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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Malloy unveils his plan to "fix" Connecticut

$1.5 billion dollars in new taxes.  No State Job cuts.  No Spending Cuts.

That pretty much sums up the pain that Nutmeggers will be expected to endure at the expense of Dannel Malloy's first budget as Governor of the disintegrating State of Connecticut.  Funny, when I watched Dannel deliver the news, he didn't do it with the usual smile that a proctologist has when he grabs you from behind.  No, it was with an arrogance of sorts - an eerie confidence that one sees from a stubborn child who grabs a hammer to pound a square peg into a round hole.

Nancy Wyman and
Gov Dan Malloy plan
their next move
Well Connecticut, its a fine mess you've gotten us into.  Your votes have been counted as they have since 1972, where you've continued to put Democrats in charge of the til.  The problem is that the only way out of this mess will be the eventual rising tide that may take place somewhere around 2014, if we are lucky and National Republicans don't screw things up during the next Presidential Election.

With all due respect to my hardworking, diligent, business-friendly friends here in Connecticut, I don't see a turn around in political control over in Connecticut's legislature in the near future, so I think prospects are rather grim.  I don't think the people here have the brainpower to understand the dynamics of economics 101, or intelligence to draw honest conclusions based on facts.  Quite frankly, many are excited about the prospect of a giant size safety net for the thousands of state workers who only feed at the trough and take from the system. And many other people simply don't care.  Most here are born Democrats, drink the feel-good Democrat Cool-Aid, and buy into wealth distribution as a means of financing equity for all.  It's obviously a disease or a form genetic mutation that is generations old for which there is no cure.

Connecticut Republicans, particularly our leadership, must also blame themselves for their bland approach to politics.  The aloof, low energy, visionless campaigns, and refusal to battle openly and loudly in public has killed us.  That's not the way we do things, they always said.  Yeah, and the results show it.  Unions and liberal crowds chant in the streets, and Republicans hide in their living rooms sipping cocktails.  Well, its not worked one bit.  I heard Chris Healy on the Radio yesterday.  He was so boring, and monotone in his interview on TIC that I could barely make out what he was saying - I had to turn up the volume just to make out his ramblings.  Again, low energy, pointless, mild-mannered dribble.  Get out!

The Malloy budget will be more than an albatross around the neck of the hardworking people of Connecticut.  Those who are filthy rich down in Fairfield County and elsewhere will barely feel a small pinch to their wealthy accounts.  But those of us in the middle class will be handed the burden - those families with two working adults who make a modest income which is just enough to allow us to own a home and pay a mortgage - whom Dan Malloy thinks are apparently well to do.  We are the ones scraping by trying to live within our means and who are being told we need to sacrifice to bail out jackasses who should have been fired from their legislative jobs.

And as for the poor?  Sounds cold - but screw them! If you're poor, you've been poor, you come from generations of poor - then to hell with you! Why should we give anything to anyone who does nothing for themselves, and are a burden on our system at every level?  Compassion?  I have no compassion for the lazy.  I have compassion for the guy who's worked his whole life to only see Dan Malloy and Democrats siphon off his hard earnings to finance their phony wealth distribution schemes - which will have no long term impact whatsoever.  Yet those reading Malloy's budget will see that the so-called poor are getting whopping $1700 rebates to spend while hardworking homeowners are LOSING their tax deductions.  Simply Amazing, isn't it?  Yeah, F- the poor!

Dan Malloy punishes success.  Dan Malloy takes from those who have worked hard and gives to those who don't or won't - when you take something from someone and give to whom it doesn't belong - that used to be constituted as nothing more than theft.

Now its legalized theft, and its conducted by our own State Government.  And Malloy and his fraudulent policymakers have the audacity to re title it sacrifice.  What crapola.

Hey if you see a State Worker, or you know one - don't be afraid to let them know how you feel.  They worked hard to get Malloy in office. It's up to you to make sure you let them know how you feel.

As for businesses, sure a whole different story.  Malloy proclaims, Connecticut is open for business.  Yeah, 19% of the new taxes being imposed are headed to the business sector.  Maybe Malloy hasn't noticed but Government has been choking business to the point where they are neither hiring, and in fact are laying off hundreds of workers in order to remain afloat.  Sure, so pile on more taxes, and make it more difficult for them to survive.  Can you blame them for moving south?

One of the most arrogant approaches by Governor Malloy is to compare Connecticut's tax rates with Rhode Island and Massachusetts to try and make his tax increases seem just.  Are you kidding me?  They are dying in Rhode Island, and Massachussets' economy is also in the tank.  Just because our neighbors have higher taxes doesn't justify us raising our taxes too.  What an insane argument for raising taxes.  Oh, they must be geniuses over there.  How stupid.  And how stupid for people to swallow it.  Where are comparison's with states which have cut taxes and spending and appear to be on the rise, or doing far better than we are?

Today's entry was a bit of a rant.  But cripes people.  What a mess!  What a mess that will only worsen with every tax increase.  And every failure to cut spending.  

Yeah, Governor Malloy is going to fix things alright.  We are about to get fixed real good.

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