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Monday, October 25, 2010

Connecticut Tea Party should follow this example

The Tea Party movement is the most misunderstood and misrepresented organization on the planet. Most people (myself included) have had a difficult time understanding exactly what and who comprise the Tea Party. The problem being that, organizationally, it's very hard to know who's running the show. The answer - "we all are" really doesn't cut it. Even in 1773, when the Sons of Liberty embarked on their campaign against the tyrannical British Government and their colonial representatives, there was a known group of ring leaders who reponsible for public protests - John Adams and Paul Revere among them. That aspect of the Tea Party is still very much unknown. Moreover, Republicans, with whom the Tea Party seem aligned have also been suspect of the national movement.

The commerical below is somewhat helpful in defining who their members are.

I recognize that commericals like the fabulous one above take capital to air on television. But Connecticut Tea Party organizers can surely find someone in their ranks with enough savvy technical experience to create similiar commericals like the one above. Instead of allowing local media like The Hartford Courant to determine exactly who and what the Tea Party is, Patriots can control their own destiny and show voters what they are all about. They can dispel the notion that they are raviing lunatics with guns. Or Libertarians without conscience. Clips like this show people that they are moms, dads, students, and working people who are fed up with the status quo.

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