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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Connecticut Democrats and their Transgendered Bathroom Bill

Just when you thought there was one place you could go to find peace - free from family, friends, and bloody politics. But alas - oh no - not even the bathroom is to be spared from the sickness of extreme left-wing Degenerates that control Connecticut's Legislature.

It's a sad day when Moderates and
 Republicans allow perverts to control
 the agenda
It's not like your Democratic Legislators don't have enough to do.  I mean, expanding Connecticut debt to spend ratio is a full-time job in itself - isn't it?  And isn't their big priority to find new ways to extort money from the public through new taxes on gas, coupons, and yoga classes as part of their War on Capitalism. Or developing a layout for their new highway toll system, or implementing their $11 million Bus to Nowhere scheme, or finding ways to save horrid creatures like Stephen Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky from the penalty of death they so rightfully deserve.  Aren't they engaged in enough madness for one term?

Well hold on to your seats folks, it gets worse.  Much worse. 

If you haven't heard Bill 6599 masquerading under the pretentious title - An Act Concerning Discrimination contains provisions to make people who claim to be transgendered, a protected group under the law.  Not only does this go well beyond acceptable or moral principles usually defined under civil rights legislation, it is basically nothing less than state-sponsored perversion.  It is an abomination that the State of Connecticut would even take up this filth for consideration on taxpayer time. 

A major concern for parents and women is that the bill, for example, has a provision which permits cross-dressed freaks the right to go into, and make use of the woman's bathroom. It's a pretty disgusting scenario if you think about it. But that's not all, the legislation serves to protect cross-dressed freaks from so-called discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, this madness extends to our schools, and despite last minute efforts to seek amendment by the Family Institute of Connecticut - children attending classes Kindergarten through 5th Grade will also be exposed to teachers who go from being Mr. Smith to suddenly showing up as Mrs. Smith overnight.  Again, this is state-sponsored perversion.

Now how they are going to administer this in places like gym dressing rooms, saunas, sports facilities, and all other scenarios where under normal circumstances men and woman are separated for privacy reasons is beyond me. But my prediction is that this is legislation, if signed into law, is going to create chaos for businesses, organizations, schools, and courtrooms everywhere.  The descrimination lawsuits are going to mount, and the ACLU and their friends are going to have a field day in Connecticut. It really makes you wonder if legislators ever consider the ramifications of their actions - even in extreme cases like this.

I'm dismayed to report that HB6599 passed out of Committee on a 24-17 vote. For the record, the following derelicts supported this perverse bill (name/chamber/district):  E. Coleman (Sen-02), G. Fox (Rep-146), P. Doyle (Sen-09), G. Holder-Winfield (Rep-094), J. Albis (Rep-094), D. Baram (Rep-015), B. Bye (Sen-05), C. Clemons (Rep-124), P. Dillon (Rep-092), M. Flexer (Rep-044), T. Gerrantana (Sen-06), B. Godfrey (Rep-110), E. Gomes (Sen-23), A. Grogins (Rep-129), G. Hamm (Rep-034), E. Hewett (Rep-039), D. Hovey (Rep-112), T. Klairides (Rep-114), E. Meyer (Sen-12), B. Morris (Rep-140), M. Olson (Rep-046), K. Roldan (Rep-004), J. Serra (Rep-033), J. Taborsak (Rep-109).

Four people didn't think this vote was important enough to participate in or were afraid to go on record: J. Berger (Rep-073),  M. Gonzalez (Rep-003), A. Roraback (Sen-30), W. Tong (Rep-147).

And the following individuals are credited with voting against state-sponsored perversion: J. Kissel (Sen-07), J. Hetherington (Rep-125), A. Adinolfi (Rep-103), C. Caprino (Rep-032), M. Fritz (Rep-090), D. Labriola (Rep-131), M. McLachlan (Sen-24), A. O'Neill (Rep-069), T. Rowe, (Rep-123), R. Sampson (Rep-080), J. Shaban (Rep-135), B. Simanski (Rep-062), R. Smith (Rep-108), J. Welch (Sen-31).

The next stop for this bill is the floor of the Statehouse for open debate, and then a final vote. And it may not surprise you to learn that, of course, Govenor Dannel Malloy is a big proponent of "transgendered rights."  Just like the tax increase bills, and bill to abolish the death penalty, Malloy eager awaits his opportunity to permit cross-dressing men into woman's bathroom's all over Connecticut.  You can't make this stuff up!

As an aside, you have to wonder how many of the alleged religious figures who came out for the photo-op at the Capitol this week in support of abolishing the Death Penalty also came out to support gay and transgendered rights?  I bet likely all of them - since the Churches no longer preach the literal Word of God anyway, and the Holy Bible is seen as nothing more than an ancient artifact with no bearing on the present; just another paperweight on the desk. Funny how politicians crow about the Separation of Church and State when it comes to banning Nativity Scenes on public grounds, but when it comes to supporting their left-wing causes - they roll out the red carpet for their preferred preachers.  Let's face it, the white collar in Connecticut is an activism license used to brainwash parishioners into liberal thinking through guilt indoctrination.  But maybe that's a different essay for another day.  We'll see.

I want to warn you that this filthy bill has a lot more to it.  I recommend reading the Family Institute of Connecticut Action Alert page to see the frightening detail, or if you have the patience - simply read the bill itself.  It's hard to imagine that we keep talking about this bill as a first step in a litany of even more perverse pieces of legislation to follow.

I'm not one to usually urge people to call their elected officials.  I tend to believe that the time for calling is before the election takes place - and that the calls should be made to fellow voters. I believe that the die is  cast the minute the votes are counted, and you get what you got.  But in this rare case, it may be important for those among us to place a call mired in outrage and passion about this issue.

If you're so inclined, make calls to the following numbers and let them know how you feel as a parent, as a voter, and as a person who just believes in common decency:

House Democrats 1-800-842-8267

House Republicans 1-800-842-8270

Senate Democrats 1-800-842-1420

Senate Republicans 1-800-842-1421

And while your at it, why don't you call Chairman Chris Healy's office and leave him a message.  Ask him what he's doing as Chairman of the Republican Party to oppose this disgusting bill.  Healy's office (860) 826-7378.  Maybe if you're lucky you'll get to talk to Catherine Marx instead.

Tell them The King sent you (on the other hand, don't - they might hang up on you). 

I know it's times like these that you want to abandon all hope, and throw in the towel - and that's just what the opposition wants.  Remember, its their intention to cause us to fight on multiple fronts at the same time - to drain our energy, and break our will.  Don't dare allow them to succeed!  Never surrender!



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