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Friday, June 15, 2007

Bean Barry! Give Bonds* the Fenway Welcome he deserves!

Given all the controversy, given all the negative comments he's had to say about the City of Boston, given that he's one of the biggest cheaters in Baseball History, given that he's about to break Hank Aaron's homerun record - Barry Bonds* deserves the beaning of his life.

Some might get angry at me for this direct and flippant post, and that's fine. I stand by my call for someone to take Mr. Bonds* out of the game once and for all.

Barry Bonds* (asterisk emphasizes the illegitimacy of his so-called baseball accomplishments, i.e. statistics) has done a major disservice to Major League Baseball. His steroid use is well known to team-mates and fan alike, and much has been documented in books penned by those who played with him. He's such a creep that even the United States Congress has been hearing testimony about his drug company - Balco, and his obvious steroid use to intentionally cheat his way to become the greatest homerun hitter in history.
Bonds* is such a dishonest creep, that he's willing to arrogantly cheat his way to the top of the record books. What kind of person behaves like this? And why does ESPN kiss Barry's illegitimate arse?
On par with Bonds* (at least for now) is Bud Selig - our so-called baseball commissioner, who out of fear of intimidation, continues to act like a coward, and allows Bonds* to continue his steam-rolling toward baseball, record-setting glory. Selig should be ashamed for allowing that steroid-enriched body to play on the field with real athletes who are competing on even footing with out drugs.

Red Sox fans: Let Bonds* know he's not welcome or appreciated in Beantown. Not for his attitude, not for his racist remarks, not for his wife-cheating ways, and most of all - not for his steroid use. Boo him, chant against him, bring signs, and come up with whatever creative, visual idea you can imagine with to let Bonds* and the world know what he's really all about.

Red Sox pitchers: If you can spare that extra pitch. Give cheating Bonds* the beaning he deserves. In the name of every heroic Major Leaguer who does and who has played the game fairly, let him taste some leather. Every fan of every team, and every ghost of every player who's gone before will cheer you for letting Bonds* feel justice.

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