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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton for President? That's the last thing we need.

For those watching the activity in the Democrat primaries over the last few weeks, I think you've surely gotten a sense of what the Clintons are all about - tasteless tactics, strategies that harm others, short memories, and the desire for power.

If there was ever a polarizing figure in our midst, its Hillary Clinton. Thoughts of "healing our country" and "unifying America" aren't reasonable slogans by the Hillary campaign. Before they heal our Country, they have a long way to go to heal their own party - which at present is in shambles.

By design, former the Clintons have arranged for ex-President Bill Clinton to play the heal role and go on the offensive against Barrack in a way that's uncharacteristic of any ex-President in history. Throw in voter fraud in New Hampshire (thank you Vermonters), playing the gender card, calling Barrack's stance a "fairly tale", and trying to accuse Barrack of excepting donations from someone who's long been a Clinton donator (see the picture of the Clintons standing with him?).

But the Clinton's are masters of deception. We had eight years of Slick Willie, and Hillary has proven to already to be worse. The last thing this country needs is an angry, hateful divider. Someone who is willing to bend the truth at the drop of a hat (and also knows the media won't call her on it because they are in her corner).

And when the media does bring up a point or two, Bill Clinton interjects himself with a "shame on you" or gets into a shouting match with the reporter. Yeah, this is just what this country needs, 4 or 8 years of hell. The last time we had so much spoke and controversy, Bin Laden was plotting his 9-11 attacks.

Can the United States afford to allow the Clinton circus come to town for 4 or 8 years and allow our enemies free reign to build and plot against us, unchecked by American leadership. If their policies are bad enough, think about our security? Think about all the peaceniks they can appoint over the next several years who are afraid to pull the trigger. Think about a Hillary Clinton shrilling over the waves and playing politics on every level.

Then think about the prospect of anyone but Hillary.

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