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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Healy Turns Prescott Bush Awards Dinner into a Sham

I admit it.  This piece is a bit late, but still relevant when comes to exposing the endless list of problems at Connecticut Republican Party Headquarters due to the leadership (and I use that term loosely) of Christopher Healy.  With the election for State Chairman coming up in May, it's important that people have the facts about what kind of outfit that the Chris Healy/Catherine Marx team runs.  And here's a preview - this entry is mild compared to the bombshell coming next week.  Now you have something to look forward to.

As everyone knows, CTGOP held its annual Prescott Bush Awards dinner on Saturday, April 9th down in Stamford, Connecticut.  The keynote address was given by Speaker of the House, John Boehner - who this author very much respects and appreciates given the need for solid opposition against the Obama agenda in Washington.   His visit was almost the appearance that never was -  if it weren't for what liberal's have deemed a lack of backbone by President Obama which led to an avoidance of a Federal Government shutdown, and allowed Republicans to put a sizable dent in the Democrat Party's spending spree.  Obviously, it wasn't everything we wanted, but only fool would have expected much more with Barry at the helm.

Jayme Stevenson:
Another Healy lackey
and a liberal Republican
who is as dumb as a rock
I'm sure when both RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Speaker Boehner saw Fundraising Dinner in Connecticut on their calendars, they likely wanted to take a sick day.  You'll recall my post on the nasty email that Chris Healy wrote smearing then-candidate Priebus' character.  And considering the contrast to national election trends in Connecticut under the failed leadership of Chris Healy, Speaker Boehner probably came out of sympathy for our losing lot, but knowing there was some old money to be raked in via the $250 a plate event for Connecticut's dwindling Republican Party.  Let's face it, after Healy went 0-12 in last year's elections, Speaker Boehner's visit was the CTGOP's highlight of the year.

Speaker Boehner had a bite to eat, and then gave a speech lasting only 18-minutes, after which having taken in enough liberal Connecticut stench, and upon seeing Chris Healy's creepy face, had to immediately exit the building - probably to vomit in the parking lot.

In retrospect its was probably a good thing that The Speaker left or else he might have been publicly humiliated by one of the Connecticut GOPs so-called award winners - one of Darien's Selectmen, Jayme Stevenson.  Stevenson is a typical left-wing Connecticut Republican who runs against the grain of the Party by urging Republicans to abandon its conservative principles for those more in line with the Democrat Party.  After winning the 2011 Republican Woman Leadership Award, she said, "It is these very social issues that divide our party from within and create the tipping point for women to remain independent or affiliate with our more liberal friends."  

Can you imagine what Speaker Boehner would have thought if he had to suffer listening to such nonsense?   Think about it - Speaker Boehner and the Republicans in Congress were battling tooth and nail late into the wee hours to keep Planned Parenthood funding out of the Obama budget, and here this - embarrassing so-called Connecticut GOP award winner spews out a call for Connecticut Republicans to become social liberals? Whaaaaat?

She was further quoted as saying, "I am very proud to help further the Common Sense principals of our party and to lay the ground work for continued success in the future."  I don't know what continued success this liberal shrill is talking about, but perhaps she aught to go back and look at the election results from the last election to get a clue about what total failure looks like.  And from the reactions to her pathetic speech, it seems pretty apparent that she is the last person real Connecticut Republicans ever want to hear from again.  Dozens of people who listened to her lecture at the Dinner actually got up and walked out while she urged the GOP to abandon its conservative principles.

Why is this important?

Well, in the first place most people don't know the truth about the awards handed out at the Prescott Bush Dinner so let me let you in on a little secret.  The awards presented to both State Rep. Larry Cafero and Jayme Stevenson are illegitimate, nonsense awards.  The decision on who gets the awards were not voted on by a committee of State Central members, or by some democratic process to determine who is most deserving.  They weren't based on a measurement and evaluation of anyone's hard work or merit, or even by any meaningful process whatsoever.

The awards given out at the Prescott Bush awards are determined solely based on the single opinion of Chairman Christopher Healy, and no one else.  So basically, without any
consultation from Connecticut State Central members, State House Reps, State Senators, or anyone else - Healy takes it upon himself - as if he were some Lord, to pick a few of his friends or those who kissed his arse, and deliver them up an award.  Sort of smells a lot like the way he runs a State Republican Convention, doesn't it?  What an insult to those who threw down $250 a plate. No wonder people were running out of there like the place was on fire.

When you think about it, its not really a surprise that Healy chose to award and elevate a liberal ideologue. He put Stevenson up on a pedestal - so he - through her, could urge Connecticut Republicans to abandon their core conservative principles on issues.  Why else would he let her speak to the crowd and give her free reign to suggest abandoning things like  family values, individual liberty, and constitutional issues, or any other position that could be interpreted as conservative.

So I have to ask - RNC Chairman Priebus - are you really sure you want to send money to Connecticut to help a GOP Chairman like Chris Healy undermine the National Republican agenda, or to use the money to award people like Stevenson who work against us? It's no wonder why normal Connecticut Republicans feel so disenfranchised!

Chris Healy has been the Democrats best ally given his complete incompetence, and steady record as a failed leader.  And given the little award show of his, it doesn't take a genius to see what his agenda really is.  How much longer are we going to allow a saboteur like Chris Healy to drive Connecticut's GOP into the ground?  I guess we'll find out in May if the fix is really in.  Because no one with half-a-brain would let Healy return to the Chairmanship.  Chris Healy is nothing less than a disgrace.

And as for Larry Cafero, and Jayme Stevenson - you two can take your Healy Awards and shove them.  They aren't worth the plastic they were molded out of.  And now - everyone knows that too!   


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Anonymous said...

Killer commentary. The fundamental problem with CTGOP is CTGOP. They put Healy in the chairmanship, blue shirt and all. After perfectly losing two election cycles, Healy has perfected making CTGOP the best dinner club in the state. I reckon anyone who replaces Healy will look and/or act like Healy, blue shirt and all.