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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wicked Tired....

It's been a weird Fall season so far. Seems that "working hours" have been very much extended at the job - mostly because I've been asked to take on another "program". Not project - but program. It's interesting how managers pile work on those who already have tons of work to do. Not that anyone else is sitting idle, but I'm completely maxed to the rafters. When you have too much work, you tend to move from a proactive, creative thinking mindset to a reactive, minimalist state of being - we joke about plugging the dikes on an overflowing dam. And your mind continuously prioritizes each task, and honestly - some you actually prefer to do simply fall off the list.

Throw the stress of work in with our house hunting effort, fall cleaning, and the trying to spend valued time with your kids and you get the feeling you are this continuous endless loop.

I admit that its been difficult to keep my blogs current with everything to do. And obviously daylight seems to be a premium at this time of year. Eventually we get to a point where we commute to work in the dark and come home in the dark which adds to mental depression.

This past Saturday we held a tag sale. For all of the effort and energy (and time loss to do more productive things) we made about $70. A couple trips to the dump or salvation army and I could have saved 10 hours of prep, sitting, selling, and watching people pick through my junk with disgust. I can't blame them for disgust - obviously its out there on the table because I don't want it (or its not been in use in months or years).

I also have to say that we sold a few nice things for far less than they are worth, but perhaps the buyer will turn that around in time and give someone else a break.

Also, its amazing how quickly things once up for sale (for nearly nothing) instantly vanish once you put them on the curb. But what do I care, its one less thing to put away in the basement. And one less thing I'll have to hall back up in the Spring.

I have to say that West Hartfordites are real penny pinchers. It's almost comical to watch some of our loaded (not immediate) neighbors haggle over a dollar or a quarter. On the positive side, tag sales do make an excuse for you to chat with your neighbors, so that aspect is always a positive.

Yep, just another typical weekend in West Hartford.

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