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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

GQ Magazine caves in to the Cintons' threat machine

When you read stories like this its easy to become frustrated with the political process and supposed media "watch dogs" who provide cover for their friends at every turn, or like in this case - lose the guts to criticize them in fear of retribution.

GQ magazine should be ashamed of itself for not having the courage to run a story about the infighting in the Clinton camp after learning that running it would kill their access to Bill Clinton. So who is worse? The spinless, liberal media, or the Clintons for their strong arm tactics? Why is it that conservatives and moderates can't seem to find the leverage to kill stories that embarrass them?

Well, today the editors and staff at GQ should be embarrassed.

The funny thing is that this magazine is supposed to be a men's magazine. Who wants to read a men's magazine run by a bunch of girly-men?

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