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Monday, April 23, 2007

Life is Good as Sox sweep the Yanks at Fenway! And Chelsea can't gain on United's draw!

As I mentioned in my last post, I usually don't call these things, but for the Sox to sweep the Yanks at Fenway was simply an amazing accomplishment. Plus to add a little historic flair - the Sox hit four back to back homeruns off Yankee pitcher - Chase Wright. The homers came courtesy of Manny Ramierz, J.D. Drew, Mike Lowell, and team captain, Jason Varitek. This is the first time this has happened off of an American League pitcher since 1964 - and as coincidence would have it - Terry Francona's dad was one of the players who hit one of the four homers in '64.

The Sox next entertain the Blue Jays at Fenway while the Yanks head to Tampa Bay to recharge before the Sox and Yanks meet up again this weekend for round two.

As for individual performance of some players like Dice K, I have to say that the jury is still out. Yes, he picked up the win, but not without giving up several hits and runs to the Yanks. He's already given up the long ball a few times this year. So far, you have to say we'll be fine if the Sox keep hitting they way they have been hitting. But that's a lot to ask of your players, day in and day out.

We need some consistency on the mound where our pitchers hold to two or three runs, and not six. In MLB level baseball, you don't expect pitching staffs to give up 6 or 7 runs each time out.

God its great to be Sox fan. And the season has really just started!

EPL mention.

I'd be remiss to mention the other incredible action over the weekend from the world's most popular sport - Soccer. Looks like Chelsea couldn't capitalize on the Manchester United's draw with Middlesborough this weekend. Chelsea found itself drawing with Newcastle United leaving the lead at the top of the EPL to Six point square. As the season draws to a close it will be interesting to see who finds themselves at the top, who gets relegated, and who makes it into European play. What a year for the EPL. Amazing stuff.

It will be interesting to see who gets into UEFA Cup next year.... Pompi? Tottehnam? Reading? Bolton? It's just going to be a fabulous finish that is going to come down to the last game to decide who goes and who doesn't. The the line between who goes and who doesn't will be the slimmest of margins - to be sure.

And speaking of Champions League play, expect first leg action this week of the Semi Final games between Manchester United and AC Milan, and the game between Liverpool and Chelsea to be nothing short of phenomenal. It's going to be another amazing week in Soccer. And I can't wait to tune it!

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