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Friday, September 23, 2011

CTGOP Fundraiser Tonight - JOIN US!!

JOIN US for one of the best events
of the year!
Tonight the Connecticut Republican Party is holding a critical fundraiser called "Good Luck Back" for purposes of raising funds for it's operational budget.  As many of you know this fundraiser will have a critical effect on how the CTGOP is able to impact upcoming elections, and advance our Republican political agenda.

Connecticut Republican State Central has 72 elected members who are accountable for representing Republican constituents across various districts within the State of Connecticut.  It's the expectation that given the important nature of this event that all 72 members of State Central will, at least, purchase a ticket - if not attend in person to show support for our new State Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. and our Connecticut Republican Party.

After this event is held, we will be listing the names of those CTGOP members, officers, and political representatives who purchased a ticket and/or showed up to support this event.  We will also be listing the names of those individuals who did not do the minimum by at least writing a check to help keep the CTGOPs door open to keep us moving in the right direction.

Why this approach?  Over the last 60 days, Chairman Labriola and his staff have worked tooth and nail, traveling from district to district to help local candidates with their campaigns, worked with those seeking Federal office, and met with many Republican Town Committees and officials to understand how he can help advance Republican policy at the state level.  Labriola and his team are not doing this to advance their own station and career, but help to restore respectability to the once great Connecticut Republican Party, and forge a plan for electing Republicans statewide to return Connecticut to the pro-business/pro-jobs environment that it once was.

Unfortunately, there are individuals out there who have decided it's more important to play political games and undermine Chairman Labriola and the CTGOP for their own selfish interests instead of doing the right thing by helping to build a foundation for a new tomorrow.  Given the hard times that Connecticut is facing, it is hard to imagine that there are still some who would rather see Labriola fail, and Democrats remain under-challenged to the detriment of us all.

I cannot understate the importance of tonight's fundraiser on our CTGOP budget.  We are asking that people put aside their petty differences, show unity, and come out to support tonight's event.

If you have not yet bought a ticket, and would like to be part of this historic event, then please contact:

Connecticut Republican Headquarters at (860) 826-7378 or (860) 919-9692.

Or just show up:  Blue Fox Run Golf Course, 65 Nod Road, Avon, Connecticut.

The Party kicks off at 7 pm and goes through 11 pm.  Tickets are only $50 and the price of donation includes food, wine, and beer, and live musical entertainment (plus a few surprises).

Here are a few of our Republican candidates who are slated to speak:

Christopher Shays (candidate for U.S. Senate)
Jason McCoy (candidate for U.S. Senate)
Daria Novak (candidate for U.S. Congress, CT-2)
Justin Bernier (candidate for U.S. Congress, CT-5)
Mark Greenberg (candidate for U.S. Congress, CT-5)
Mike Clark (candidate for U.S. Congress, CT-5)
Lisa Wilson-Foley (candidate for U.S. Congress, CT-5)
List will be updated as additional candidates commit

And YES - we do have a MASSIVE EVENT TENT to keep you DRY!

PLEASE do not let a few bad apples ruin the future. Instead JOIN US and help us build a NEW CTGOP!



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1 comment:

Daria Novak (CT-2) said...

I agree wholeheartedly! We need to unify and support our Party. To do any less is to accept a fractured and ineffective Party organization. Jerry stepped up to the plate and has been working hard, traveling throughout the state - even to the 2nd district! My team and I will be attending and supporting CT GOP's efforts. I hope you do, too.