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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Whilst I ponder... the Episcopal Church's unfortunate Saga

I've been quiet over the past week contemplating specifics around my upcoming piece on the Episcopal Church, and it's current state of bitter turmoil.

I find the ongoing saga in the Church almost intolerable, particularly as it relates to the instigators and perverse activists, who are pushing their ridiculous pro-gay agenda on the vast majority of the Anglican Communion. They clearly don't care about the incredible harm they are causing - not to just thousands, but millions of Anglican parishioners around the globe. They seem to deem success by the level of destruction they cause to the existing institution - that in itself is a revealing fact. It shows that their agenda takes precedence over the institution. After all, they've chosen this Church - an established Church - to attack to make their points. Certainly, they could have started their own Church with their own doctrine with its own set of principles and ideals, but instead they intentionally chose to infiltrate and dismantle OUR Church. In their eyes, to decimate a long standing institution, is a victory of immense proportion.
Somewhere someone with the best of intentions felt overcome with compassion and pity, and opened the door to these agenda-driven activists. And like the Trojan Horse they entered quietly at first... and now they and their friends are running your church committees, parishes, and voting at the Episcopal Church conventions to reverse centuries of accepted doctrine. They are working tirelessly to undermine the very organization that provided them comfort and kindness.

It's amazing that blatant liberalism has crept into our institutions with such astounding success. But then again, perhaps not, since traditionalists tend to be on the lazy side when it comes to defending things such as traditional values and institutions. They expect things to be as they always were, and would rather stay above the frey instead of engaging in the debate. And that is the weakness that is exploited every time by the foes of civilization.

I understand that most people simply don't want to be bothered. Most people steer clear of controversy and argument. Successful people, who are generally traditional and conservative by nature, are too busy making money, living in traditional families, and doing the things that everyone aught to being doing. Whereas, liberals, freethinkers, and the like have plenty of time on their hands to waste. They are often in turmoil and self-doubt, and there are usually questions about the soundness of their state of mind. They are truly focused on "self" - as in "jealousy" of others who have [insert whatever they are missing here: love, job, house, opportunity, money, etc], while they have not. These people are hell-bent on turning right into wrong, and wrong into right in the name of alleged "social justice" or "fairness" and whatever justifying feel- good cliche they can think of.

Of course, the underlying quest is to make others believe that what is bizarre and unnatural is somehow normal and natural. The very notion of getting them to accept that there may be something wrong within their own psyche and behavior would be to get them to admit to abnormality, or worse - even mental sickness. Herein you can see the internal driver that propels these people to push their agenda to the limits - it's their own internal rage, and their need to feel justified in what they choose to do or how they choose to act.

The battle in the Episcopal Church is a prime example of this kind of behavior. In the end, the liberal activists want to blur the lines of right and wrong, and reduce sin to mere error so they can legitimize their own perverse actions as acceptable and normal. If everything is subjective, then there can be no standards, no rules, and no moral highgrounds. They want to reduce the Bible to a book of suggestions, turn God into a man-made creation so they can declare that God's teachings are not universal laws but rather human ideas no better than their own. And in their eyes, since God is man-made, and man is prone to mistakes and imperfections, then God is imperfect, and all notions of right and wrong are replaced with relativism. The Bible is therefore reduced to nothing more than a book of interesting tales with no merit, and with nothing to teach, and with no binding covenant.

So it's full circle for these liberal terrorists: Infiltrate, dismantle, destroy, and redefine.

And this is what those advocating homosexual unions are doing to the Episcopal Church, and perhaps even the Anglican Communion. And once they have won this battle, they will continue down the path toward total separation from God, leaving behind the institution in total ruin.
Note: Yes, the Episcopal Shield above is intentionally being printed upside down. In days of old (and as is still taught in Nautical Safety courses) when a flag is flown upside down, it's is a symbol of distress. Our Episcopal Church is clearly in a state of distress, and the emblem is therefore being printed as a symbol to reflect as such.

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