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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why the RNC hates Connecticut Republican Chairman Chris Healy

Proponents of embattled Connecticut Republican Chairman Christopher Healy make much ado about his alleged skill as a fundraiser for Connecticut's GOP candidates.  Much of this is overblown nonsense since the record shows that angry, motivated individuals always contribute to political candidates who promise to change the status quo.  It's no wonder, given the national climate, that Republicans have increased their donations 10-fold over the last few years - call it what you will; I call it the Obama-effect.  Despite what he will tell you, increased donations are the direct result of extreme dissatisfaction with the current trends in Washington, and have nothing to do with Mr. Healy's money-collecting schemes.

Connecticut Republicans are at a fork in the road.  The leadership provided by both Chris Healy and Connecticut State Central have been nothing short of dismal. I don't have to remind you that while most Republicans around the country were celebrating landmark victories on Election Day, Connecticut's Republicans were shut-out of every major state office, and every Congressional and Senatorial race sought. In a world that cherishes results rather than lip-service, it's more than likely that Healy would find himself sacked if he were employed in a similar role in the private sector. 

Chris Healy has been taking the CT GOP
down a destructive path for years
We are all aware of Healy's failure as a leader and political strategist. And we also know all about his scandalous approach to meddling in candidate nominations and primaries, and running corrupt conventions, but there is yet another reason to dump Chris Healy - and that is his well documented falling out with the Republican National Committee.

This past December while Connecticut Republicans were licking their wounds, Chairman Healy - apparently oblivious to his role in the slaughter - sought promotion through a short-lived power grab at the Republican National Committee Chairmanship.  While those of us in the Nutmeg State wondered whether to laugh or by angry at the notion of Chris Healy sitting atop the RNC, we knew that common sense would prevail and the Healy candidacy would go down in flames as expected - as it did, in about three days.

But Healy's arrogance wasn't limited to delusions of elevation, it extended to an extreme lack of judgement during the process that is likely to have lingering consequences for Connecticut's office-seeking Republicans, our treasury, and our overall relationship with the RNC.  After being assured he didn't stand a chance in hell at being nominated, Healy opted to endorse Gentry Collins (which in itself was not an issue), but he further went on to publicly bash RNC Chairman Michael Steele and then-candidate and now newly elected Chairman Reince Priebus in a mass email to Republican Leaders:

Healy wrote:

"...This would apply to Chairman Preibus, who was until a few weeks ago, the Chief Counsel to our Party and Chairman Steele's wingman through his stormy tenure.  At no time until he chose to run did Preibus issue any directive, memo or public utterance on Steele's disastrous tenure...his legions and supporters who have done quite well for themselves at the expense or our Party."

That's a heck of a way comment on a Republican Leader who oversaw one of the largest nation-wide comebacks in Republican history.  Less can be said of Healy's local leadership and results here in Connecticut.  And moreover, can you think of a better way to thank someone who sent Connecticut over a quarter of a million dollars to run local Republican elections? Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you.

Healy went on to bash Steele for a few fundraising mistakes, and for taking pictures on jets, etc, and took other cheap shots at the outgoing Chairman.   Then he went on to attack Reince Priebus for taking stimulus money in Wisconsin "...while Republicans were publicly opposing them across the country".  Then here comes the kicker "[taking the money] ... smacks of the kind of inside-dealing the public has grown sick of and have rightfully denounced."  Oh really, Chris?  What about the inside-dealing that left candidates Rob Simmons and Daria Novak out in the cold?  What about backroom deals for Linda McMahon, and Janet Peckenpaugh?  It's hard to find a Republican Chairman who undermines a nominated candidate, and seeks go around the back of an entire district to get permission to change the rules and fund his preferred candidate.  And we all know how that worked out.

Healy's diatribe can be read at length here.  Breaking Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment is only the subnote in Healy's litany of crimes.  It's funny that Healy dares bring up William McMaster Murdoch and his attempt to steer the Titantic before it met a fateful end with an iceberg.  From looking at Chris Healy's tenure, we've done more than hit an iceberg, we've hit a damn minefield!  And the Democrats couldn't be happier to see someone as incompetent as Chris Healy running the ship.

Well, now the gig is up.  Reince Priebus is our newly elected RNC Chairman, and you can bet he doesn't think much of Mr. Healy.  All those dollars that Connecticut desperately needs from the Republican National Committee won't likely be on the way anytime soon.  In fact, given that Connecticut has become a safe haven for liberals, democrats, unionists, and the like, its unimaginable that the RNC would want to invest a penny to boast what is obviously a failed strategy at Connecticut GOP headquarters.  If there's money to be spent, its not going to be worth giving it to the guy who publicly smeared Reince Priebus. And from the results - can't manage the resources and dollars he's already been gifted. If there is a pecking order of the 50 states - its pretty clear that Connecticut is at the very bottom thanks to Mr. Healy.

Connecticut Republican Town Committees - as Chris Healy suggests in his Steele/Priebus attack letter - have an obligation to "look clearly at the facts, the record, and the motivation of each candidate as we move forward."

I couldn't agree more.  Because when you look at Chris Healy's record, the facts speak for themselves.  And the motivational desire to be powerful and wealthy at the hands of donors and candidates is exactly not the reason anyone should run for Republican State Party Chairman.  And Healy's lack of judgement should be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back.

We've had enough.  We're sick of losing.  It's time for a change. 

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