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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Super - Malarky... Superdelegates and cross over primaries

They say if you have nothing nice to say about someone you shouldn't say anything at all. At least that's what our parents and grandparents used to say.

Just imagine what that would do to Presidential campaigning in this country.... particularly on television.

60 second spots of dead air.

Think of the public service in all of it. Quiet, silent, speechless candidates. How wonderful. Of course, that's a mild starter to what I really wanted to post about today....

It's two factors that seem to undermine the very fabric of a process meant to be - one person, one vote, and allow individuals with like-minded ideas to debate issues and choose their best candidate to run for President on behalf of that consititency or group.

Yeah right. What crap. Here's my huge beef with all of this. I was watching C-SPAN this morning, and a caller was talking about theories of people crossing over to vote in the Democratic caucus to help either Hillary or Obama out do each other to rig the election. Meaning Republicans going out to cast a vote for Obama or Hillary (depending on your point of view of conspiracy) to tilt the nomination one way or another.

I guess I have a HUGE problem with states that allow this kind of behavior. And for once, I have to give Connecticut a pat on the back here. In crazy Connecticut, if you are a registered Republican you can ONLY vote in the Republican Primary, and if you are a registered Democrat, you can ONLY vote in the Democratic primary.

It's not like I can just wander into the Elks Lodge without being a member and vote for their new Grand Bazzola or whatever. It's not my business to involve myself in their business because I'm NOT a member.

This seems to make sense.

Why should anyone be allowed to participate in a political party primary who isn't affiliated with the party conducting it?

Seems to me that it only makes sense that those deciding who is nominated from a particular party should be card-holding members of that party. Why should anyone else get to muck around in someone else's business? Seems F'd up to me that some states allow people to cross over and impact other people's business.

These are the kinds of things that make me think that we are REALLY screwed up.

Now there are talks about Superdelegates. The role and use of Superdelegates seems to be a very underhanded tactic to me. The whole things smells of Democratic treachery and deceitfulness; its a great way to throw the race and play games by bypassing the will of the voters. Superdelegates are open to bribery and pretending to be someone their not.

Yeah, sure. They willl play the game of trying to appear to be "more thoughtful", meanwhile the fix is in. In the 11th hour, after the wheeling and dealing has been done, here comes superdelegate to save Hillary from her deserved defeat. Super-delegates can screw over their state and decide to vote as they wish. Or perhaps how they've been paid off to vote.

For all of the nasty and cut throat approaches within GOP primary circles, I have to at least give Republicans one bit of credit - they kick each other in ass in broad daylight. They cut and slash on televison or triple team candidates with the cameras rolling.

Not Democrats. Oh no. For people who are supposed to be "working on behalf of ordinary people" - they seem to be working with the special, elite people, and leaving the voice of their own every day people in the toliet. Superdelegates..... more like Supermalarky.

If Hillary wins by Superdelegate defections, count the fix as in. And if I were Barrack Obama, and I lost because of this electioneering.... I'd go on TV the next day, and endorse John McCain.