they deem the "major elections", they use a quote from Healy just prior saying, "The bottom line is that Candidates have to win Races." So in other words, Healy is leaving the Party in a better place - at least in areas where he can take the credit. In all other areas I guess the candidates just stunk to Hell.  How classy!

What irks readers the most is later in the article, The Courant brings up the collusion against Rob Simmons, specifically pointing to the rigged convention and the fact that Healy got his wife a high paying job on Linda McMahon's campaign. Sadly, instead of choosing an apologetic tone for what was clearly unethical behavior, he goes into a tirade about picking on a politician's wife. Oh Please, Healy! You are nothing more than an opportunist creep! He goes onto to say that he checked with THE ENTIRE STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE and they HAD NO PROBLEM with Susan Bibisi as a paid Communication's Director on Linda's campaign. Yeah, well he missed about 50 people when he went to check. But I'm sure all of his loyal minions gave him the green light, particularly those down at his local bank taking in that six figure paycheck.

What's most disappointing is his dismissal of people with a sense of ethics and decency. Healy told The Courant: "People, when they lose, see conspiracy theories. They see sort of a grassy knoll mentality. If I had that kind of power over that many people, I would be running a satanic cult.'' No, Chris. What we see is a corrupt political leader lining his pockets with cold, hard cash to advance his own personal agenda and aims at increasing his personal wealth and power. We also saw how you stabbed your friends like Rob Simmons in the back, and threw dozens of people under the bus when it all blew up in your face. You weren't running a cult, but a machine that functioned for the sole purpose of serving your self-interest.

And as for your short-lived bid to be Republican National Chairman. We've got one word for that whole episode: HAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! The biggest loser Chairman who lost every key race from Governor's Office to every House seat thinking they need him to build some Republican Army. Yeah right. An Army of total losers. We think it was your ego telling you to run, as no one in the National GOP would consider you a prospect for GOP Dog Catcher with your pathetic record. And as for bringing the Connecticut GOP into the Internet age? You and Al Gore invented the Internet, did you?  Hapless Peter Schiff brought in more money his single campaign via the Internet - $2 million bucks to your $20K. Give us a break, Healy. The exaggerations just keep coming.

When I see articles like this  on written by The Courant, and Healy's step on the gas when I'm wrong mentality its thrills me because it just goes to prove how ineffective and dishonest he is as a leader and there is no reason to shed a solitary tear about his leaving.  His legacy is a lot of work to be had, an empty bank account, and a fractured Party to boot.  Thanks, a lot buddy.

And a final word on old Healy - his classless attack against Heidi Simmons, the wife of former Congressman Rob Simmons, violates the 11th Commandment that he is always so fond of lecturing others about.  What a vindictive creature.  He couldn't even leave on a positive note; instead he opted to throw dirt on former friend who he hosed over at convention time, and his wife - who unlike Susan Bibisi, isn't a failed career political hack.

The biggest loser of all of this is probably not Chris Healy. If you didn't know, Healy has plenty of money to roll around in, and will likely land on his feet working for Phelps or some other lobby firm where he can put his swindling, bullying, and conniving talents to use. The biggest loser by far is likely Catherine Marx. Marx started making calls seeking support of State Central members early on, but her short-lived campaign went over like a rock. Members see her as a nice lady, but a relative novice in all areas of politics. She means well, but her tenure proved that she doesn't have the talent or charisma to move the GOP forward; its all likely she'd end up losing ground on most fronts if she ever took the reigns.

But this is what happens when you ride someone's coattails and don't make use of the opportunity to prove yourself to the organization you represent. Catherine will likely go back to her Town Committee in Hebron, or find a nice spot on the Hebron Sewer Commission where her limited talents can be put to good use. Ok, that was harsh. In truth, my issue with Catherine is not what she did (she didn't actually do much), its what she didn't do - she didn't challenge the status quo when things were being seen as less than ethical out of CT GOP Headquarters. So she leaves heads down, shamed and embarrassed.

So we have a real live contest now in the making - and its sure to have a lot of interesting twists and turns - enough to keep you all captivated. And lest you forget, Chris Healy is going to still be sitting in the saddle pulling the strings and jockeying his picks along the way (a fair warning to you fools who think he's going to sit on the backbench and just spectate from afar). This is almost a much more dangerous situation for the likes of Doug Hageman who was the first to stand up and challenge the sitting Chairman and publicly expose elements of his financial corruption. Healy is in the perfect position to exact revenge on his enemies by using his position and power to influence the outcome of the Chairman election. For those who don't know, Healy has a bumper sticker on his car that reads: What Would Nixon Do? I suggest a few wanna-be Chairman are about to find out.

I'm not going to get into a full blown analysis on the contestants in this short essay (I've already gone longer than anticipated). I expect a very nasty month. With Healy no longer running, I see the short-lived alliances starting to disintegrate. I see people like Justin Clark withdrawing from dialogue with the other candidates and trying to emerge on his own - with Tom Foley pulling his strings. I see Doug Hageman stabilizing and looking to go after Aniskovich who has been courting Hageman's supporters, and I also see several darkhorse (unannounced candidates) waiting for the right time to enter the race. Yes, I know their names, but I'm not going to spill the beans just yet.

You'll have to speculate for now. Oh boy, its about to get interesting!

But for now, go outside and light some sparklers, and drink some champagne. Old Chris Healy is being put out to pasture. And Connecticut's Republican Party is going to be a lot better for it.  And all credit is due to those brave people who stood up to Healy, and worked to challenge his unethical and inept behavior - people like Doug Hageman, Tom Foley, Al Alper, Joe Visconti, Rob Simmons, and many unsung heroes from the Republican Party who are better off being unnamed so they can carry forth their work through the next stage, and of course - don't forget to give credit to yours truly - THE KING.



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Anonymous said...

Hi King,

You spoke for a great many of us and I thank you for getting to the point and not being PC about this. There's no way to sugar coat Healy's disastrous tenure as GOP Chair here in CT. Here in the 2nd District, we'll never forgive him for back-stabbing true Conservative Daria Novak, putting the vapid RINO Janet Peckinpaugh in the primary race for the 2010 Congressional race. Moron! With GOP chairs like Healy, the Democrats have all the help they need. We just have to be vigilant because a lot of the Healy Central Committee faithful made sure to eliminate true conservatives from their seats, keeping new ones from gaining any as well. Apparently, there were numerous dirty dealings in the bargain. No surprise. Anything to hold onto power. But here's the thing: the definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same things while expecting a different result. So to our friends on the Central Committee: change your M.O. or your time is going to be up, too. We will see to it. We've had enough of your machinations and quite enough of your RINOism.

Anonymous said...

Once we elect a new Chairman,I hope the Party will pull together long enough to unite to elect intelligent, principled and conservative Republicans to office. People in CT will come out to vote if we offer them a candidate different from the Democratic choice on the ticket. We didn't get this last time out.

It's a Perfect Storm. Democrats hold every major office in CT. They can't blame Republicans for the debt, the spending, or the unfriendly business practices. They can't blame us for what our Congressman or Senators have done TO us in Washington. This is a, 11th hour, no-brainer for our Party.

I don't want to see us waste one ounce of energy fighting amongst ourselves when the real battleground should be across the aisle, aimed toward the tax and spend extremists destroying our state and nation. Stand up for what is right for once.