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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christopher Shays interview on Face the State

On Sunday we had our first chance to see former Connecticut Congressman turned U.S. Senate Candidate Christopher Shays participate in an interview on WFSB's Face The State with Dennis House.  It's was refreshing to listen to a candidate respond coherently and clearly when asked a question. There is a world of difference between the shallow rhetoric of pro-wrestling promoter Linda McMahon, and the informed words of Christopher Shays. Shays, unlike McMahon, has actually balanced a Federal budget and has successfully served on several Presidential Commissions.

Dennis House seemed relieved to have a guest on his program who didn't provide the usual canned, scripted answers.  And I found that Shays showed a bit of personality and came across quite funny at times.  We need more of this plain, conversational talk from politicians, and less talking points.

Part I: Christopher Shays on Face the State:

Part II: Christopher Shays on Face the State can be found here.

Here are a few comments from the Shays interview that were interesting (The King's comments in yellow):

On what he's been doing:  "[I] co-chaired the Commission on Wartime Contracting... for the last two years and half years my opportunity was to help root out waste, fraud and abuse in Govt Contracting in theatre.  We determined there was between 21 billion and 61 billion in Government waste and came up with major reforms."
Translation: Yep, I lost the election but since then I haven't been moping around, I've been working productively to help reduce waste at the Federal Level. And my colleagues thought enough of me that they appointed me to a bi-partisan commission to get it done.

On Rob Simmons: "I thought Rob Simmons might choose to run again, and if he had jumped in, I wouldn't have ... I have immense respect for him. This guy served our country as an American Hero three times in Vietnam. He helped save the base... and just lost by 83 votes."
Translation:  Rob Simmons is a patriot who deserves respect, I'm in it because he's not, and neither of us want Linda McMahon representing us as a Republican in this race. Note that he also praises Joe Lieberman.  Hmmm? Interesting.

On the State of our Country:  "I think our country is in deep, deep trouble.  I want my country back.  I want my fellow Americans to have their country back.  And I think I can help them get their country back."
Translation: I'm ticked off about how Democrats are running the show, and want to do something about it.  And that's a straight answer in comparison to Linda McMahon's BS story about how she's afraid her Grandchildren won't have what she has.  Yeah, right - everyone of Linda's grandchildren be trustfund babies who won't have to work a day in their lives.

On Republicans lining up early to support McMahon:  "I'm almost in a dead heat with Democratic candidates...[and].. I haven't even been a candidate for more than a week.  And I've got 10 months until August 14th, 2012 when there's a primary. And I can't wait for that opportunity... That's what happens when you are an insider. She's an insider...  I'm one, surprised they would do it in the midst of municipal elections. I would never want to get in the way of municipal elections. Secondly, that's the old style politics - how many political people can you get to endorse you. The race is going to be August 14th and its not going to be politicians endorsing you, it's going to be people deciding whether or not they're going to the polls.
Translation:  It's not the corrupt convention that matters, its the Primary; its the people (someone please tell The King why we are going to waste $30K+ on this charade of a convention anyway). The goons at state central can run around all day long taking bribes and payments from Linda McMahon but in the end its a big waste of time.

On Linda McMahon as a Candidate:  "I do know that elections aren't an auction.  And I do know that you have to know what you're going to do once elected.  I don't need any handlers. I don't need anyone to tell me what to do on day one... I'm going to run on my experience, I'm going to run on my knowledge, I'm going to run on my record. I balanced the Federal Budget for four years.  Linda McMahon says, "we need a jobs program" - No. We need to get people back to work and an economy that's conducive to jobs. I think I created over 20 million jobs when we helped balance the budget - not 500."
Translation: The election is not an auction.  I can't wait to debate Linda on her knowledge and experience.  Can we have the debate tomorrow?

On Linda McMahon's spending during the last campaign described as "reckless":  "It was $50 million dollars just thrown away.  That's reckless.  And if you're going to spend money that way, your own money, how are you going to spend the taxpayers' money?"

On the Primary"There will be a primary... the people of this state, Republicans in this state are going to decide who their candidate is... I don't think about losing... I'm running as a Republican. And that's what I've always done. I have always been a Republican, never been on another line.  Always helping my fellow Republicans - working hard for those I believe in. Being respectful for those that maybe I'm not as excited about.  I can't image doing that [running as an Independent]."

