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Friday, June 28, 2013

Visconti to appear on Face the State

Clean cut, and ready to give
it his all
If you haven't heard the news - our old friend former West Hartford Town Councilman and former-Congressional Candidate Joe Visconti is running for Connecticut Governor on the Republican ticket.  Deemed a "firebrand" by The Hartford Courant, Joltin' Joe is ready to take center stage this Sunday on Dennis House's Face The State program.

For many, this will be a first time opportunity for the public to see Visconti field questions on key social and economic issues facing Connecticut on a state-wide televised Sunday Morning program.  Several Connecticut Republican insiders aren't happy to see Visconti getting the high-profile lime-light because they're aware that he's articulate and knowledgeable, and brings an energetic charisma to the debate - a stark contrast to the low-brow, stale rhetoric of Tom Foley; a person who doesn't resonate with the average Joe.  The Foley people recognize that they'll have a long road ahead because unfortunately for them, Visconti exemplifies precisely what Tom Foley isn't - likeable. For those CTGOPers who think - so what, this isn't a popularity contest - well, you've been drinking the establishment cool-aid too long.  Keep your stats, and corporate PowerPoint presentations to yourself, they won't do you any good in this race.  Not against Visconti anyway, or for that matter - even against Malloy.  As we've seen with Barack Obama's re-election, even a dismal performance can be rewarded at the polls.

As far as The King is concerned, the Visconti candidacy is a good thing for the CTGOP, and its not surprising to see him ahead in the unscientific, but well-respected Hartfordite Blog Poll. With a 40% take of all candidates in the race (including hapless Dannel Malloy) rockstar-activist Visconti is the man to beat. And so you know, despite our criticisms of him, we were sad to see House Minority Leader Larry Cafero drop out of the race this week.  Larry would have brought an insiders view of the legislative engine which has plagued Connecticut's economic recovery over the past 28 years.  Arguments can be made either way about Cafero's leadership effectiveness, but he'll likely remain a side factor for the duration of the race. He'll bide his time before throwing support in either direct - the sign of a savvy politico.

As of this writing, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney sits at 5% and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton creeps in at 4%. This is a pretty disappointing showing for two men with long political careers, and plenty of name recognition.  If Tom Foley were the shoe-in preference of the public, he'd be doing a hellava lot better than 23%. Of course, it is quite early in the game.

With brains and beauty,
Connecticut might
just vote Penny for just
about anything
But The King has also noticed the Hartfordite Poll shows State Rep Penny Bacchiochi (Stafford Springs) coming in third at 10%.  Having announced her intention to run for Lt. Governor, this poll sticks her in the middle of the Governor's Race with a fair showing for someone not technically running for Governor (at least Republicans get points on the gender issue). Bacchiochi deserves credit for voting against the gun bill, and has a reputation for not backing down against the opposition in the Legislative Chamber.  People see her as polite, but firm - characteristics highly regarded in a nasty and confrontational environment.  This is a candidate worth getting to know.

As for Tom Foley, hey maybe - after all the delegates are bought-off, and all the insider favors paid as Chairman Jerry Labriola hides and plays dumb, he eventually becomes our nominee - but if he wants to win anything, he needs to loosen up a bit - perhaps get a massage or something, or take a Yoga Class to find his Zen.  Foley needs to shed the Armani suit, mess up his hair, go on Dancing with the Stars, and be seen wearing a pair of ripped jeans, and heard using a few curse words while crushing an Old Milwaukee beer can in his hand while standing around the fire-pit with a bunch of salt of the Earth folks.  In short, Tom Foley has to learn to converse with everyday people, drop the billionaire act, and most of all loosen the buttocks, and drop the dime.

Despite a high misery index in the Nutmeg State, if the election were held today, I can't imagine any outcome that wouldn't give Dannel Malloy a marginal re-election victory over Tom Foley.  Republicans have a lot of work to do.  If Tom Foley isn't up to it, maybe Republicans can find someone else.  In the meantime, let's check out what Joe Visconti has to say... he's worth a listen.




Anonymous said...

He who has the gold makes the rules. You'll see the CT GOP masses with their paycheck paws and dripping tongues out to work for Foley. It's Linda McMahon replay. The difference is, Foley has a chance to win. Joe V is a great candidate who will surprise a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I liked Foley, but he was so lacking in charisma, altho somewhat charming one on one, maybe Visconti can push Foley to be a better candidate... OR Visconti actually wins, anything is possible, it's time for a change, it's time to be bold, and Visconti is bold... So Good Luck Joe!

Anonymous said...

The question is will Vicsonti collect the 8000 signatures needed to get him in the Republican primary?

It's a given he can't win the convention nor will he be able to get anywhere near the 15% to qualify him for the primary.