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Friday, February 25, 2011


The other day, I was on my way to work taking my usual route when I happened upon a small red car driving 50 mph blocking the left lane of the highway bearing a bumper sticker depicting mostly religious symbols mixed with letters. Upon closer examination I saw that the letters spelled out the famed liberal keyword COEXIST.  I immediately laughed out loud at the thought that another mindless Connecticut liberal was in my way as I traveled onto my capitalist job in the City.

Speeding past this social-engineer, I couldn't help but think of the age-old, mesmerizing symbols and I began to wonder to which of these special interest groups the driver likely belonged.  I noted that the driver was a woman which wasn't necessarily revealing since lunatics from the far left tend to come from both sexes - either the famed masculine woman, or the feminine male, or freaks who might be a bit of both.  So was this woman a lesbian?  A Muslim?  A Jew?  Or just a crazy member of the United Church of Christ?  I guess I'll never know.

It's hard to coexist with suicide
bombers and jihadits
  But one thing that we do know is that the contradictions on this bumper sticker are more than any scholar of religious studies could possibly handle.  If you look at the world through rose-colored glasses, I guess its really hard to see the truth. It's so much easier to pretend to see a world filled with happy diverse people all holding hands together, singing Kumbaya.

Of course, we all know the fact that religious and ethic coexistence (or even tolerance) in the form liberals suggest is nothing short of fantasy.  Take for example an actual real world scenario of how well Jews, Christians and Islamic Jihadits get along in the Middle East.  Week after week, we hear stories of Christian minorities in Egypt and Syria being torchered and killed as infidels in the name of Islam.  Of course that's nothing when you consider how Muslims have treated Jews for thousands of years up to the current day - through suicide bombing at weddings, and in public workplaces; endless attempts at genocide of those Israelis clinging to life on a 15 mile peninsula.  It's got to be very hard to coexist with people who want to wipe you out as an ethnic group.

And admittedly, perhaps the Holy Roman Empire's Crusades during the Middle Ages weren't exactly the most peaceful and righteous days for Christianity, but its minor compared to the rhetoric of today's Islamic Clerics calling on Muslims to rise up and kill Westerners in their own lands,  preaching in favor of honor killings, and pushing for the installation of Sharia Law on every continent.  There are few Buddhist or Christian compounds which recruit children and woman for suicide attacks on innocent Muslim civilians.  And where is the condemnation of Islam by Liberals?  There isn't one, only bumper stickers demanding we all just Coexist.

You have to wonder how liberals live with themselves.  Liberals preach that Islam is a religion of peace, and Arabs are victim to American Imperialism, meanwhile Muslim women are force-dressed in Burkas, brutalized, and humiliated hundreds of ways as outlined by Sharia Law.  Where are liberals standing up for woman's rights, or even basic human rights when it comes to Islamic outrages?  I guess hypocrisy only goes so far.

To the average person, the idea of coexisting with others means to leave everyone around you alone - live and let live - they say.  But in the age of political correctness we've seen Wiccans work to ban little school children from dressing up at Halloween as ghosts, witches, and comic book heroes because trick or treat is deemed offensive.  We've seen corporations bow to liberal lunatics and remove reference Christmas from holiday parties, store ad campaigns, and even sponsored charity signs on town greens.  And we see liberals defend an atheist Chinese government which maligns and kills Buddhists because advancing state run communism is more important to them than freedom of any religion. 

What kills me is that even here at home we see the full court press by intolerant groups like the ACLU which fights to remove Christmas from our lexicon, God from our Pledge of Allegiance, and wages war against Christian's rights to preserve marriage as a union between a man and woman; instead launching lawsuits to advance the gay rights agenda to change the morally accepted principles as outlined in the Holy Bible; seeking to replace the Judeo-Christian values which this Nation was founded upon with a new secular free-for-all statism.  Coexist?

Funny how liberals wag their fingers and peddle their little social virtues around for all of us to follow.  But I guess from where I sit, I don't see where my friends and I are left alone to simply live and let live or - coexist.  So the next time you see a bumper sticker urging you to be tolerant or to coexist, feel free to give the driver the sign of tolerance they so rightfully deserve.

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1 comment:

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Or just a crazy member of the United Church of Christ?

You've nailed it.

I doubt many of their own members have any idea what the UCC is up to, or that they even employ a lobbyist so as to fight smoking, guns, Walmart, etc.

I didn't take changing religious denominations lightly and will resent for the rest of my life those that hijacked the church of my birth and ancestors forcing me to seek refuge elsewhere.

Thankfully I arrived in a denomination more inclined towards mission trips, supporting others and (shocking!) bringing people to Christ.