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Monday, March 7, 2011

Fare Thee Well, Mayor Jeff Wright

It's like a sad, picturesque scene - right out of an old-tyme western movie.

We waved to Mayor Wright as he
rode west toward the setting sun
The big sheriff - Jeff Wright, packing up his belongings, loading the wife and kids into the Wagon, and heading out west to make his fame and fortune.  All that's missing are the somber chords and lyrics from a Will Rogers' solo being played as the horses pull the Wright family through the Newington Tumbleweeds, toward the glimmering sunset.

I was really sad a few weeks back when I first heard news that Newington Mayor Jeff Wright was planning to resign, and take a job in Houston, Texas.  But on the other hand, and at so many levels, I completely understood the rationale for his making such a tough, life-altering decision.  It couldn't have come easy for a guy who spent all of his life right here in central Connecticut, graduating from Newington High School, serving in the United States Marine Corps, and going on to become one of Newington's finest public servants.

I think its fair to talk a little bit about Jeff Wright's role in Newington, and to set the record straight for all to see.  Before becoming Mayor, Jeff spent a great deal of his personal time committed to his community; serving on numerous committees and boards, and volunteering his time to help make Newington a better place.

In 2006, he looked around at the non-stop erosion of Newington business and run-away spending which included Democrats raising taxes 7% yearly for a record seven consecutive years.  The burden on Newington families and businesses was at an all time high with no plan in sight to reverse the trend of thoughtless fiscal mismanagment. After 16 years of Democrat abuses, Jeff knew it was high time for him to take the reigns and push to make changes in leadership.

In 2007, after a landslide victory for the Newington Republican Party - Jeff became Mayor and in his short time delivered results including putting a mandatory 3% tax cap on all future annual budgets.  And the fact remains that Wright followed through on his promise to taxpayers by delivering no increases above 3%, and working to deliver budgets requiring no increase on the town side, and minimal increases on the Education side (due to forced unfair teacher's union obligations).

Wright reduced fraud and waste by directing department heads to no longer use their vehicles for personal use - this included folks like the town psychologist, who was already making a whopping $110,000 per year and using the town vehicle as her personal transportation to and from work to her home in Canton.  The same rules applied to all town employees who were joyriding on the town's dime.

Wright also made other cost cutting savings including his effort to reduce the cost of the towns emergency vehicle fleet by winning improvement grants to install led lights in all vehicles.  And he made other improvements which cut down gasoline consumption. 

Another major accomplishment is the revitalization of Newington Center - Wright's business-friendly initiatives and planning efforts turned Newington Center into the family friendly, clean, attractive area that it is today.  Previous to Wright's tenure, the Democratic Party spent an unreported millions of dollars over the course of 30 years on studies and consultants which didn't accomplish a single thing except -  of course - to run up the tax bill.  Newington Center is now a hotspot of activity for families, single people, and businessmen who frequent the area during the day and after hours.

So here is the kicker...

Not many people realize this, but despite the fact that the Mayor's position requires a full time, 40 hour a week minimum commitment (days, nights and weekends), it is also a NON-PAID position.  Oh, yeah, that's right - you read that correctly.  So, while Jeff Wright was spending hours devoted to the betterment of Newington, he also was sacrificing time he needed to earn a living as an Estate Planner in his own practice to make ends meet in order to pay his bills and keep things on the right track for his family.  Now that's dedication, sacrifice and commitment that you normally don't see from politicians; most of whom are usually on the take!  Given this reality, the people of Newington owe Mayor Wright a debt of gratitude for his unwavering dedication to Newington taxpayers and the community at large.

Last year, after an unsuccessful run for the State Treasurer's Office (due in part by mediocre support from the State Party - fact is that once again - Jeff did more in support of the Foley-Boughton team than most State GOP candidates did for themselves), he made a decision to make some major changes in his life.  After looking at the bleak outcome of the Governor's race, and impact of the spiraling Obama economy, he made a decision to leave and go where success was more likely achievable.

Good Luck, Jeff!
Heck, can you blame him?

So with Newington in better shape now than ever before, and a final decision to uproot his family, and leave behind friends, and relatives -  he is headed to Texas to restart his journey on the path to personal success. Texas' gain is Connecticut's loss.

The King formally wishes "The Cash Cop" Jeff Wright, his wife Marina, and their three children - Happy Trails and Best Wishes for a wonderful future! If anyone deserves it - You do!

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