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Monday, October 22, 2007

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox!

Another tantilizing comeback victory for the Beantown 9, as they make short work out of a well-respected, and outstanding Cleveland Indians team.

But the Indians simply couldn't overcome the heart and soul of Red Sox Nation, and the magic of Fenway Park. Some things have nothing to do with stats and strategy, and the win by our Beloved Boston Red Sox this time around is yet another example of this very thing. Some things are simply meant to happen.

The team celebrated like wildmen, if not a bit overdone - Jonathan Papelbon is certainly a little wacked - how many relief pitchers do you know that perform an Irish Jig on the mound?

The team deserves to celebrate, they beat out the Yankees, the Angels, and the Indians to win the American League Championship. Everyone contibuted from the mighty David Ortiz to the unstoppable MVP Josh Beckett, to the offen ridiculed JD Drew. It was a team effort with a big result.

Now its on to face a whole different caliber team - the Colorado Rockies. It's a mountain to climb, but with Red Sox Nation's legions, we can take Mount Everest.

To be continued.....

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