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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Watching for West Hartford plows pays off! NCAA and EPL Sports Round up

I caught the little SOB! I actually caught him.. and before it was too late!

About 2 hours ago, all fired up and cruising down my West Hartford street at warp 10, blasting ice chunks and snow into the sidewalk - after everyone had spent the morning and afternoon shoveling out - came the bloody plow!

I stepped outside onto my newly shoveled sidewalk, caught the eye of the plow driver, pointed and flailed both arms in a downward movement to get him to slow down. And he actually slowed down, and the front plow stopped filling the sidewalks! Whoo hoo!

Went out to inspect the damage....

My neighbor's side walk and about 5 feet into my property line required re-shoveling. The rest of the property line was definitely a save! Moral of the story.... watching for the plows in West Hartford pays off.

Now if we could just train them to be considerate on their own!


The Big East is shaping up to be the "Big Least". With 2 mins left to go Rick Patino's Louisville Cardinals went down in flames to Texas A&M by a score of 72-69. Damn! Lousiville has such a cool maskot too!

Now if 3-seeded Pittsburgh loses to Virginia Commonwealth (like Duke did... Horray!) then it will be about as disappointing as Notre Dame's loss to Winthrop yesterday.

The one good thing that happened today was watching the Georgetown Hoyas defeat former-Big East traitor team turned ACC-suck up team Boston College by a score of 62-55. And believe me, after years of rooting for UConn over Georgetown, its tough medicine to route for the Hoyas. But, the Big East needs some representation while UConn takes a seat to think about their pathetic season.

EPL delivered as promised.... in a rare moment West Ham won, defeating the Blackburn Rovers by a score of 2-1. Manchester United defeated Bolton Wanderers 4-1, but not without a cost. Man Utd lost Captain Gary Neville, who went down with a torn ligament. This is painful for more than Man U fans - it's a nightmare for England's World Cup hopes. The injury disqualifies Neville from playing in the critical upcoming match against Israel. England is already on the ropes in Group E and cannot afford another loss. No matter what happens, we must all pull for England to defeat Israel so that returning to the World Cup in 2008 is not just a wish. With David Beckham no longer available for the match due to his injury two weeks ago playing for Real Madrid, and now Gary Neville out, things look rough for England.

In other EPL action:

  • Chelsea manhandled Sheffield United, 3-0.
  • Tottenham Spurs knocked off Watford, 3-1.
  • Reading drew 0-0 with Portsmouth
  • Wigan Athletic drew with Fulham, 0-0
  • Manchester City pulled an upset by defeating Middlesborough, 2-0.

Tomorrow, Premier League third place team, Arsenal will play Everton in a key match up live on Fox Soccer Channel (Noon EST).

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