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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sox Watch: Watching the enemy!

Sorry, liberal dems and tepid Republicans (like Kelly Clark), its time to take a break from the lackluster and boring campaign here in West Hartford to focus on an even greater enemy - The Colorado Press.

As the Beantown 9 begin their battle against the alledgedly frightening Colorado Rockies, we thought we'd add some context to the Fall Classic from the enemy's point of view. Oh yes, the Rockies are our enemy. It didn't take them long to copy-cat the Boston Red Sox who have long had the logo "Soxtober". The Colorado Copy-Cats have purchased the logo "Rocktober". Don't worry, we plan to ROCK their October. Just wait.

First, let's remember that Colorado gets the handicapped edge during our visit out there with the "No Designated Hitter Rule" thus causing some complexity for the BoSox's regular line up plan. And we are even shelving our knuckleballer Tim Wakefield due to injury. So we are giving you the added edge and no excuses to fall back on. Hell, we're even substituting a rookie center fielder (Ellsbury) for a gold glove winner (Crisp).

I see your team is already talking smack. You guys play one three game series in Boston and you think you know us. LOL. Yeah right. So did the Yanks in '04, the Angels in '07, and even the Indians who looked fantastic on paper and on the field. And you guys at the Denver Post are all about the stats - but the Sox and Fenway are magical, and the laws of physics and reality don't apply. Ask Jeter, Haffner and everyone else who's entered Boston's version of the Bermuda Triangle and the Twilight Zone combined.

At least one reporter seems to get it at the Denver Post. His article is here.

The rest of you guys can enjoy the ride. Don't be surprised if you take the first three games, and suddenly we win it in seven. Like the Dallas Cowboys of the 70s and 80s, we don't give up until the end. Better wake Rod Sterling... you guys are toast.


JAron said...

I'm rooting for Colorado. I'm a died in the wool Yankees fan and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. LOL (or something like that)

The King said...

Yes, I know. Well you are close to perfect Judy. But you are allowed to have a defect or two - being a diehard Yankee fan is simply one of them.

Look at it this way, even Rudy G is rooting for the Sox!