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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Democrat John Larson has one of his thugs attack former West Hartford Councilman Republican Joe Visconti

Yesterday CBS News Morning News co-anchored by loyal Democrat activist Harry Smith aired an early morning interview with a activist Lauren Valle who claimed she was stomped on by a Rand Paul supporter. Without a doubt, this scenario follows the usual pre-election tactic by the Democrats which is to invent scenarios to paint Republican (and now Tea Party) activists as violent bigots suppressing minority vote, blocking voting booths, and doing whatever else they can think of.  Without a doubt, is the socialist front for the Democrat Party which engages in high profile activism (organized protests, voter fraud, and theatrics) to advance the cause of the far left-wing's agenda.

Valle, it's been learned, perpetrated violence at a Rand Paul event by getting in several Paul supporter's faces and yelling. Unfortunately, one Paul volunteer got a little overzelous and fell right into her trap.  He's become the perfect scapegoat for the season.  I know this happens on both sides, yet we NEVER see the media run stories about how Black Panther operatives bully people at the polls in New York, or how Act-Up and crowds riot and destroy property to advance their causes.  Liberal lunatics are always depicted as victims and Republicans as the aggressors.

One group on the left that is particularly violent and destructive are the organized labor or union thugs.  The Unions often pay and transport contractors to rally in front of businesses, poll locations, and attend candidate appearances to make it appear as if their Democrat candidate has more support than he or she really does in front of the camera.  Labor unions are well organized, and without a doubt the second strongest special interest group in the mix, only the teacher's union weilds more power.  The union thugs have been known to destroy property and intimidate people through pushing and shoving and other violent acts.

Well, on October 26, 2010, a cell phone captured an incident where Democrat John Larson appeared at a scheduled debate with Ann Brinkley.  Video below.

As usual, the Union thugs were out in full force, but this time - Republicans and Tea Party actvists were also outside to show support for Ann Brickley.  If you look closely, on the left, you can see a person holding the Gadsden Flag.  That person is former West Hartford Councilman Joseph Visconti.  You will also see one of Larson's thugs dressed in a pink shirt violently push Joe down to the ground.  Despite that this video has gone viral on, the national or local media hasn't bothered to air or even investigate the story.

This is evidence of two things, the fact that liberal bias continues to exist when it comes to election coverage, and that supporters of Democrat candidates aren't beyond becoming violent and unruly at events. 

One final note, Visconti may have gone down hard, but to his credit he made sure the Gadsden Flag never touched the ground.

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