If McMahon wins the Primary would you support her"It depends on how she wins it.  Depends on if she runs an honest and fair race. If she attempts to do what she did to Rob Simmons - good luck.  What she did to Rob Simmons was outrageous!  ... What she did was outrageous. Accusing him of being a big spender, this guy wasn't a big spender. Accusing him of a lot of things that he wasn't. Not recognizing that he was a good and honorable man who served his country with incredible distinction... the question will be - how do you conduct a race."
Translation: I've been around a long time.  If you think you are going twist the rules and play silly games, you'll be exposed publicly.  Go ahead and try me.  I like Rob Simmons, but you'll find quickly that I'm not going to fold my cards and go away and place Mr. Nice guy if you cheat and lie. If you go nasty, I'll go nasty - and you Linda have lots of baggage and buried bodies to explain. 

On President Obama and Democrats"I think the job that the President has done and the Democratic Congress - has been outrageous. We had the opportunity to elect someone for President and we chose someone with no experience.  And we are paying the price. That's the bottom line.  We have a Congress that is not facing up to what we need to do. And I put Chris Murphy in there along with others.. Tell us your plan, have the courage to talk about it. Fight for it.  Listen, Learn, Help, and Lead. And I'm not seeing hardly any leadership down there."
Translation: Barack and his Party have run the ship aground.  Chris Murphy is part of the problem.  Since he's been there, he hasn't offered one idea on how to get us out of this mess - except defend the President.  And this guy thinks he's promotable?  He helped get us into this mess. Also, note that the phrase: "Listen, Learn, Help, and Lead" is a theme that Newt Gingrich has used for years. He used it often during his advocacy for the Contract with America.

On Connecticut moving to far left"This state doesn't understand economics. The [State] Legislature just doesn't get it. They don't understand that they are chasing away wealth. They don't understand they are chasing away employers. We have not had a net job increase in 20 years. That we have the worst record in the country.  And so, increased taxes on wealthy people and job providers - it's going to have the opposite result, they are just going to leave. So instead of getting that incremental plus from increasing the taxes on the wealthy, you're going to lose all the rest because they're going to Wyoming, they are going to Florida, they're going to other places."
Translation: Governor Malloy and the Democrats in the Legislature are bumbling idiots. They are killing businesses and taxpayers and spending like thieves. They don't have a clue what they are doing, and its been the same story for 20 years.

On Democrats making a big deal about him living in Maryland, and being called a 'carpet-bagger": "Well first off, I think I've lived here, and live here longer than any of the candidates running. So I was gone for two and half years, serving my country at the request of the two legislative leaders and with the appreciation of Democrats in Congress, coming forward with a major undertaking that was never partisan.  We did our job as they asked.  And now I'm back home. I'm thrilled to be back home. "
Translation: Yeah, I lost my job and took one in Washington.  Big f'n deal. Now I'm back. Want to compare resident records?  Hey Joe Markley -STFU! You're an idiot too!

On Jerry Labriola: "What he's told me and what's he's proved is that he'll be fair. He'll be fair to Linda, he'll be fair to the other two candidates, he'll be fair to me.  All I want is to have a contest that I know will be fair."
Translation: Jerry Labriola knows his reputation is on the line. He says he can't be bought. Let's have a convention that's open and fair to all.

On Chris Healy and how Republicans conducted themselves during the last convention"I know that his [Jerry Labriola's] wife isn't being paid by Linda McMahon [reference to Chris Healy's wife working for Linda during the last State Convention]. That's comforting. How outrageous is that, how outrageous is that? And how outrageous [is it] that other Republicans accepted it? That's not going to happen this time. We not going to accept things like that."
Translation: I'm so glad that corrupt piece of garbage Chris Healy is gone.  What he and Linda did to Rob Simmons is OUTRAGEOUS.  We aren't go to let State Central, Republican Delegates or anyone else pull that again.  How Republicans in Connecticut allowed that charade to go on - is beyond me.  They should hang their heads in shame.

This was a fantastic appearance by Christopher Shays.  I can't wait to hear more.  Looks like he's put the folks at Connecticut's Republican State Central on notice.  Let's hope everyone heeds the warning, and plays by the rules.



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Joe Visconti said...

The most important question was not asked by House nor the King. The question is " Will Linda run as an imdependent if she loses in the primary?". With potentially $75 million dollars invested in her quest to become a Senator at the time of the primary can Linda McMahon just walk away on August 15? Me thinks not and so this is a question I would like asked of Linda at some point in the campaign, it is a fair one.