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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Democratic Presidential Field debate assessment; Barrack secures the lead

Did you see the debates last night?

Now do YOU understand just why Barrack cleaned house in Iowa over the big dogs and Ms. Moneybags?

Hillary just about killed herself last night. Angry, bitter and defensive. 35 years of what? She never answered that question or any question. And I watched the debate with neutral parties, and even they though she came across as brash and angry. And I can't stand candidates telling moderators what they will or won't answer. And I can't stand that endless nodding she does. Who's idea was this? If there was ever a story about the lust for power - its this one. Jesus lady, at least act like you're in it for policy, can't you even play the damn game and make it look good?

I can't imagine anyone in America actually excited about the prospect of a Hillary Presidency, particularly based on what we've seen over the last several months. The idea of her coming over the TV night after night as a demagogue won't cut it. Bill Clinton had personality and charm, all she does is screech. For someone with all this so-called experience, she never seems to really talk about it. At one point she tried to take shared credit participation in her husband's term. Again, she's been an activist for years and years, and no doubt helped coordinate fundraising efforts here and there. But that doesn't qualify her for anything but an award from the Michael Moore crowd. Everyone is an activist Hillary, its the subtitle for politician. Casting a vote in the Senate isn't leadership, its part of the job. And since when do you diminish "words", you've been talking for years and years to motivate your causes. Barrack caught you on that one.

I would have liked to see her answer the question that Edwards fumbled - the simple "what have YOU accomplished in six years in the Senate?"

Speaking of Edwards; he was just about coming through the TV with his "passion". Who coaches this guy? All I heard from him (credit Bill Richardson) is I'm coming to Washington to go to war with everyone - and I know these corporate pricks, I've been fighting them my whole life, wait until I get to the White House - the war has just begun. No Mr. Nice guy. Oh, God. Just what we all want. A guy that can't get along with others in a place that calls for collaboration to get just about anything done.

It's funny. With Hillary acting the way she does (grasping at straws to make points), all he had to do was play it safe, answer the questions calmly (without coming unhinged as he did) and he would have picked up points. And what was with all the arrogant face making when others were talking? He came off very poorly. He's definitely cut from the same cloth as Al Gore, and that's nothing to be proud of. After tonight, I lost a lot or respect for him.

Bill Richardson looked like a Maytag repairman. Hard to imagine he is Governor of anything. He doesn't appear to belong up there despite his resume. He might be the best qualified, but with the other three flanking him, he just doesn't come across a presidential. Shallow as that assessment is, its the truth. Again, the neutral parties pretty much asked, "who's this guy?"

Barrack came across the most presidential. No question. Calm, positive, funny, discussed the issues, reputed Hillary's negative attacks on several occasions and seemed to get along well with his colleagues. I tell you, Barrack must have picked up points last night.

If he gets through to the convention, the Democrats have a legitimate shot at the White House, if Hillary or Edwards go forward, they will both have a hard time overcoming their natural state - angry, bitter, hateful, uncollaborative.

As for the Republicans - not much can be said about the debate except that John McCain came across as a wicked man - angry, negative and hateful. I noticed that National Review's Corner said (last night) that his very behavior is why even some at NR may not support him even if he were to get the nomination. I have to honestly say that I'm not a fan of McCain although I supported him years ago when he made his first White House bid. Now I can't see myself supporting him if he is the nominee.

I'm fed up with John McCain. I tell you, there is a reason that Obama matches well against the GOP's field - and its because out of all the people up on the stage on both sides last night, he's the only one that didn't come across has having a personal problem - like anger, wackiness, wouldn't answer the question, bitter, negative, impulsive, timid, uninspiring, or unclear.

I didn't think Obama ever had a snowball's chance in hell. Now I'm convinced that if he gets the nod, the GOP is in terrible trouble.

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