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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good Bye Chris Dodd!

Dodd: disgraced like his father
Lately, there's been a lot of revisionist history about Chris Dodd's so-called acheivements and alleged legacy floating around in print and in his farewell interviews on TV. What's missing is the fact that Chris Dodd didn't run for re-election because he became tired of the job or he had better offers elsewhere.  No. I instead like most of those with 20-year tenures, he's feasted upon the system like a rat in a cheese factory, and eventually got caught in its trap of corruption.  Dodd leaves the United States Senate on a sour note - if not disgraced - having been caught up in the Countrywide Scandal and having been involved in payoffs to AIG and other executives through the course of his banking committee tenure.  It's ironic that Dodd follows in the footsteps of his father, Thomas Dodd, who also served in the United States Senate, and was censured by the Senate in 1967 for using campaign funds for personal purposes... something that is not being repeated by his friends in the media -  as Dodd gets a free ride by the likes of Dennis House and others who have been serving  if not cheerleading his interest for decades.

Chris Dodd would still be running (and likely re-elected even if he ran against Linda McMahon) and we'd be looking at six more years of Dodd's continued advancement of a socialist state which given his votes is Dodd's true legacy. Never once did Dodd either recognize or stand up to the corruption of his party or of Washington because he has been a steady recipient of its self-serving policies. Dodd was a liberal loyalist who was in the pocket of big labor unions his entire life, as they rewarded him with steadfast support, he never once wavered in filling their pockets with benefits and rewards.  Dodd and labor is a sweetheart story that never subsided.  He spent 30 years of public service dedicated to taxing Americans and expanding Government involvement in our lives.  Much as a leader of his party, exposing hypocracy at every turn.

A revelaing article on Chris Dodd's corrupt activities can be found here. It's interesting reading backed full of citations and factual references which even Dodd and his cronies won't deny.  Dodd's guilt is so clear that even the biased Connecticut press or his party collegues could not find a way to keep him in office for six more years.  The evidence of his crimes was too damning, and too obvious.  Just like his father, Thomas Dodd, he leaves the U.S. Senate under a dark cloud, and instead of taking accountability, is heard murmuring against the very system of bribe and con that he helped to forge.   

The biggest irony came last week in his admonishment of the Congress during his farewell speech on the Senate floor where he claimed that Government at the Federal Level had become ineffective, and partisanship has paralyzed Government.  Yet not once did he make the point that the Obama Presidency has been clearly the MOST partisan in the history of our nation.  Like a loyal Democrat, he wouldn't dare criticize his own party, or his own President.  Here was the disgraced Senator from Connecticut lecturing his peers on morals and effective Government.  What an joke by one of the Senate's longest serving hyprocrites.  I can't image what his colleageus were thinking of this incredible shrinking character and his stammering indignation.

But we all know, Chris Dodd will leave the Senate to the spoils of his victories at the expense of taxpayers.  Retiring with millions in campaign donations, homes all over the world, and endless connections through favors and patronage.  What a life.  A life of corruption and shame - a tale that history won't hide.

Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out, Mr. Dodd.  So glad you are gone!  I pray that history records you as just another corrupt Senator feeding at the troth, corrupt and indignant to the end.

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