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Saturday, September 8, 2007

England stomps Israel 3-0; At last something for the three lions to cheer about!

Just when you think England has breathed its last breath....

Today's win was an impressive display of fortitude since the loss to Germany two weeks ago which was an abonination in the eyes of English Football (Soccer) loyalists.

Chelsea's Shaun Wright-Phillips ('20), Liverpool's Michael Owen ('49) and Manchester City's Micah Richards ('66) each scored for England, which had been hanging by a thread in fourth place in Group E before the match, and remains so just one point behind Russia.

England hosts Russia on Wednesday and stories like this one abound about the decision to change the line up after such a tremendos victory today. Steve McClaren call your office!

Lastly, David Bentley was booed upon his replacing Wright-Phillips. Some notes on that can be found here.

Pundit reviews from some of the best here.

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