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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from The King

First, I want to thank all of my friends who've been knee- deep this past year in the fight, working to keep America free.  While Connecticut's results were beyond disappointing, at least the encroachment of Socialism on the National level was - for the most part - halted by our friends in other states.

But we have a long way to go. 

There is still a lot of undoing of what Obama and his cronies have passed that needs to be REVERSED and STOPPED.  Note that I didn't write amended, or retooled or make reference to anything that remotely mentions keeping his socialistic bills in place in some other form. 

The economy is in shambles, and taxes are at an all time high.  Things may appear somewhat stable, but the double digit unemployment figures tell the tale of what things are really like.  Make no mistake, things could unravel further if Obama gets his way.

The next two years will be harder than this year.  The wicked witch Pelosi and that SOB Reid were easy demons to expose by their own words and and deeds.  Starting next year, the bullseye will be on us.  The so-called President, and his Democrat buddies will spend 90% of their time working with their friends in the media to make Republicans and Tea Party members out to be cruel, heartless, and the party of "no" even if the bills we are trying to reverse - should have never been introduced, let along passed, in the first place.

Remember, if we cave a little or compromise a little - we still lose.  Republicans who talk about amending the Healthcare Reform Bill are just a stupid as those who put the whole ridiculous thing in place.  The only option that makes sense in a Capitalist Society is repeal.  Anyone uttering the word "replace" should be accosted publicly.

If we aren't going to be strong, than we are wasting our time.  I suggest we look at root causes to solve issues, and control the dialogue, instead of playing the reaction game and letting the far left dictate our every move.  The one thing we lack is coordination within the Party.  I'm hoping we find a voice in the crowd (other than that ridiculous Sarah Palin) or we are going to be doomed.

In liberal Connecticut, we really have problems.  We lack a principled Republican party, we have no organization, and a lot of angry people, divided and worn.  Chris Healy has got to go.  I don't care where.  But he must go NOW!  If we settle on an establishment, big money tycoon who lacks charisma and leadership skills, then we continue to be on the verge or losing Party status in Connecticut.  It's a disgrace and an embarrassment!  The last election was evidence of pure INCOMPETENCE of the Connecticut Republican Party.  Oh sure, we sort of tried - well effort is admirable, and success is valuable. 

So, conservatives, libertarians, Republicans - all of you - take a few days to rest up!  Have a Great Christmas with your families and friends!  The King will be back in full force next year! Hope to see many of you on the battleground!

Lastly, a quick note of thanks to those serving in our Armed Forces and sacrificing so much for the rest of us.  For you guys - we just can't pay you back enough for all you do!

Again, Merry Christmas from the King!  May God Bless you!

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