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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Diocese of Connecticut begins legal proceedings against Trinity Episcopal Church Bristol.

I reported this back a few weeks ago, and some individuals thought I might have misread or exaggerated the fact that the Diocese of Connecticut would go so low as to file suit against individuals. Well, sadly here we have an update from the American Anglican Council regarding exactly that:

The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut has commenced a legal action against the former rector and former wardens of Trinity Episcopal Church, Bristol, who have refused to turn over possession of Trinity Episcopal Church properties and assets as requested. The complaint is available online here.

Sad that Bishop Andrew Smith is taking this unprecedented step to personally attack parishioners of the Church. ArchBishop of Canterbury and our traditional Anglican brethern - we hope that you are watching. We hope that you see the kind of creeps running the Diocese of Connecticut, adorning the collar, falsely asserting that they are working on behalf of the Lord, and how low they are willing to stoop. They have no sense of Christian duty or morality.

What next? Star Chamber? We hope God is watching and punishes Andrew Smith and his crownies for their horrible antics.

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