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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sad Day for America... Mitt Romney Withdraws

Yes, its true. In a speech to C-PAC, Mitt Romney formally withdrew from the GOP Presidential race.

I thought the speech summed it up nicely. He fought the good fight, and presented great ideas. But his campaign couldn't withstand the two on one attacks forged by McCain and Huckabee. And bottom line is that after a very slow start, and making a few poor decisions - like taking the high road against the initial volleys by McCain, Huckabee, and cast, there wasn't much that he could do to mount a comeback.

The suspension of his campaign is a matter of simple mathematics, probablilities, and forecasts. To have continued would have been futile and the end game probably would be the same. John McCain is going to be our nominee. The sooner we realize this, and halt the infighting - the better our positioning will be to begin our national campaign as a solidified party.

Now a lot can be said about all of this. I know my conservative allies are less than thrilled about a John McCain presidency. And they have good reason. But weighed against the notion of an Obama or more likely - a Hillary Clinton as President, the sense of urgency to work for and elect John McCain never became so damn important.

Ok, Huck. Now its your turn. Mitt upstaged you - that much is true. Now Huck, do you have the class to follow Mitt's lead and step down? Or are you in it for yourself? Your secret partnership with McCain proved vital to his getting the nomination... "mission accomplished."

I guess we'll find out soon enough about what you are really made of.

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