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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Red Sox dominate!

For all the billions spent by the New York Yankee ownership, it was great to see that old-fashioned, gut-wrenching, hard-nosed baseball as provided by the roster of the Boston Red Sox still prevails. The Sox had two long, back-to-back come from behind performances the last two nights with yet a third game scheduled for this evening.

While I have to admit that the Sox are third on the list of highest MLB payrolls, one would still expect because the Yanks still lead in the money game - that the result should show it. But obviously, money isn't everything. And it hasn't been for the the past few nights.

While I don't make game by game predictions I can safely say that the Sox actually look like a cohesive team that could sweep the Yanks this time around. The Sox are playing long ball and small ball and doing what needs to get done to move the runners along. Even the defense is picking up despite some unexpected (and unprecedented) errors from Mike Lowell at third base.

There are plenty of weak spots in the Sox line up, but you couldn't tell where they were over the past few days. Even when Red Sox Captain Jason Varitek can go 5-7 and rebounding from a 2-17 slump, then you have to say there's hope. As for Lugo, Cora, and a few others - only time will tell what we can expect from them on a consistent basis. But one things for sure, we can't have a year like last year - where we relied on miracle homeruns from Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz to carry the team.

As a diehard fan, games like the ones over the past few nights are heart-wrenching. Every Red Sox - Yankee game is like an emotional battle of immense proportion. Why the emotional investment in a mere baseball game you ask? You have to grow up with it to understand. It's like good versus evil with George Steinbrenner starring as the Devil himself.

On Friday, I had declared the Sox dead at about the six inning. I was infuriated by A-Rod's homerun and another struggling performance by Curt Schilling. I was annoyed to see the Sox fall further behind at Fenway - with the the thought that we were bound for embarrassment under our own roof. But I'd also forgotten the magic of Fenway, and what the post- 1980s Sox are capable of.

Growing up watching the Sox in the 70s has its impressionable stigmas. One expects that if the Sox are behind after five innings then the game is over. But not so with this new brand of Boston Red Sox - established circa 1990s. No longer is it: its over when Bob Stanley comes to the mound, now its really not over until its over. And Sox fans may have to sit nine full innings this year to see just how it all plays out.

Good luck tonight Dice-K. I'm rooting for your first win at Fenway, and the Sox's best sweep of the season against our arch enemies!

Go Sox!

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